The Bass Gods Are Looking Down On Us At Last

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Change Of Fortunes: Loads Of Bass Fishing With Lures At High Tide

Yes, finally some decent action for a change. So far, this year has been extremely slow up until now. Hopefully, our good fortunes will last.

So what has changed? Well to be totally honest everything has just clicked into place all at once. It’s a miracle. This doesn’t happen very often for us, especially with the water clarity holding as it has and work commitments.


First off, the run of weather now (7th July) has turned a bit ugly again. But prior to the date we mentioned, the weather and conditions have been amazing. We had been blessed with glorious sunshine, and southerly winds being light to moderate the majority of the time. This means that the water is going to go crystal clear.

High Tide Bass
High Tide Bass


Over the course of that week when our fortunes seemed to have changed, we were on the bigger tides. This meant that the high tides would have started around 10 o’clock in the evening and throughout till 3 am in the morning throughout the week. This would mean the low tides would be roughly 6 hours later from first light round to mid-morning.

Water Clarity

Well, this is the most important piece in the puzzle especially if you are fishing into the darkness of the night. During this period of time (7 days) we consistently found the fish. The water was that clear you could still see the rocks through it at high tide, evening in the darkness. Amazing!


If funny, but although I have fished this venue a few times, I have never actually caught any fish. It’s unbelievable when you see the ground where this location is. The rocks and gullies hold all sorts of life for that hungry bass to feed on, but for some reason I just never caught them. The times I had fished it was all on the ebb down to low water. In my defense, the conditions were pretty grim, to say the least. My only hint of a fish was a swirl on the water as a bass came to investigate my Zorus Asturie 110 the AJI.

Steve Wood
Steve Wood

There Must Be Fish Bass Fishing With Lures At High Tide

I just knew there had to be fish at this venue so the answer was to try something different and that’s exactly what we did. We would try fishing the high.

The Fishing Was Slow to Start With

On the first night, the water was like the Caribean. There was an alarming amount of weed around as the tide was moving along. However, the first lure I had success with was The Dark Sleeper 3/4 oz version. I was casting in between the gullies the best I could because the tide by now was well on the flood. Then to my amazement bang, I was in. To be totally honest I was just about to throw the towel in with the Dark Sleeper. For that reason, It was picking up too much weed. Not bad though a 50cm fish from the normally unproductive venue. How wrong was I?

I’d Forgotten How Good The Tackle House Vulture is

Why I left this powerhouse lure at home is beyond me. Unbelievable, I had sprayed my Vulture white ages ago, but because I had left it in a box with some soft plastics it had ruined the paint: It seems to melt and stick to the soft plastics. Also, I had lost two brand new Vultures over the past couple of years hence why I had sprayed my other one white. You couldn’t get hold of the pure white version anywhere they seemed to be sold out.

Bass Fishing With Lures At High Tide
Bass Fishing With Lures At High Tide

Surface Lure Fishing In The Pitch Black?

Yes, that’s right it’s not quite the same as seeing that lure get tail splashed in the daytime or when it’s still light, but who cares? I don’t care what lure I’m using as long as it works that’s good enough for me. I just kept hooking the bass on this night to the point where I had to start trying out lures that I hadn’t caught on before.

Bass Fishing With Lures At High Tide And The IMA Hound 100F Sonic

The next night came around and we had arranged to meet about an hour and a half later than the previous night. The reason was simple: There was less weed around an hour before high tide, this must be due to the tide slowing down. There is nothing worse than reeling in the weed the minute your killer lure hits that water. It can be time-consuming, to say the least. With that being said we weren’t getting quite as much fishing off the top.

Ironically, the year before we opted for soft plastics to help with the seaweed problem. it is a massive problem around our neck of the woods, especially in the summer months. Strangely the weed doesn’t appear to be as bad at low tide. This could be because the weed must get left on the high water line and on the rocks as the tide goes out. But personally, I have had my most productive catches over the high water. Frustrating.

The Sonic? My Knew Favourite Lure

So on went the Sonic, and bang, virtually as the lure hit the water I was in. This great fishing carried on for a while although it was not a fish every cast. I’d take that all day long though, especially after the run of blanks we had had earlier on in the year. On some of the casts, you could feel the bass instantly pecking away until they were hooked. You would think that this was the behaviour of small schoolies but most of the fish were between 50 to 58cm. Absolutely fantastic sport.

Time To Try Another Lure the Maria Squash

The next lure to go on was the Maria Squash, the chart version. Don’t bother trying to get it I haven’t found one for ages. Amazing, first cast and bang straight away. Please note: The retrieve for all these lures was dead slow. Also, the fish seemed to be at a distance. Sometimes the small things can make a difference with lure fishing. My fishing mate was struggling to get any takes. I had caught 9 fish to his none until I told him to whack it out and slow that retrieve right down. Next cast, he was back on the fish. Blimey, If someone caught 3 fish more than me I would start looking at what someone else was doing differently to me. I’d be spitting feathers!

Chart Lures seemed To Do the trick

Yes, another slayer over the four nights was the Daiwa Shoreline Shiner R50 SSR (another pig to get hold of) this lure was responsible for my previous best session ever. I had 20 fish in a small window of time but fishing from the beach. That was also at high tide in the middle of the night with crystal clear conditions. Clearwater at night in the pitch black is a no-brainer, it has to be clear. Murky water in the daytime you can get away with it but not nighttime in my opinion.

Other Lures That worked A treat but not soft plastics?

Strangely, soft plastics just weren’t cutting it for some unknown reason. In my opinion, they would have been the go-to lure for fishing at night. Maybe because we seemed to be catching over the high water and the water had slackened off we seemed to be picking up more weed. Whereas last season soft plastics smashed it for us on more than one occasion. Last season we used soft plastic to help combat the weed but a different scenario. Remember, this is over the high tides, low tides are not a problem. This time we were fishing off the promenade so higher above the water level.

The Pays Bass lure in the lemon back caught just after catching on the Dark Sleeper but that was it as far as soft plastics go. The standard Hound Glide 125 also worked a treat with the Cotton Candy and Sexy Mackerel catching fish. Ironically I had ordered the IMA Sonic 100 in Sexy Mackerel after these sessions it worked a treat. Also, the Blue Blue also gave a good account of itself but 3 trebles and more hassle. Give me a lure with 2 trebles any day.

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