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Bass Fishing In the USA

by | Sep 15, 2019

Best Bass Fishing Lakes Near Me

What Are The Best Bass Fishing Lakes Near Me??

Before we get into where to fishing we are going to go over a few facts about fishing in the USA.

The United States is well known for its many great fishing locations from coast to coast.

No matter the location you decide to fish though, you can bet your life there will be a Bass lurking just under the surface of the water waiting to be caught.

Depending on the location you desire to take your fishing venture many Bass may get called different names by locals, causing confusion.

The greatest example of this would be found in the Midwestern lakes and rivers scattered throughout middle America.


Largemouth Bass

The Largemouth Bass has to be the most popular choice as far as fishing is concerned.Best Bass Fishing Lakes Near Me

White Bass

The Sand Bass from Oklahoma, commonly known as the White Bass in Missouri. But yes, they are the same fish in looks, sizes, and even catching methods.

The White Bass is whats known to be a small Striped Bass from freshwater.

These fish are perfect for kids and any fisherman wanting an easy day, given the fact they are less feisty than their counterparts The Striped or even Black Bass.

Their season is from March to late May.

Striped Bass

Now the East Coast would be the place to fish for the Striped Bass.

The Striped Bass also called ‘Striper’ is known to be the most valuable Bass found in North America.

Its value comes from it being one of the strongest in the Bass family, ultimately making Mr Striper a good fight for any sportsman.

There are dozens of fish, maybe even hundreds of different ones that are called a Bass.

Ranging from the small Rock Bass that resembles a simple Perch to monsters that roam the Oceans.

We even have a commonly found Bass in Florida that’s known as the Butterfly Peacock Bass.

If you want to catch a fish that truly stands out with its vibrant colors any member of the Peacock Bass family would be a perfect catch.

Peacock Bass

Currently, there are 14 different Peacock Bass species that have been caught and recorded.

Topwater lures and jigs can be used to snag one of these Bass beauties pretty easily.

However, never doubt or underestimate the simple plastic worm or live minnow. Bass are drawn to movement and sounds very easily.

However, at this time crankbaits still hold the best chances of snagging a Bass year-round in any location.

Many records for the Bass species are just screaming to be broken.

Back in 2014, the largest Smallmouth Bass also called a ‘Smallie’ was caught by David Hayes that weighed in at a whopping 11 pounds and 15 ounces.

There are many records still to this day that haven’t even been close to being broke including one that dates all the way back to June 1958.

In 1958 the largest spotted Bass was caught that weighed in at 8 pounds 2 ounces and just over 23 inches long, caught by O.J. Stone in Pittsburg, CO.

The largest Bass to ever be caught was in the lower Illinois River and weighed 47 pounds and 8 ounces caught by Louis Parker back in June 1996.

This Stripper was 48 inches long and had a girth of 30 inches, a true live river monster.

Permit and license

If you decide to go for a record always remember to have your fishing license and permits in order.

Many records have been disqualified for simple things.

Take the mistake made by Paul Crowder back in 2012 down in Arkansas.

Paul caught a 16 pound and 5 ounces Largemouth Bass, a Bass that would have beat the original record by only an ounce.

But, yes it still would have become the new record, therefor, he not lied.

Paul had claimed to have caught the Bass hours before he even had applied for his fishing license.

Once officials verified he had caught the fish before obtaining his license the catch was called illegal and disqualified him from the records.

Whether you’re old or young, the everyday fisher or simply the vacationing fisherman there’s a Bass out there just waiting to be caught.

Just remember to have your permits and licenses for each state you fish because you never know if the next world record is going to try and drag you off the shoreline or out of your boat.




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