Hey there bass maniacs! Hope the world is treating you well. This is our August newsletter, we hope you gain some value from our fishing adventures.

This months bass fishing has been the most productive compared to a pretty dismal start to the season.  Due to work and other commitments I personally hadn’t got the chance to go that often, and with the window of opportunity as far as weather goes it just the way it’s worked out.  And the bass season doesn’t really kick off around our South East coast till April anyway. But compared to last year this was a disastrous start by any means. With that being said we now have enjoyed a blistering bout of what seems like tropical temperatures which I think had ignited those bass into action. August Bass Newsletter

Bassman with his prom PB 77cm

As for Tony the “bassman” he has caught literally hundreds so they are definitely out there folks. In fact only last Monday morning (about 3 o freekin clock in the morning) he landed a bass that measured 77cm, between 9 or 10lb.

I also caught four fish that morning in a very short time frame ( I had to go to work) so it was a very successful mission. The other bonus was we were fishing off the prom down on the ebb part of the tide, so no wading in the water in the pitch black…..luxury.

The thing is with bass fishing I’m my opinion there is no rhyme or reason as regards to catching the bloody things. Obviously, it does help if the fish are in the area where your fishing as we have explained on our websitehttps://bassmasterselite.co.uk. But as mad as it seems you could fish for hours without a take then all of a sudden bang! Fish on. I twice in the last few sessions had 3 fish in consecutive casts then nothing. If you are like me when things are slow, I start questioning my lures and speed of retrieve which are so important. But when a feeding shoal hits your target area it’s going to be carnage. So be patient…..simple.

August Newsletter

pipe bass

Featured Lure: Savage Gear Eel.

This little lure is an absolute essential if you’re serious about catching bass. In fact, I’ve caught the majority of my fish tally on this little gem of a lure so far this year. Having said that the reason being is because we have been fishing off the prom at high water. 

One important factor and something to should seriously bare in mind are that there has to be a substantial amount of water. Otherwise, that SG is going to get snagged on the rocks. Unless you are fishing over sand then that’s fine. 

Even whilst fishing off the prom, once that water has dropped below a certain level it’s time to change lure. Ironically, the session we fished the bass came a hunting right a critical mass when the tide had dropped away. Come on, who said bass fishing with lures was straightforward.

For night fishing I would recommend the lemon back version of this marvellous SG. Although the silver would probably still work but not as effective at night.

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