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Best Bass Lures 2023

So what makes a great bass lure? The answer to that question is simple: The ones that work(Providing the conditions are right). Our best bass lures for 2023 are all great catchers on their day, that is when everything falls into place. Sometimes in lure fishing, you must go the extra mile to find them. Good luck.

Best Bass Lures for 2023
Best Bass Lures for 2023 – IMA Hound 100F Sonic Sexy Mackerel

1. IMA Hound 100F Sonic

My favourite lure for 2022. In a relatively short time, I probably had the most fish in any one go on this lure. We fished the Sonic around high water at a new mark that was discovered just walking along the beach at low tide. With a very slow retrieve in the pitch black, this lure was the best of the bunch. Click Here To View The IMA Hound 100F Sonic

IMA Hound 100 Sonic
IMA Hound 100 Sonic

But things changed as the season progressed for some reason. Then for some reason, this particular venue did not produce. The only downside to this lure was it dived deeper on the low tides marks than some of my other sub-surface favourites. But remember these are shallow marks so understandable that this lure had got snagged. This lure has been amazing high tides off the proms.

Xorus Pachinko 100 500g
Xorus Pachinko 100 500g

2. Xorus Pachinko 100

Towards the end of the season, this little bad boy was delivering when all else seemed to be failing. All over the shallow rocky grounds on the ebb, the Baby Pach would seek out those sometimes hard-to-find bass. It seems strange when you try out everything as far as lures go but it seems the same lure does the trick time and time again. The 500G and Nacre are a safe bet as far as patterns go. Click Here To View The Xorus Pachinko 100

Best Bass Lures 2023
Fishus Espertitt

3.Fishus Espertite

The Fishus Espertite is the new kid on the block. This surface lure is very popular around the Sussex coast. For us, this lure was a late arrival but still, we had taken a few fish with it. I had heard of this lure but was a bit spoilt for choice and also getting good results with the Baby Pach. So why change the wheel? Simple: Seeing the results others were getting on Youtube It would have been rude not to invest in one. Click Here To View The Fishus Esperti

Tackle House Vulture
Tackle House Vulture

4. Tackle House Vulture (White)

The Tackle House Vulture is probably the most popular over the last 10 years. This lure has been in nearly all the lure guides. This year the Vulture absolutely nailed the bass for me one night. However, not always consistent over that fantastic week of fishing back in June. Always a winner: DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT ONE. Funnily enough on a negative note. I seemed to catch more when the lure looked battered. By this, I mean the paint was coming off. These lures are expensive, so don’t lose them. Click Here To View The Tackle House Vulture

V2 Savage Gear Sandeels
V2 Savage Gear Sandeels – Standard & Weedless

5. Savage Gear Sandeel V2

The V2 lures are a remake of the old Savage Gear Sandeels. I have to say the old version was always in my lure box. Furthermore, the amazing Lemon Back was responsible for saving a blank on numerous occasions.
One handy feature of the V2 is the simplicity of changing the bodies. This is achieved by pushing a cocktail stick through the body to hold it on. Click Here To View The Savage Gear Sandeel V2

best bass lures 2023
Pirate Teaser

6. Pirate Teaser

Well to be totally honest we didn’t have the greatest success this year but still good enough to be in the guide. With that being said, I have friends who have crushed it on the Teaser. Most of our fishing was at places where the tide didn’t seem to rip through compared to the venues we fished last year. So it makes sense not to change the wheel. But in the scenario, we just mentioned the Teaser would be my go-to lure for sure. With this one-hook affair, you are definitely getting value for money. And on their day they can easily outfish hard lures. Click Here To View The Pirate Teaser

Tackle House Feed Shallow 105
Tackle House Feed Shallow 105

7. Tackle House Feed Shallow 105

This lure came into its own towards the back of the season in 2022. I had my biggest fish of 59cm which by my standard was a bad year. Loads of fish – But know real big ones. Oh well, you can’t win them all eh? Again I must mention that being smaller than its brother it only has two treble hooks. This, in my opinion, is far easier than having all three treble hooks in a fish’s mouth, especially at nighttime, this can be a nightmare, especially if you’re trying to keep the light down to a bare minimum. Click Here To View The Tackle House Feed Shallow 105

Best Bass Lures for 2023
DUO Realis Pencil

8. DUO Realis Pencil

This is my mate’s favourite lure as far as surface lure fishing goes. The annoying thing is I gave him the Realis years ago and he just seemed to hit it off with it straight away. Whereas I never caught a bean on it. One of the cool things about the DUO Realis is it has a noisy rattle. In fact, I think it is the loudest I’ve heard on my bass fishing journey so far. Click Here To View The DUO Realis Pencil

DUO DC 12 Terriff
DUO DC 12 Terriff

9. DUO DC 12 Terriff

The DUO DC 12 lure has to be one of my favourite shallow divers. The only downside is my go-to pattern see very hard to get hold of. With that being said there are still other great options out there.

Steve Wood had his best bass of 2022 on the DC12. That fish of 63cm was taken at first light fishing over man-made groins. These types of groins are made with great big boulders that go out to see. What their purpose is though is a mystery to me, to say the least. This particular venue has a strong tide so getting the hang of fishing these groins is a trial-and-error scenario.

Also, this fish was taken very early April in the season. The problem with this particular venue is the weed that grows makes it tough to fish. Click Here To View The DUO DC12 Terriff


10. The Autowalker (Emil)

There is nothing more exciting than getting up at first light. There just seems to be a feeling that you know you’re going to catch. Strange but true. Why is First Light a great time to catch bass? In my opinion, it must be easier (with the natural light hitting the water) for bass to find their food. Hence why in total darkness we slow the retrieve right down.

When the wind is zero and the water is like glass, the Autowalker comes into its own. No ‘Walk the dog’ just a slow retrieve and this innovative lure will snake through the water with ease. One morning I was hooking fish after fish on this amazing lure. Click Here To View The Autowalker Emil

Best Waist Lure Bag
Top Water Patchinko
Tackle House Feed Shallow

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