How To Choose The Best Bass Lures

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So WHat bass Lures Do I Use?

How to choose the best bass lures: Not catching? No takes? As you read through you may gain some insight as to why you may not be catching.

how to choose the best bass lures
How to choose the best bass lures

How to choose the best bass lures? Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to look for a new Bass lure that is going to nail a big Bass. But buying the best bass lures can be an expensive pastime, to say the least.

The thing is, the last thing you want is to not have a varied selection of lures. But be warned: lure fishing can be a very addictive and expensive pastime. Just make sure you have enough of the right lures to cover all scenarios.

You will need to scale all the depths from the surface to the bottom to find where those fish are feeding.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, there is an absolute abundance of lures to choose from. Who knows which lure really is going to be the killer? 

Let’s face it when the ‘Bass’ are turned on – I feel you could chuck anything at them and hook one. But those days are not always going to happen – sometimes it’s just a case of being in the right place at the right time.

So we need a good selection to give ourselves a better chance of catching some bass and not having a blank.

Lure Guide FAQ

What are the best bass lures for UK waters?

The best bass lures for UK waters often depend on the scenario you are fishing. You need to take into consideration a whole variety of things like:

  • Weather Conditions
  • Location
  • Water Clarity
  • Tides
  • Time of day
  • What bass are feeding on

All of the above are typical examples of the best bass fishing lures. There are some things to take into consideration. However, try not to get bogged down by the science of fishing, especially if you are new to this fantastic sport. Just get out there and fish -then you can work it out as you go.

There are lures specially designed to cover all those different scenarios – as you will discover in this guide. You will learn about:

  • Surface Lures
  • Sub Surface Lures
  • Medium Diving Lures
  • Deep Diving Lures
  • Sinking Lures
  • Soft Plastic Lures
  • Weedless Lures
  • Metal Lures

That should keep you going for a while. It’s just the tip of the iceberg so be warned there are thousands of lures to get your teeth into. Hopefully, you have a better understanding of what lures to purchase as you read on.

how to choose the best bass lures
Nighttime Lures Our Best Bass Lures 2022

How do I choose the right bass lures for different UK fishing conditions?

Daytime Fishing

Selecting the right bass lure in the UK depends on water conditions, such as clarity, temperature, and the type of forage available. In clear waters, use natural-coloured lures, and in murky waters, opt for more vibrant options.

Nighttime Fishing

However, at night time it is very important that the water clarity is good. So providing you have that bit right – moonlight and night sky can be an important factor to take into consideration.

If the sky is cloudy, it will be pitch-black darkness. So you would probably opt for a pure white lure or a chart pattern. Incidentally, if the sky is clear and the moon and stars are out. You could opt for a dark lure (even black) or a natural pattern should be suitable.

Are there specific Best bass lures that work well in rocky shore areas in the UK?

Ultimately, you could theoretically use any lure over rocky ground. However, it is crucial you are aware of the depth of water around your fishing location. Bass can be caught in surprisingly shallow water. So weedless lures would cover this scenario perfectly. Also, they are very effective and less likely to get snagged. If you opt for a hard lure, just be aware of your lure’s performance and the depth it swims at. You will learn this as you read through.

how to choose the best bass lures
Selection of weedless lures: Best bass lures

What are the essential characteristics of effective bass lures for UK bass fishing?

Effective UK bass lures should have a realistic appearance, mimic local forage, offer versatility in presentation, and have the right colour patterns to match the prevailing conditions. Some lure patterns are very realistic in their behaviour and colour. incidentally, some may leave you scratching your head as to what they are trying to mimic. One lure that is incredibly life-like is the Megabass Dark Sleeper as shown in the image below.

how to choose the best bass lures
The Megabass Dark Sleeper (the hook is concealed in the fin)

How to use soft plastic lures for bass in the UK?

Soft plastics, along with the weedless lures can be completely different in the way that they are fished. You have to be careful fishing very shallow reefs with soft plastics because of the exposed hook. The only option to avoid getting snagged is to speed up your retrieve so that the lure does not make contact with the rocks you are fishing over.

