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Probably one of the best lure companies in the world

Duo lures. A bass fishing must, in my opinion. Along with all the other great lure brands like IMA, Tacklehouse, and Magabass, just to name a few, DUO is definitely up there with the big boys. They have such a great selection of lures to choose from, like surfaces to some deep divers, although not soft plastics, not that I’m aware of anyway.

How did you find out about DUO lures?

Amazingly, I think you’ll find that any tackle shop or online store that sells lures would be foolish not to stock these great lures. I first saw the Tide Minnow on the shelf of a tackle shop in Sandwich, Kent. Funnily enough, the Bassman was working there at the time. He had recommended the Tide Minnow (along with all the other lures in my arsenal), so that was that. The next thing I knew, we would be off fishing with him down Folkestone, although I must admit I did blank that day.

How much can you expect to pay for a DUO lure?

In comparison to the other major lure companies, they are pretty much on an even keel. Incidentally, you can guarantee the quality of these great lures but doesn’t guarantee you’re going to catch fish. Obviously, you say, I know, but some people that are new to lure fishing need to learn the basics before blaming any lures for not catching any fish. However, having a good selection is going to get you on the right foot. Ultimately, remember there can be so many factors in your success in catching bass. Therefore, throughout this website, there are plenty of pages and posts to help get you on your way.

What is your Personal favourite Duo lure?

Depending on the fishing scenario, weather, tide, water clarity and time of day, that’s a tough question to answer. However, let us change the question to: What is your most successful DUO lure? Because the best lures will always be up there. The lure I’m going to pick is the Bay Ruff Manic.

Youtube Video

So I looked through YouTube, funnily enough about fishing locations abroad because the misses and I had a holiday booked to go to Mexico. For some strange reason, I came across this video about some lure fishing off Montenegro off all places. They were catching Tunny, and I saw this ad about the Bay Ruff in another video. Confused, yes, so am I, lol. Anyway, I loved the look of this lure and managed to track one down and order one.

Bay Ruff Manic – Duo Lures A Bass Fishing Must

What types of lure is the Bay Ruff Manic?

Great question! I don’t know, but I would say it is a sinking lure solely because it sinks. So if you are fishing shallow ground, beware and DO NOT STOP REELING WHEN YOU CAST OUT! This is a similar scenario to the IMA Rocket Bait they sink also. Personally. I use the Bay Ruff as a surface lure with like a sink and draw retrieve. This kind of retrieve is common when using metals or spinners because they sink, I guess? The Bay Ruff was probably designed for deeper water in the first place.

Another bonus fishing the Bay Ruff

Yes, another great reason to have the Bay Ruff in your arsenal is it casts extremely well. Therefore, this is a great advantage if the clearer water is just out of casting range with other lures. Or, there could be a disturbance in the water, like a shoal of mackerel or fish diving that could be just out of normal casting range.

What style of Bay Ruff are there?

Personally, I have two Bay Ruffs – they are the Sardine and the White 135. As for patterns, there are loads to choose from, hence why I’m convinced they were not designed for bass fishing in the UK; Barrier Reef, yes! If you check on eBay, there are literally loads of spectacular colours. Just stick to the plain ones if I were you, but there again, don’t listen to me; they may work great.

Here are the 4 different sizes (that I know of) they are:

  • 75
  • 115
  • 135
  • 155

Click here to see what Bay Ruff Manics are available on Amazon

Duo Lures A Bass Fishing Must

Tide Minnows – Duo Lures A Bass Fishing Must

The Duo Tide Minnow – Which one??

In the UK, the Duo Tide Minnow is probably the most popular DUO lure out there. Do not be surprised to see this bad boy’s name pop up as people’s personal favourite in the social media opinion polls. They are immaculate in design/patterns; I’m afraid the list goes on and on; there are loads to choose from.

The Tide Minnow Slim is probably at the top of the tree with great casting ability and design. But there is also the ‘Flyer’ to get your teeth into. Along with the standard Tide Minnow, there are a bucket load of patterns in all of the lures I mention. I won’t make a list because my diner is nearly ready – trust me, there are loads.

No Shortages of the Tide Minnow

Yes, you can virtually pick any of these from a wide variety of stockists. This is great news for once because a fair number of other lures I have recommended on this website have been hard to get hold of. Click here to get the Tide Minnow on Amazon

What Duo Surface Lures Do You Recommend?

Well, this is an easy one because I have only used two of the DUO surface lures and am quite happy with both. My favourite DUO surface lure is the Pencil Popper. Before I get into telling you about that lure, I’m going to tell you how I lost two of them, so you DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE.

Costly Error Cost Me Over 100 quid

Sometimes you just have that feeling that it’s not going to be your day. This day, we turned up, and on my first cast with a Misha Eel, my line just snapped. However, what made this worse was the fact that we had only just got hold of the lures. Incidentally, they would be perfect for the deeper water where we would be fishing. Hence why I bought them. Then, on the very next cast, the lure got snagged up and ultimately, lost the second one. Don’t worry I still had all my other lures with me.

Time to move on to another spot

So not the greatest start to the day. Now then, nothing seemed to be happening bass-wise, so we decided to move to another location. Not that it mattered to me; I hadn’t even finished yet. As we walked off to the next port of call, I was tying on another leader as we walked along, trying to be efficient.

I tied on the leader and the lure clip and took out my lure box. I stuck a lure on then made our descent down the rocks. Disaster! As I jumped from one rock to another, my lure box jumped out of my bag and went clunking through the boulders to the water. Would you believe it? That has to be one of the most expensive half-hour fishing starts ever.

So What Has This Got To Do With The Pencil Popper?

Believe me, I feel like crying just typing this out. Along with the other lures, I had 3 different Pencil Poppers in that box. So that was a costly day’s fishing, and to cap it all off, we had a blank too. Now the moral of this story is don’t be a lazy dick, make sure you do your bag up, so nothing falls out – It could work out expenses.

Why I like the Pencil Popper

The Pencil Popper is a very easy lure to work for two good reasons. It’s a great lure to use for the ‘Walk the dog style. The first time I had fish, the Pencil Popper was down Ramsgate, a rare venue for us. This particular night the conditions were great down there, so happy days. We were standing in the water surrounded by Horse Mackerel jumping here and there and everywhere. I had never experienced this before. Mackerel yes, Horse Mackerel no.

Ironically enough, we never caught any of them, but they were after something. Then totally out of the blue, I hooked into a bass, but it was the only one of the night and hooked on the Pencil Popper.

The other reason is that it is like a Popper. Even those It does give that away in the name. You can see from the picture that it doesn’t look like your standard Chug Bug. But you can still get that popping action with this lure. This is great, ‘variety is the spice of life, or so they say. Click here to get the DUO Pencil Popper on Amazon.

DUO Realis – Duo Lures A Bass Fishing Must

The Duo Realis

Another great lure to have in your lure box. This surface lure reminds me of the Lucky Craft Sammy. Another immense lure, although I haven’t got one. The Realis is a stocky-looking number with this great action in the ‘Walk the dog’ style of fishing we love to execute. Not the greatest casting lure, but still good enough in the right conditions. By this, I mean no wind or the wind behind you; it’ll cast just great. Click here to purchase the DUO Realis, Also available on Amazon, click here but please check prices

Very popular all over the world

So before we get into a list of popular lures in the UK, I would like you to take a look at some of the amazing collections of lures that DUO distributes all over the world, not just in the UK. The website link is In the United States, where bass fishing is just immense, it must be hell finding a lure website like DUO International over there if you have that bug. There are just so many options that it’s dangerous. In the United States, they have a much wider spectrum of lure fishing than most places globally.


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