Amazing Lure Fishing At Night Time For Bass

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Amazing Lure Fishing At Night Time For Bass
Amazing Lure Fishing At Night Time For Bass

So what makes bass fishing at night so good? First off great question. For me, it means I’m not at work. Seriously, if I could fish throughout the daytime and nighttime I would. With that being said, the answer to that question for me is simple: I personally have had my best sessions in the pitch black of the night. In fact, the best sessions I had were twenty fish and on both occasions were of a good stamp, ranging from 50cm to 60cm. One of the other guys that were fishing with us had an impressive 70cm fish. There was also a fish 65cm that was a PB for Steve Wood.

What were the conditions like on those nights?

First and foremost and in my opinion I think personally that the water clarity has to be pretty clear for night fishing for bass with lures. On both the occasions where I had caught 20 bass, the water was like a bath. At one of the venues, you could clearly see the rocks at high tide through the crystal clear water. Trust me, that is a rare occurrence around our neck of the woods.

The Wind

The wind was like basically very light in a southerly direction which is normally best if we are going to get clearer water around the South East coast (We are talking about the North side of the Isle of Thanet). So basically if the wind is coming from the land you should be good to go If the weather has been settled so to speak. But it is not always the case. Regardless, clarity is important during night fishing with lures.

What lures would you recommend for night fishing for bass?

Well over the years there have been a few that have stood out but for the two PB sessions, you will obviously want to know what lures work on those nights.

  • Daiwa Shoreline Shiner R50 SSR
  • Savage Gear Sandeel in Lemon Back
  • IMA Hound 100 Sonic Yellow
  • IMA Hound 125 Glide Cotton Candy
  • Pirate Teaser Lemon Back
  • Maria Squash Lemon Back

Please remember that these are the lures that have worked for me. There were so many fish around on those nights that I had experimented using lures I previously hadn’t had any success with. Whereas there were other lures that had always worked we will go into detail later in the post.

What was the difference between the two venues?

At the first venue (The Tear) the first lure of the two sessions that did all the damage was the Daiwa Shoreline Shiner R50 SSR in Chart. That night we were fishing relatively shallow water from the sand and fishing onto the rocks. The significant thing about this venue is that the tide can rip through even on the smaller tides. On the flooding tide, the direction is from right to left so your lure would be cast to the right to come through with the tide.

It also remains to be said that in this scenario a really slow retrieve can be lethal just letting that lure drift down with the tide. The only downside to this venue is as the season gets through to June the weed starts building up. It actually becomes unfishable with hard lures. However, you can still use soft plastics with a dead slow retrieve in the tide. We have found that this tactic works when the fish are around. It’s by far perfect but still fishable.

When Did The Bass Turn Up?

Ironically, not straight away. We fished the flooding tide moving back with the tide. I found this quite tough fishing with this bloke because he would be deep in the water and was taller than me so I felt I was casting to his side. Because I was behind him I could hardly cast to his right in the tide because my lure would have been reeled into him and probably punctured his waders. The other problem was the waves at this venue can be a pain. This made things worse for me because I didn’t want to wade out as far as him. Also, it meant constantly trying to jump clear of the waves. Although not all the waves were massive, you can bet your life when it’s time to change your lure, that’s when the waves are going to smash into you. When you’re not looking.

Once the tide was nearly high (About an hour from high water) we started catching the fish. We were both on the sand at this point so happy days everyone’s a winner.

Night fishing for bass
Night fishing for bass

20 Fish In A Fairly Short Time Frame

As I mentioned earlier I had caught 20 by the time the tide was well on its way out but it wasn’t always prolific fishing. Believe me, I have been fortunate enough to catch a fish every cast but only in relatively short periods of time. That does not happen often though that normally happens when you have to move from the flooding tide to avoid getting cut off from the tide. It’s not worth taking any risks, especially at night time. Remember always go with someone when night fishing for bass with lures

Was there anyone else fishing there that night?

Well, now you come to mention it there was. But not exactly where we were fishing but a couple of hundred yards away. This made things a little tricky, to say the least. We’d obviously didn’t want to give our venue away so we opted for keeping our headlamps off. We just relied on the street lights and light from the moon which I found a total palaver. The reason was that I struggled to see what I was doing when unhooking the fish. I would have easily beaten that 20 that night if it wasn’t for that. The bass was just nailing that lure, and the fact that made things worse was that the Diawa Shoreline Shiner R50 SSR has three treble hooks. And you guessed it these hungry bass were taking that lure right in I couldn’t see what I was doing it was a joke. I must’ve mucked about for ages trying to unhook some of those fish. Luckily, all the fish were returned safely and lived to fight another day.

How things change from Season to Season

The really odd thing about bass fishing that I have found is how things change from season to season. For instance, that Shoreline Shiner hardly ever came out of the box after that epic session. Also, we found that the fish at that venue just didn’t seem to turn up the following year, bizarre. Don’t get me wrong when the fishing was good around that period, we still had day when we just blanked. Even now when the fishing has been great you have days when things just do not work. Or more logical. There just ain’t no fish!

Amazing Lure Fishing At Night Time For Bass
Amazing Lure Fishing At Night Time For Bass

Amazing Lure Fishing At Night Time For Bass

The Second 20 Fish Venue

Remarkably, this is yet another high-tide venue. The thing is we do most of our fishing in the dark of the night the main reason being we do not like giving our location away. No, not so other lure fishermen can hustle in on our spot(although that can be a problem). No, we just don’t want the areas netted off by commercial fishermen. You see our coastline is pretty much on show to everyone, not like some of the other remote areas around our country where you may not see anyone for miles. So the bigger high tides just are convenient for us as regards work and getting up in the morning. If I choose to do a first light session I generally have a day off. unfortunately, that doesn’t pay the bills.

How Did You Find This Venue?

This venue is another high water promenade venue that just seems to produce abet the conditions being up to par. I had been taking a walk around this venue at low tide. I could never work out why we never seemed to catch there, although my mate Steve Wood had caught a schoolie on the low tide. The life around the rocks and big gullies is quite unbelievable. In fact, we tried fishing again at low tide just after I got back from holiday in Tunisia. As we came off to go home there were hundred of prawns just sitting there as our glowing headlights lit up their eyes. Also, there were small fish darting left right and centre. There were crabs just casually sitting in the darkness. Surely this is bass heaven. At this point, we decided that we have fished it all wrong in the past so next run of good conditions we will try our new tactics. This is what makes bass fishing with lures so much fun it is addictive.

So How Many Fish Did You Catch In Total?

Well over the course of 4 days we had 130 bass between us. Bearing in mind these were not long sessions we had worked out when the fish seemed to switch on, roughly an hour before high. We still got loads of weed but this always slowed down as the tide was easing off. The fish were of a good stamp too although nothing over the 60cm mark. But I had lost a cracker one night it just got off as we let the drop net down the wall to land it. It would’ve beaten my PB for sure. Oh well, the one that got away eh?

This was bass fishing at its best in my opinion, nothing has come close to these sessions this year. Although we still have time left to winch in a pig. October is supposed to be when the big girls show up. The lures we used are listed at the top of this post so happy days tight lines.

Amazing Lure Fishing At Night Time For Bass

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