Weedless lures can be fished using weighted hooks are another one of the best bass lures. You can fish weedless lures tight to the bottom. This is ideal for retrieving your lure over any structure or rocks. This type of fishing tactic can be deadly at night. It’s also important to slow your retrieve right down at night. You could also twitch the weedless lure or bounce them over the rocks. This can be achieved by raising the rod tip and pausing. Weedless lures can still get snagged but are still a much better option for shallow water.

What are the most popular colour patterns for bass lures in the UK?

Popular colour patterns for UK bass lures include natural shades like silver, green, and brown to imitate local baitfish. Brighter colours may also work in murkier waters. White lures can also be a good all-round choice day or night. Sometimes bass will attack anything you chuck at them. However, other times bass can be as finicky as mullet and nothing seems to get you a hit.

Are there any unique lures or techniques for catching bass in UK estuaries?

In UK estuaries, try shallow-running lures, or soft plastics, near drop-offs or structures. Weighted jig heads bounced along in the tide flow can also be a good way to fish estuaries in the UK. Again, water clarity can be a major factor in your success rate.

how to choose the best bass lures
Soft plastic and Weedless version of the Savage Gear Sandeel

How do you fish with artificial lures for bass during different UK seasons?

Adapt your lure choice and presentation to the season. In colder months, opt for slow, finesse techniques, while in warmer seasons, use faster, more aggressive retrieves. In the summer months surface lure fishing is generally the go-to method for catching bass on lures. Again, this all depends on what conditions are thrown at us.

For the best part of the UK, the lure fishing season generally ends in late October. Then normally begins in late March. However, some areas in the UK can enjoy lure fishing for bass all year round.

What’s the difference between lures for freshwater and saltwater bass in the UK?

Freshwater bass lures often prioritize realism and natural colours, while saltwater lures may incorporate corrosion-resistant hooks and materials to withstand the harsher saltwater environment. The choice depends on your fishing location and target species.

Freshwater anglers lure fish for species like trout, perch, pike and chub. The lures used for these species are generally smaller. Whereas bass have large mouths hence why the lures are generally bigger for saltwater lure fishing.

how to choose the best bass lures
Lure suitable for night and daytime lure fishing

Can you recommend some topwater bass lures for coastal fishing in the UK?

Don’t worry – it’s up next on our in-depth look at lures

how to choose the best Bass Lures

Surface lures

Surface lure fishing for Bass is one of the most exciting aspects of our great sport. Providing the conditions are right and are on the money, we can have some explosive action looking for that big bass.

If the water is like a millpond and the wind is zero miles an hour – you can sling on a nice Pachinko or Tackle House Vulture to see if we can get one of those Bass busting out the water and start chasing your lure.

Of course, you can still fish when there is a bit of swell or a bit of chop on the water, but it’s not quite the same for me. I want to see that lure working – we want to see the lure skipping across the sea.

Now with the surface lures, we tend to do things a little differently, depending on the lure. With lures like a Pachinko, Tackle House Vulture and an IMA Salt Skimmer, a ‘Walk the Dog’ action is preferred.

A gentle tap or shake of the rod tip and a slow retrieve will make the lure dance across the surface in a provocative manner that ‘bass’ just can’t resist. Alternatively, you could occasionally twitch the rod for a more subtle action. A popper would be good for this type of scenario.

The surface lure style of Bass fishing is a favourite with most lure fishermen because of the explosive action when the fish attack the lure. It can be very exciting to see that Bass chasing after your lure.

how to choose the best bass lures
Surface lure fishing

Here is a list of 5 great Surface Lures

  • Xorus Patchinko 125 500G
  • Savage Gear Sandeel Surf Walker 155 17g White Flash
  • Tackle House Vulture – Blanc White
  • Duo Pencil Popper
  • Xorus Frosty

Xorus Patchinko 125

how to choose the best bass lures
Xorus Patchinko 125 AJI

This amazing lure the Xorus Patchinko 125 is a spin-off of its big brother the Xorus Patchinko II 140mm.

