2020 Top 10 Killer Bass Lures

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2020 Top 10 Killer Bass Lures: Lures and lure fishing can be such an addictive pastime. However, it can also be hard work, to say the least. Sometimes, there seems no rhyme or reason for what makes the bass kick into action. But, let’s face it, the more we fish, the more we start to understand a few things to balance our chances in our favour.

 Ultimately, there isn’t a greater feeling than to hear that reel screaming at a rate of knots. Hopefully, with a lump of a fat bass at the helm. In this lure guide, we go through just some of the favourites that still have stood the test of time. In fact, some of the lures are in the other guides.

Incidentally, testing new lures is a must, in my opinion. The reason is simple: Lures – the good ones seem to be getting harder to get hold of. Especially as lure fishing in the UK is getting extremely popular by the day. So without boring you with bass tactics, let’s get into the guide.

Here are our Top Ten Killer Bass Lures 2020

In no particular order

1.IMA Komomo II The Joker (Flashing Plate)

top ten killer bass lures
2020 Top Ten 10 Killer Bass Lures

Let’s have it right; if you have read our other lure guides, you would already be aware of this awesome lure. But if you are a newbie, then I strongly recommend you look into getting one of these for your growing collection of lures.

Sub Surface

Ultimately, the Komomo II is a sub-surface lure and a great one at that. This lure patrols the water no more than a foot in-depth, so you’re less likely to find any snags if fishing over semi-shallow ground. Personally, the Komomo II has been lost to a snag, but with that being said, It got snagged on a net. Coincidently, losing a big bass at the same time. This has nothing to do with not knowing the depths of the water you are fishing; it’s just plain bad luck.

The only downside to this particular lure is it can be a nightmare to get hold of. Luckily, someone had given me this lure the last two times I had lost it. So don’t worry if you can not get hold of it; there are other great options in the same pattern.

Here is a list of other Komomo 11

  • Chameleon (Flashing Plate)
  • Mullet
  • Anisago
  • Chart Black Pearl
  • Cotton Candy


2020 Top 10 Killer Bass Lures

Xorus Austurie AJI 110
2020 Top Ten 10 Killer Bass Lures

Xorus Asturie AJI 110

There is a whole post dedicated to this lure on our website. You can click the link at the bottom of this section to read it. As for this lure, it was voted one of the top 5 surface lures in the country that says it all. I caught the very first time I used it, incidentally, the only fish of the day. So to see that bass follow that lure, then snatch it and take off was just awesome.

2020 Top 10 Killer Bass Lures
Bass on the Austurie

Surface Lure

Like most surface lures, a ‘walk the dog’ retrieve should have that lure working like a treat. Don’t forget to slow that retrieve down to make sure that lure is working to perfection. The Asturie also has a sliding action that the odd rod twitch can achieve. When the conditions are on, it is a must-have for any serious bass lure box.

Click here to purchase the Austurie

Pirate Seducer White
2020 Top Ten 10 Killer Bass Lures

Pirate Seducer (White)

Right then, whether they are weedless soft plastics or both, they work. What I love about these lures is the simplicity of using them. Realistically, they are easier to work with if you’re fishing in the pitch-black night luring. On two different occasions, I have turned up and caught the first cast using the Pirate Seducer. But on those occasions, it was the only fish of the night.

However, I have never had the chance to fish this lure when the fish are going into a frenzy. Normally, that is the norm with lures. As a result, I find we tend to stick with the same lures. Basically, we get stuck in our ways. I want a massive shoal around the next time the Seducer ends up on my lure clip.

The one hook

To me, using a soft plastic or weedless lure can be a much easier method for fishing. Depending on the conditions and how your fishing, just having one hook to deal with can save a lot of hassle.

There is nothing worse than hooking into a fish, and all 3 hooks are wedged down its throat. In all fairness, this doesn’t happen that often but when you are up to your belly in the water, you do not want to be wrestling with a fish trying o get the hooks out.

Having just that one hook is a godsend if you are fishing in any scenario, but it doesn’t always pan out like that, eh.

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Daiwa Shoreline Shiner
2020 Top Ten 10 Killer Bass Lures

Daiwa Shoreline Shiner R50 +SSR

Now, this lure needs no introduction. It’s probably in most lure anglers’ top ten killer bass lures. But one night, we absolutely slaughtered those basses, and this Shore Shiner was what did the trick. They truly. Are a great lure and cast really well in the bargain. If you can get one, then do, but unfortunately, I can not seem to find this particular model anywhere at the moment.

How to Find Great Lures

Bizzare, ‘I thought that what this guide is about. Incidentally, you would be right. But the frustrating thing is so many of the lures that are my favourites are a pain in the arse to get. So if ever you are just browsing through a lure site looking for lures, see which patterns are sold out. This normally means they are a great choice. However, it seems there is a massive shortage of lures at the moment. Whether that will change in the future, we shall see.

