5 Must Have Soft Plastic Lures

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5-Essential-Soft-Plastic-Lures (1)
5-Essential Soft Plastic-Lures

In this guide, we show you some of the hottest weedless soft plastic lures to that are slaying those bass in the UK. There is a multitude of soft plastic lures on the market at the moment we guide you through our top 5. They are:

  • Fiiish Minnow
  • Savage Gear Eel
  • Skerries Eel
  • Albie Snax
  • Gary Yamamoto (Senko)

#1. Fiiish Minnow

This has got to be one of the best weedless lures in my opinion. Whether your fishing from the land or the boat the Fiiish Minnow is a bass slayer. The Fiiish Minnow comes in a variety of colours. My personal favourites are the Khaki and the white with a redhead. They also come in a variety of weights.

#2. Savage Gear Eel

The Savage Gear Eel has always been a great lure for finding fish when things are a bit slow. With a very slow retrieve and the odd twitch, these lures can prompt that bass into action. At night time I have always favoured the Lemon Back version it just plain works. For daytime fishing, there is a number of different colours to choose from. That’s not to say they don’t work at night I just prefer the Lemon Back.

#3. Skerries Eel

This is another great lure and is especially popular around the Channel Islands area where the bass fishing can be all year round. In fact, once when I posted on a popular social media platform I asked ‘What was everyone’s favourite go-to lure’? And you guessed it it was the Skerries Eel. One thing I will say is that all of these soft plastic weedless lures will still get snagged in shallow rocky water where there is a strong tide run. My last lure fishing outing I lost two in two casts not good and an expensive waste of money. I was warned.

#4. Albie Snax

The Albie Snax is one of the most popular soft plastics lures out there. For some reason when the conditions are right the bass just loves them. The Albie Snax can be fish a number of ways to get the bass to strike. You can let them sink right to the bottom and let them drift around with the tide run. Or, you can use them as a surface lure by retrieving slightly faster so they are on the surface. Either way, the Albie Snax is a must-have lure. I have so many lures it gets annoying trying to figure out what lures to take with me, but this is always going to be in my lure box. The hooks are the twist-lock type as shown in the diagram.

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#5 Gary Yamamoto Senko

Another great sot plastic to get your teeth into this was a lure I first saw the Senko about 3 years ago and never gave it a sniff, to be honest. How ignorant was I these things can be lethal. The Senko we have found that its lot longer the likes of the Albie Snax and the Pirate Seducer which to me doesn’t make any difference, although other bass fishermen reckon your hook up rate is not so productive because the bass gets hold off the long tail. However, others, form the opinion that bass will just Hoover up the lot in one go.

Either way, it’s still a great lure to have in your arsenal. I found you get fewer snags with the weedless lures apart from the Savage Gear Eel that definitely does. I’ve lost quite a few, but still an awesome lure. And like I also mentioned that being just a single hook is such a time saver for unhooking the fish and more importantly, less damaging for our beloved bass. Thousand off lure anglers are switching to soft plastic weedless lures as their first choice straight from the lure box. There are still a large number of weedless lures out there that I haven’t mentioned like the OSP Dolive Stick, another awesome lure.

5 Must have soft plastic lures

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