For me though, I have had great success with the bigger version that is incidentally about 25 grams. 

The only thing is it does make a quick splash when it hits the water. Some people say this can spook the fish. However, others will strongly disagree.

So the 125 version which is 18 grams is just the perfect alternative. Especially if that water is like a millpond.

There are a variety of patterns for the 125 for you to choose from. Two great choices are the ‘500g and the Aji. But you may have to search to find those patterns. However, there are loads of other great patterns out there.

The Patchinko 125 is a must for all of you who are addicted to surface lure fishing.
Recommended resources:

Savage Gear Surfwalker

There is a definite plus, and a minus, to this amazing lure. The great thing about these lures is they cast like a missile. The way this lure is designed is that the weight is at one end. They fly.

The casting distance for the Surf water is probably one of the best of all the topwater lures. The snake-like action of this lure must be irresistible to a hungry bass just waiting to pounce.

A slow ‘walk-the-dog’ action will have that Sand Eel weaving with delight……bang….fish on!!

The only downside to this lure is it doesn’t fit in my lure box with all my other favourite lures – it’s just too long.

The Tackle House Vulture 

how to choose the best bass lures
Tackle House Vulture One Of Best Bass Lures

If any surface lure is going to catch bass on the surface the Tackle House Vulture has to be a contender for the top spot. The Vulture has a fin on the belly of the lure. This is an innovative idea, to say the least.

But the reason for this is an absolute mystery. It must just glide through the water better. It looks good and be sure it does do something. Ultimately, at the end of the day, it plain catches the fish…job done. Like the other surface lures, we mention it cast extremely well.

The only downside is the killer version ‘the pure white’ is very hard to get hold of. To see if they some available.  Check the options below.

Duo Pencil Popper

Love this lure because I caught a bass on my very first outing trying it out. On that particular occasion, the fishing was extremely slow. 

We seemed to be surrounded by ‘Scad’ or ‘Horse Mackerel’ but they weren’t going for our lures.

Those fish were after something; honestly, that was the first time and the only time I’d ever seen that.

Then as the fish seemed to disappear I hooked into a bass but it was the only fish of the night on that occasion.

I would almost certainly take a version of the Duo Pencil Popper wherever I fish.

Being a fairly smaller lure to the likes of the Patchinko II it has a more subtle action to it that the bass seemed to love.

Xorous Frosty 500G

This is another Bass classic surface lure. It always finds its way into my lure box. This lure has outfished other lures on so many occasions. A must-have.

The Zorus Frosty has a unique action that takes a bit of getting used to. But once mastered it’s a great lure to have in your arsenal, the bass loves me.

Sub Surface

My go-to subsurface bass lures would be the IMA Komomo II, Tackle House Feed Shallow, and the Sazuke. I love using subsurface lures – I’ve seemed to have a bit more luck with these types of lures.

The main reason I like these subsurface lures is they don’t get snagged like some of the deeper diving lures like a Zonk. This means we can retrieve over rocks that have deeper gullies to try and tease that Bass onto our lure.

I found a slow retrieve to be the most effective but will chop and change if there is no action and we are not getting any takes.

Note: Remember! Try and move to a different spot and cover as much area as you can. This is vital to get you onto a shoal of Bass.

The ‘IMA Komomo Joker’ is one of my favourite lures. The Joker was the lure I caught my previous personal best on.

On that occasion, we were fishing in about two and a half feet of water, and the Bass took my lure right under my nose. It took off like a rocket, shedding lines like it was going out of fashion.

We were standing in the water over our knees. I eventually landed that bad boy, and to cap the day off, I even caught a Sea Trout. What a great day fishing – the sea trout was also on the Joker.

Here is a list of 5 great Subsurface Lures

  • Tackle House Feed Shallow
  • IMA Komomo II
  • Komomo SF125
  • Samson Lures

Sub Surface 

Tackle House Feed Shallow

My Battered Tackle House Feed Shallow. I must have at least 4 different versions of this lure. A personal favourite is the ‘Pearl Rainbow’ 128. This lure also has a glow belly for nighttime fishing.

