Best lures for bass at night

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Bass Fishing At Night

bass fishing at night

Best Lures For Bass At Night

Greetings fellow bass slayers!!

Hope everyone is enjoying our inconsistent weather like I am.

This months newsletter is going to be about night lures.

Now, I may have said this before in one of the other newsletters but this year 2019 has been probably my most productive years bass fishing yet.

Apart from the two bigguns (I had caught on bait), there have been truckloads of fish out there ready to be fished out the water….then put back of course. 

Listen, the odd one on the dinner plate won’t be missed I’m sure. After all, we can take one home this year.

To be honest, you can’t beat a bit of fresh bass on the dinner plate, it’s got to be the best eating in my opinion.

Bass Fishing At Night

Getting back to the fishing, maybe that bass ban did the trick because they’re definitely not a shortage of them this year.

Last year at the beginning of the season I blanked 15 times before I actually caught one.

This had me actually thinking that bass was getting rarer as the years roll on, but how wrong 2019 has been awesome since the peeler crab started their moult.

As for that weather and the conditions, it’s gone a bit pants at the mo for us.

We seem to have this constant Northerly wind, that is leaving us with less of a window to fish as than we’d like.

Fishing for bass at night.

There had been so many fish on the night/early morning session that I’m wondering if you could have chucked anything out there and still caught. Hmmm, that’s definitely not always the case.

As for lures, I have mentioned this lure before but never really caught anything on it.

But now I believe that’s because there just wasn’t any fish around it really seemed to work for me.

The Shoreline Shiner in the picture is the lure that nailed it for me the last time I fished the night session.

I had 15 fish on that lure which to me is great fishing for a relatively short session.

You can see in the picture that I snapped two of the hooks in the process.

Hooks Straightened?

Although I’m not sure how they snapped twice the hooks had been straightened to my amazement.

They might just be crap hooks but I doubt it not on a quality lure like a shoreline shiner, thousands of anglers use these amazing lures I’m definitely a fan.

But still baffled by the hook scenario because I never really had that lump of a fish that tore line off my reel that night.

 Believe you me I have had fish that have been unstoppable and have straightened or in this case snapped the hooks and never got to see how big they were.

  I really reckon there are some absolute monsters out there.

bass fishing at night

Snapped Hooks

To be totally honest I may have even snapped them trying to unhook the fish in the dark.

The only downside to using the shoreline shiner is there are 3 treble hooks. For me, this can be a right pain in the arse if all 3 hooks are hooked in the fishes mouth.

Sometimes when the bigger fish decide to start flapping about when you have a pair of long nose pliers down there throat.

Trying to dislodge a treble hook and especially in the dark can be very awkward, to say the least.

So maybe this is why the hooks may have snapped and I never noticed.

You may be thinking why didn’t you put your light on? To that, I will say that I did sometimes.

Stealth For Bass Fishing Is Key

The bassman was in ultra stealth mode that night and insisted that we didn’t turn our lights on in case we gave away our location.

He would insist that if there are too many lures hitting the water at once this will spook the bass away.

The previous night someone had turned up in the pitch black while he was fishing and kept shinning their light in the water. 

It may sound a little selfish but lure fisherman, especially the good ones do not want other anglers fishing in their spots.

To honestly I’m not that bothered to be honest. At the end of the day, most people are tucked up in bed at 2 o’clock in the morning. 

At the weekends I can understand when people are off work.

But in my experiences and the places I’ve been fishing, we always seem to be on our own whatever time of day it is.

The result according to the bassman was that the fishing died after that.

Night lures for Bass

Here is a list of some great night lures I would definitely not leave home without they are:

  • Shoreline Shiner R50

  • Megabass Zonk Pearl 120

  • Maria Squash 

  • Tackle House Feed Shallow (luminous) 

  • Savage Gear Eel (lemon back)

  • Albie Snax (white)

  • Pirate Seducer (white)

  • Komomo II Joker Flashing Plate

 ‘The Daiwa Shoreline Shiner R50+SSR Lunker Hunter PEARL CHART

bass fishing at night

This is a great looking lure that also casts reasonably well.

I’ve have had probably one of my best ever session using this lure, I mentioned this lure earlier in the post.

I also have the MAGMA SARDINE version with is another great lure to say he least.

Especially for daylight fishing when bass fishing can be a bit tougher.

There are quite a few varieties of the Shoreline Shiner, weights, patterns etc that I haven’t personally used but the R50 is here to stay, it’s a keeper.

The ‘Megabass Zonk’ PEARL 120 sinking

These have been a bit of a problem to get hold off, to be honest, but if you can get one, then just get it.

Around our neck of the woods, there seems to be only a couple of place where we can fish the Zonk.

I had lost mine last year and haven’t been able to replace it.

If you are fishing at night then this is another must-have lure though (providing the waters deep enough) it’s been ‘the lure of the night’ on many occasions.

The ‘Maria Squash’ The lemon back version

This lure is a shallower diver than the Zonk which is great news for us around our way.

But amazing, this lure has easily out fished the Zonk one night down the South Coast.

I’m not saying that’s always the case but sometimes the fishing is down the depth the bass are feeding.

That particular night I had 1 my mate had 14……I didn’t have the Squash simple.

This to me is why bass fishing is so amazing.

You just never know what’s going to work.

That’s why it always pays to have a good selection of lure to cover all avenues.

The Tackle House Feed Shallow 

Another great night lure that’s swims shallower than the Squash.

You can shine your light into this lure so the belly glows luminous green to make it even more inviting.

The only negative I have for using the likes of the Zonk, Squash and Feed Shallow is the 3 treble hook scenario.

Sometimes when your up to your waist in water, and it’s pitch black it can be hard work getting the fish unhooked.

I could just be an awkward git but if all 3 hooks are all hooked into the fishes mouth it’s a pain for me.

You may also agree that sometimes a fish will not put up so much of a fight if all three hooks are hooked.

Often, I’ve found that using soft plastics the fight is sometimes harder, would you agree? Answers on a postcard, please!

Savage Gear Eel (Lemon back)

The Lemon Back version of the Savage Gear Eel is the joker in the pack as far as I’m concerned.

This lure is pretty much going to be working on the bottom with a relatively slow retrieve.

You still have to make sure there is a good amount of water though they still get snagged, unfortunately.

But a real night time slayer when the fish are feeding on the bottom.

Albie Snax

I think the Albie Snax is a fairly new lure and being a soft plastic weedless affair I suppose you can go wrong.

You can stick your own eyes on these to make them look a little more realistic, but that’s only me.

I haven’t seen anyone else do this but when I saw the Pirate Seducer lures I thought I’d do the same with these.

You need to get your hooks for these separately with the twist on things on the hooks to hold the body on.

The Pirate Seducer

I caught a bass on my very first cast using these amazing lures. 

I use the white version at night but will definitely be investing in some of the other colours they definitely work.

The Komomo Joker (Flashing Plate)

MA Komomo 2 The Joker -bass fishing at night

Last but not least my favourite lure. I fact I promise you I will not put it on any the lure guides in the future.

Again, I haven’t even got one at the mo, I will have to have another good look on the Internet.

But don’t let that put you off. There is a mountain of other fantastic lures out there for you to try.

I’m really going to give the weedless lures a good go if already had some good results with them especially the white ones.


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