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What Is The Best Bass Fishing Weather

by | Feb 24, 2018

Best Bass Fishing Weather

So what is the best bass fishing weather? For me, weather conditions can play a vital role in your pursuits in catching Bass. But bear in mind that unless the water is fairly clear, the weather is not going to make much difference when lure fishing for Bass, or in fact any fish come to think of it.


I live on the South East Coast of Kent, in a place called Garlinge, right next to Margate to be precise. Now we are blessed with some awesome Bass grounds, to say the least. We have some great tide run and our rocky grounds are a proper haunt for those Bass. The only problem for our lure fishing exploits can be the weather condition affecting the clarity of the water.


Last year in 2017, the weather never seemed to settle from one week to the next. Sometime we could be waiting weeks for a window so we could fish. You could still travel further down the coast to find more settled water.


The wind plays a vital part in how clear the water is around our coast. I still can not get to grips why that is so. The challenging thing with lure fishing for Bass is they may not even be out there. However, they could be there but just not feeding.


Some wind directions definitely affect the fishing, so is this to do with the way the wind affects the swell of the tide, and the direction the tide is flowing. Or is it something else.

the warren

My Location

Back to our coastline in the south-east and around the Margate area. If the wind blows from a northerly direction the water on the north side is normally very murky. Now that’s not good for us now, is it? But we can head around the south side (Ramsgate) and the water should appear clearer, he says.


Sometimes the water just does not clear anywhere. Failing that, you can always get some bait and bait fish for those Bass. Remember, this is only my opinion I must add, it could be completely different from where you live. This wind scenario is just what I have experienced over the years.



Another downside to fishing in the wind is fishing in a headwind, directly straight in your face. The problem is that the lure just will not travel into the wind very well when your casting. Whereas the wind behind you, your going reach a fair distance, even with lighter lures.

Wind Knots

The other problem with the wind is getting wind knots. And if you didn’t know, using braid can be a nightmare to get wind knots out. Sometimes it’s game over unless you have a spare spool or another reel. But when you are standing the water it’s not always practical to carry extra equipment, we try and travel light in those circumstances.

The Sun

There is nothing better than to get into your shorts when the weather turns out blazing hot. No wind, nice cold beer all we need now is to catch them Bass after all the waters clear and there’s no wind. We are going to clean up, surely? But in the real world, the real Bass world, If the sun is blazing away all day the fishing in the daytime is generally not so good. In other words “crap” In my humble opinion.


Realistically, the suns scorching rays beating down on us does not mean we are going to blank by any means. Sometimes the school Bass come alive in the daytime sun but we really want the big boys. With that being said, the sun does seem to clear the water a bit quicker. This is great news for night luring when them Bass have had enough sunbathing for the day, and want to feed.

Unsettled Weather

Now some readers may be thinking what the hell is he going on about ‘how can the sun make a difference to the clarity of the water. You see some parts of our country always have clear water. We definitely do not. It can be very frustrating especially when you have had great sessions, then all of a sudden the weather goes to pot.

Best Conditions

The for me Best Bass Fishing Weather definitely at night. Fishing in the pitch black is the way forward if you seriously want to catch Bass, as far as I’m concerned. The ultimate conditions for me are night time, clear skies, moon beaming across the water and no wind whatsoever….if only.

First Light and Sunset

First light and sunset can also be great times to fish, for people who can’t fish right through the night. In fact, my first ever witnessing of a lure caught Bass was first light way back in the eighties.

Back in the Eighties

A friend of mine who I was working with at the time, was a very keen angler, fishing all the local competitions and winning a few too. He really knew his stuff when it came to fishing. Anyway, he would occasionally take me fishing with him about 4 am in the morning. This was just before work that started at 7.30. So we could get a couple of hours in before the long day.

He told me that this was the best time to catch Bass, and even though the few times I went with him I never caught one, I have to be honest. But he did, and nearly every time it would be the first cast then we would not catch after that. He said that the fish have been spooked and that we wouldn’t get another one now.

Years Later

Years later I have discovered that theory was utter BS. I’ve seen and experienced catching a Bass nearly every single cast, the Bass has been absolutely manic. If fishing was like that all the time I think, after a while, it would get a little boring Sometimes for, me, the hunt is what it’s all about. And all our secret venues would be mobbed. We hope to help people who struggle to catch Bass, especially lure fishing.

Me personally, I think it was down to the lures we used back then. The lures we used were called Arc Minnows and they would glow slightly in the dark. The firm that made these lures are called Yo Zuri, who is a Japanese giant in the lure industry.

best bass fishing weather

Yo Ziri Arc Minnow

This particular venue has two sewer pipes that go a fair way out to sea. A pilot boat demolished one of the pipes years later so now you can not fish it the same way as back then, you just can not get right to the end, the hot spot. You can still get to the end of the other pipe though and It’s still an awesome venue. The ground at low tide is an awesome hunting ground for those Bass.

Best Bass fishing weather



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