What I’ve found is this amazing lure patrols at a slightly deeper area than the likes of a Komomo II. Another very popular version is the ‘Mullet‘. This is a natural-looking pattern – great for daytime, crystal clear water. This would work at night if that sky is clear and the stars are out. Happy days…Oh, remember: That water must be clear at nighttime.

IMA Komomo II

IMA has a great selection of fantastic lures to choose from – sometimes it’s a struggle to pick one out that you think is going to fish.

My old favourite was the Komomo II Joker Flashing Plate. I had caught my previous PB on that lure. It is a winner. The only downside is getting hold of one – I’ve given up looking, to be honest.

So what are we going to use instead? Well, I decided to try the IMA Komomo SF 125 it’s a cracker of a lure that’s always going to be in my rucksack. Please remember these are only my recommendations. I don’t expect you to buy every single lure we mention. 

I still have lures that I haven’t even tried yet – because I have my personal favourites that seem to work for me.


Well, this has to be one of the lure anglers’ best bass lures over the years. The reason was that someone local to us had an astonishing 13lb lump of a bass on it.

To me, this lure has just about everything and would say that if I could only choose one lure it has to be this one…but at the moment this can easily change. The Hound casts an absolute mile but dives a little deeper than the lures mentioned previously.

Please note: For any beginners out there you will notice with time that sometimes with lure fishing, especially for bass there isn’t any logical reason why some days you catch and some days you don’t. 

One night you catch maybe 10 – the next night none. Even though the conditions have been exactly the same. One day one lure works the next day it’s another. So basically it’s all about trial and error – there just might not be any fish there at all.

Komomo SF125

The Japanese certainly know how to manufacture the best bass lures and fishing gear. It seems all the big gun lure companies are Japanese they are simply the best.

This lure is going to get the once over the next year when the bass comes flocking back to our shores. I particularly like the eye on this amazing-looking lure and for a 16g weight, they cast pretty well.

This is probably down to the great streamlined design; it really is a missile. They remind me a bit like a larger version of the IMA Rocket Bait. For me, the cotton candy version will probably replace my Komomo II if it does the trick.

This is because some Komomos seem to be getting harder and harder to get hold of. Which to me is unbelievable they have always been in my lure box from day one.

Samson Bomb

Again, I have been reading forums and reading all the Facebook posts you can get your eyes on. You only have to see the size of the bass caught in Portugal to know that this Samsom lure is a monster hunter, to say the least.

Just watch the video in this link to see the ‘Samson’ just nailing the big bass. They look so simple in design and normally just white which I’m led to believe. I haven’t even got the Samson, and to be honest, I am not even using or had a chance to use some of the lures I’ve picked up over the years.

To be frank, if Some lures don’t catch on their debut they go back into hibernation. Sometimes it is the lure that makes all the difference. One horrible night my mate had 14 bass to my 1.

I just did not have the lure he was slaying the bass on. It was the ‘Maria Squash’…….I have now and still haven’t used it. The other novel thing about this Samson lure is you can get different skin to change the look of the lure. I think this is a great idea only because of the lure’s plain shape they are easy to put on.

More Sub Surface Lures

Medium Diving Lures

Well, that’s my technical term for them. The MegaBass Zonk is one of the best lures for catching bass and will always be my ‘go-to’ lure in this category. It is by far one of the best bass lures of all time.

In 2017 I lost a couple of belters while fishing with the Zonk. I reckon the bigger fish seem to go for them. Twice on the same night, I lost two fish and two Zonks. Both those fish shredded the line of my reel so fast I could not stop them.

The problem is the rocks at this location are proper boulders, and ultimately, both Bass wrapped themselves around the rock.

Aargh!!!! Oh well, another £40 down the drain. Tip. The quicker you get a Bass to the surface the better the chances of landing it. Sometimes you just have to hang on and pray. I love it when the action is like that.

The Duo Tide Minnow is another great lure, not as deep diving as the Zonk but still a great action and great for casting. And of course, the Sazuke, that I had mentioned earlier. This was my favourite lure last year, I love them and they cast really well too.