Megabass Zonk Gataride
Megabass Zonk Gataride

Megabass Zonk Gataride

This lure has to be the king of all lures. It’s just a shame for me; personally, you don’t get the opportunity to use it. This is down to the depths of water; too shallow you are going to lose it. Trust me, I have recently been looking for this killer lure and have been disappointed at the prices, to be honest. However, other great lures could probably do the same job but not quite. Here are 2 reasons why:

  • Great Casting – Yes, they cast really well so you can cover a bigger area to fish
  • Unique action – The Zonk has the rod tip quivering like no other lure. So imagine what effect it has underwater

Personally, I have lost some stonkers using this amazing lure. There is nothing more frustrating for that enormous bass to wrap your line around a rock. Could that have been a PB? We will never know.

Albie Snax
Albie Snax Pearl

Albie Snax Pearl

Another weedless classic. This has got to be one of the more popular weedless lures—incidentally, probably the most popular in the country at the moment. Personally, the Seducer has been the slightly more productive lure, but that doesn’t take anything away from the Albie Snax. Same scenario as the Seducer with the twist lock hooks. The only real difference between the Albie Snax and the Pirate Seducer is the Seducer obviously has the eyes. But of course, how the pair of them act in the water is another thing.

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Twist Lock Hooks

So we have our soft plastic bodies now that need a decent twist lock hook that will not let us down. The hooks that we recommend are the Eagle Claw Trokar Swimbait Magnum 3/0. Just click the blue link to get them while they are in stock. Yes, there are other options, but the hook points on Eagle Claw are on another level. You can see the hook in the pick below. There are also 5/0 and 7/0 options if you feel the 3/0 is too small. However, for me, they are outstanding.

Xorus Patchinko Black Mullet
Xorus Patchinko Black Mullet

Xorus Patchinko II Black Mullet

Easily one of the most popular lures out there. Not just the black mullet. That’s just one of my Patchinkos. The actions these lures will create with a walk the dog retrieve is irresistible for those fish—the biggest out of 3 versions with the 125 and the 100, The Baby Patchinko. Ultimately, we tend to use the baby Patch when the fishing is hard, and the fish don’t seem to respond. Hang on; I am on about when you see them jumping out of the water in front of you and still won’t take your lure. I need to clear that up but will say this: Sometimes, there is no logical explanation of why or why not we catch that bass. IMO.

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2020 Top 10 Killer Bass Lures

top ten killer bass lures
2020 Top 10 Killer Bass Lures

Savage Gear Sandeel

The Savage Gear Sandeel is a blank saver for sure. However, you have to be fishing in a suitable water depth to get the best out of this incredible lure. In the picture above is the 42-gram version. Ultimately, you would have to be even more cautious using that bad boy because of that extra weight. The popular version for us is the 12.5 version. Make sure you check what you’re buying with the Savage Gear Sandeels. Sometimes they are in size and not weight.

Night Fishing

The lemon back is the preferred version to use on those crystal clear nights when you know the fishing is on. You can use the other version but trust me, at night, it’s the lemon back…simple. I don’t know how he does it, but the Bassman is a master with this lure. He has a knack for flicking that lure in the right place to get astounding results.

Maria Squash Chart
Maria Squash Chart

Maria Squash Chart

I got battered in terms of being outfished by the lure I never had – The Maria Squash. That night I used my favourite Zonks, Sasuke and Tackle House Feed Shallows and only managed to salvage the session with an end-of-night schoolie. I had never even heard of this killer lure before.

This lure will swim slightly shallower than the likes of the zonk but deeper than the likes of a Sasuke. Amazingly, I have NOT caught on the Squash yet, but It has only come out of the lure box once in the last two years. Realistically, it is one of those lures to have when everything else may be failing. But please, only in the deeper waters, not shallow.

Bass on the Maria Squash
Bass on the Maria Squash

top ten killer bass lures
2020 Top 10 Killer Bass Lures

Tackle House Feed Shallow 128+

This version of the Tackle House Feed Shallow is the cream of the crop. These great lures cast better than the standard Feed Shallow Plus is 21 grams, and the standard is 18.5 grams. You can see the dot on the tail of the lure. These are consistent catchers IMO and have stood the test of time regardless. There is also a bigger version of this lure, the 155 28 grams.

A Favourite Night Lure

Yes, the Pearl Rainbow 128+ is a nighttime bass slayer. With the luminous glow belly for added attraction, what bass in its right mind could resist? Ultimately, it’s another lure that will always be in the lure box. However, don’t lose them. We are having great difficulty getting hold of them for the right price. Some vendors are just off the chart as far as I’m concerned, but we do have a link to get one, so hurry and order before they sell out (again)

2020 Top 10 Killer Bass Lures

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