MA Komomo 2 The Joker

Lure Heaven


Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to look for new Bass lures that are going to nail a big Bass.

The thing is, I’ve seemed to have more lures than I think I will ever need, but it’s always great to have a great selection, which is a good job lure fishing can be a very addictive pastime.

Everyone seems to have a favorite nowadays and I’m no exception. Last season my favourite was ‘the Sasuke Sandbora’.

It’s kind of funny because the year before it never came out of the lure box.

I always take a good selection though, I feel it’s important to scale all the depths from the surface to the bottom when the Bass are not biting.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, there is an absolute abundance of lures to choose from, and who knows which lure really is the killer.

Let’s face it, when the Bass are turned on, I feel you could chuck anything at them and hook one. But those days are not always going to happen are they? So we need a good selection to give ourselves a better chance of not having a blank.

Surface lures


Surface lure fishing for Bass is one of the most exciting aspects of our great sports sport. Providing the conditions are right and on the money, we can have some explosive action looking for that big bass.

Providing the water is like a mill pond and the wind is zero miles an hour we can sling on a nice Pachinko or Tackle House Vulture to see if we can get one of those Bass busting out the water and start chasing our dancing lures.

Of course, you can still fish when there is a bit of swell or a bit of chop on the water, but it’s not quite the same for me, I want to see that lure working, we want to see the lure skipping across the sea.

Now with the surface lures, we tend to do things a little different, depending on the lure. With lures like a Pachinko, Tackle House Vulture and an IMA Salt Skimmer, a ‘Walk the Dog’ action is preferred.

A gentle tap or shake of the rod tip and a slow retrieve will make the lure dance across the surface in a provocative manner that Bass just can’t resist. Alternatively, you could occasionally twitch the rod for a more shuttle action. A popper would be good for this but personally, I have not had that much success with them.

This style of Bass fishing is a favorite with most lure fisherman because of the explosive action when the fish attack the lure. It can be very exciting to see the that Bass chasing after your lure.

How To Choose The Best Bass Lures

Here is a list of 5 great Surface Lures


Xorus Patchinko 125 500G

Savage Gear Sandeel Surf Walker 155 17g White Flash

Tackle House Vulture – Blanc White

Xorus Frosty II Black Mullet

Whiplash Factory Spittin Wire 15g S14 Banded Minnow

Surface Lure Fishing For Bass

Sub Surface

My go-to subsurface bass lures would be the IMA Komomo II, Tackle House Feed Shallow, and the Sazuke.I love using subsurface lures, I’ve seemed to have a bit more luck with these types of lures. The ‘Bass Man’ is a master a surface lure fishing, he really has it down to a fine tee.

The may reason I like these subsurface lures are they don’t get snagged like some of the deeper diving lures like a Zonk. This means we can retrieve over rocks that have deeper gullies to try and tease that Bass onto our lure.

I found a slow retrieve to be the most effective but will chop and change if there is no action and we are not getting any takes. Note: Remember! Try and move to a different spot and cover as much area as you can. This is vital to get you onto a shoal of Bass.

The ‘IMA Komomo Joker’ is one of my favorite lures. In fact, the Joker was the lure I caught my previous personal best on. On that occasion, we were fishing in about two and a half feet of water, and the Bass took my lure right under my nose. It took off like a rocket, shedding line like it was going out of fashion.

Obviously, we were standing in the water over our knees. I eventually landed that bad boy, and to cap the day off, I even caught a Sea Trout. What a fantastic days fishing, that was also on the Joker.

The Bass Man has had his waders punctured by a Bass that tried to escape through his legs.The lure that was in the Basses mouth, tore his waders, ouch.

Here is a list of 5 great Subsurface Lures


Medium Diving Lures

Well, that’s my technical term form them. The Mega Bass Zonk is always going to be my ‘go to’ lure in this category. I absolutely love the Sinking Pearl Zonk. The last year 2017 I lost a couple of belters fishing with the Zonk. I reckon the bigger fish seem to go for them. Twice on the same night, I lost two fish and two Zonks. Both those fish shredded line of my reel so fast I could not stop them.

The problem is the rocks at this location are proper boulders, and ultimately, both Bass wrapped themselves around the rock. Aarrrggghhh!!!! Oh well, another £40 down the drain. Tip. The quicker you get a Bass to the surface the better the chances of landing it. Sometimes you just have to hang on and pray. I love it when the actions is like that.

The Duo Tide Minnow is another great lure, not as deep diving as the Zonk but still a great action and great for casting. And of course the Sazuke, that I had mentioned earlier. This was my favorite lure last year, I love them and they cast really well too.

Here is a list of 5 great Medium Diving Lures


How To Choose The Best Bass Lures

Soft Plastics

The Savage Gear Eel: This is the ‘go-to lure, when things just are not happening, as far a takes goes anyway. I’ve been amazed at how effective these jelly-like lures have worked when everything else has seemed to fail.

Also only having one hook makes them a lot easier to un-hook a Bass that you have just landed. Whenever using a Zonk or Tide Minnow or a lure with three treble hooks, I’m always hoping the fish hasn’t taken the lure right down its throat.

This can be even more challenging at night time when you can’t really see what you’re doing because you’re trying to keep your light away from the water. If you’re on dry land this does not matter because you can face away from the sea.

Normally we will hide behind a rock if it’s convenient, depends where your fishing. Luckily this doesn’t happen very often, we want those Bass back in the water so eventually, they can double in size.

There is a multitude of soft plastic lures to choose from, some types are of a weedless nature that can be snag free. This is because the hook is facing up the other way. This way the hook tends to stay free from the weed and rocks. unfortunately is not always 100% foolproof, our tides can take the lure around the rocks. You could always retrieve a little bit faster so the lures of the bottom. But this kind of defeats the object for me.

Here is a list of 5 great Soft Plastic Lures



How To Choose The Best Bass Lures