Here is a list of 5 great Medium & Deep Diving Lures

Mega Bass Zonk 120

Is this not the greatest lure of all time? Dare I say that but when the condition favours the Zonk it is priceless. The thing is with the Zonk – it dives a lot deeper than the subsurface lures obviously.

Around our neck of the woods and the depths we fish the Zonk, unfortunately, gets left on the bench. Only on a rare occasion can we get to put the Zonk into action. Normally on the bigger tides.

Oh, I will still take one and maybe a dance of gratitude around one when the fishing is poor. It’s just common sense not to risk getting it snagged on a rock or thumping a great lump of kelp. It can work out to be expensive.

The other problem with the Zonk is that if the water is a bit shallow and it starts scuffing the sea bed the ‘bib’ can snap off then the lure is just useless. Getting on a more positive note the Zonk has a distinctive tremor that vibrates your rod tips.

To me, that tremor must attract the fish in the vicinity of where you’re fishing. They also rattle just to add another level of greatness to them not that this lure needs it. Here are some of the great variety

  • Cruising Blue
  • Pearl 
  • Shengitsu Iwashi
  • Rapala X-Wrap

Blue Blue Bloowin

I don’t know about you but I had never heard of this lure in my lifetime. But I’m sure you would agree that they have class written all over them, well, bass in our circumstances.

The action of these lures is incredible and I think you would agree once you have seen these bad boys in action you will understand what I am talking about.

They dive to around the 1-meter mark, so like the Zonk 120 a bit too deep for around our neck of the woods depending on the tides.

I haven’t written a sinking category because I felt it was not necessary. Perhaps I should write another post on sinking lures.

However, please remember that even the DUO Bay Ruff (which is a surface lure) still sinks if you stop reeling so don’t decide to light up a cigarette midway through your retrieve, it’s going to work out expensive.


You can still use the sinking lures over pure sandy bays. This seems to be a very popular way to fish for bass this year 2019.

Daiwa X Rap

This strange chubby-looking thing by all accounts is another one of those lures that could just be the winner when all else fails.

I must stress that some of the lures we mention are from our research and reading from forums.

This basically is to help any newbies or lure anglers who may want to try something a bit different.

Trust me, there are lures in my arsenal of plugs that I haven’t even mentioned. Even going through the different websites and seeing if any of the lures I have not been able to replace are available, I will find new lures I just have to buy.

This can be very addictive, to be honest so be careful, don’t go bankrupt!

how to choose the best bass lures

Soft Plastics: These can be Deadly For Bass

The Savage Gear Eel: This is the ‘go-to lure when things just are not happening – as far as ‘getting a take’ goes anyway. I’ve been amazed at how effective these jelly-like lures have worked when everything else has seemed to fail.

Also, just having one hook makes it a lot easier to unhook a Bass that you have just landed. Whenever using a Zonk or Tide Minnow or a lure with three treble hooks -I’m always hoping the fish hasn’t taken the lure right down its throat.

This can be even more challenging at night time when you can’t really see what you’re doing because you’re trying to keep your light away from the water. If you’re on dry land – this does not matter because you can face away from the sea.

Normally we will hide behind a rock if it’s convenient – depending on where you’re fishing. Luckily this doesn’t happen very often, we want those Bass back in the water so that eventually, they can double in size.

There is a multitude of soft plastic lures to choose from, some types are of a weedless nature that can be snag-free. This is because the hook is facing up the other way.

This way the hook tends to stay free from the seaweed and rocks. unfortunately is not always 100% foolproof – our tides can take the lure around the rocks.

You could always retrieve a little bit faster so the lures of the bottom. But this defeats the object for me – especially if you’re fishing at night when we slow things down.


Okay, so that’s the end of our updated review of some of the lures we use on a daily basis.

For those of you scratching your head wondering what happened to the Soft Plastics and Spinners, we recently posted two review articles on both of them so check them out below click the links:
Top 5 Best Bass Spinners
Why We Use Soft Plastics

How to choose the best bass lures

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