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Lure fishing for bass at night

by | Oct 30, 2018

Lovely Bass Taken on the Squash

Let’s go Fishing!

Lure fishing for bass at night! Hey, there bass freaks! When our bass season seems to be coming to an end, we can look back a what turned out to be a hit or miss affair as far a catching bass goes. For me personally, sometimes there is no logic to how the fish are responding to whatever we might chuck at them, in the way of lures that is.

Unsettled Weather

Our weather seems to be so unsettled at times, even as I’m writing this article my feet feel frozen as I sit in my car. It’s as if the winter switch has been turned on overnight.   My last mission with the ‘Bassman’ himself was one of those nights I would like to remember for one reason, but like to forget for another.

14 to 1

The truth is the Bassman had caught 14 bass to my 1 which in my eyes is not playing ball, to be honest.   Now there definitely wasn’t a shortage of fish out there, I just didn’t get any takes.   Only the one fish right at the end of the session, about 3 o’clock in the morning to be precise.

Great Conditions for bass

To be honest I hadn’t been for a while and as far as conditions go it was pretty on the money. Flat calm, full moon and no wind whatsoever. The problem was I was just reeling in to fast for the tide, according to the Bassman.

Bass Love Strong Tides

The tide was absolutely ripping through so it is vitally important to slow your retrieve right down. Hmm…I wasn’t that convinced to be honest.   I’m convinced my lack of action was due to the type of lures we were using.   Bassman had already said to me on the long walk to our fishing spot (Folkestone) that he had been nailing the bass on this lure called a ‘Squash.’

Personal Favourite Bass Lure

Personally, I’d never heard of these lures before. Bassman explained that the Squash swims in depths between a Megabass Zonk and a Komomo II. So I reckon a mid diving lure. That’s where the fish seemed to be feeding on his previous outings.   As we arrived at our chosen spot the water was still a bit shallow for the Squash, so we both opted for a Tackle House Feed Shallow.

Top Tip For Lure Fishing for Bass

I was using the clear white with a luminous stripe on the belly. Tip 1: Don’t forget to shine your light into the luminous strip then watch it glow.Tip 2: Remember! Don’t shine your light over the water, those basses will run a mile.    Earlier Bass had said that the Tackle House Feed Shallow hadn’t really done it for him this season and, only opted for it on this occasion because of the state of the tide. The water was still shallow.

Luminous Strip

Bassman was using the same lure as me but one he’d sprayed brilliant white with his own luminous strip that he’d also sprayed himself.   His lure was had much more of a glow to it than mine which didn’t bother me until ‘bang’ he was into a fish first cast….unbelievable.  

My first thoughts were we were going to be in for a blinder tonight.

  I cast out……. nothing. Bassman cast and yet another fish almost as soon as the lure hit the water.   Then another. Jeez, I was getting pissed off now, we were using virtually the same lure but nothing for me.   Bassman had four on the bounce, I had nothing. Then it all went quiet, absolutely nothing so we moved on to another spot.   It was a fifteen-minute walk to the next spot and as soon as we got there he cast….bang! was into yet another……first cast again. Then nothing.

Time for the Zonk!

We gave it another 20 minutes then moved back to the original spot because the tide would be high enough for the Zonk.   Incidentally, the Megabass Zonk 120 Shegetsu Iwashi was a lure I found on eBay in 2016(If you can get this freakin lure PLEASE let me know). I’d never seen it anywhere else and this lure also has a luminous strip. The lure came from Japan, trust me they are a fantastic lure we nailed the bass fishing with them last year 2017.

Maria Squash! A must have Bass Lure

Bassman used the ‘Squash’ and you guessed it another 4 bass I hadn’t even had a nibble, nor did I have a killer ‘Squash’   This was turning into a rotten night for me I was 8-0 down.   The fish went dead again so Bassman moved off again back to the second spot and I stayed put.

Another 9lb Bass

Bassman had a 9lb fish straight away, even though I didn’t see it I saw the photo on his return to me about 20minutes after he caught it.   As he got about 50yards from me I hooked into my one and only bass of the session.   So at least he saw me catch the damn thing even though it was only a 2 pounder it was better than nothing.

Squid! Whatever next?

Then, after another action less spell I hooked into something else……a squid!   Bassman said that they were quite common, but I had never seen a squid caught on a lure let alone a normal hook.   I put the squid back straight away. I wonder if that was what the bass was feeding on.  

My PB Squid

Lure fishing for bass at night

The Bass just turn up

It never fails to amaze me how the bass just seems to turn up then go. That is why it’s important to move on if there ain’t no action and slow that retrieve right down, especially on those monster tides.   I had my bass on a Lemon-back Savage Gear Eel it’s been a get out of jail free lure on a number of occasions a must have lure.   So, in the end, it was an interesting fishing session and my last outing for this year.   Bassman has still been catching though and some Pollock for good measure too.   Featured lure. The ‘Squash’ the lure I never had lol! JUST GET ONE if your serious about lure fishing for bass at night! HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST BASS LURES!


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