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May Newsletter

by | May 7, 2019

May Newsletter – My new PB

11lb Bass

May Newsletter My Personel Best Bass 11lb April 30 2019

May Newsletter

Hey there everyone, hope you’re all fit and well.

Yes, what a nights fishing that was for me.

I smashed my personal best bass with a fish that went 11lb on the nose.

That was also my biggest fish from the sea, and for all the years I have been sea fishing so a bit of a double.

Previous best

My previous best sea fish was a skate caught of the Deal pier a couple of years ago that was 10lb 9.

As for my monster bass that could be my fish of a lifetime, it’s definitely the biggest rod and line caught bass I have ever seen.

I have seen a 15lb bass but that was caught off a boat in the fishing nets at Broadstairs, my beloved hometown.

Grim Weather

It’s getting a bit boring now but still, the conditions for lure fishing around our Kent coast have been grim, to say the least.

We seem to stuck with this North Easterly wind so our waters are just not clear enough. 

This was only my second fish of the year so without moaning again I can’t say I can complain lol what a start to the season.

I have been lure fishing twice before catching my monster but that has been it.

However, the bassman has been going at every possible occasion but even for him, it’s been few and far between.

He has given up smoking to so don’t be surprised if he ends up sectioned or ends up in a nut house. I’m only joking of course.

So how did you catch that bass?? I know you’re dying the ask

I had caught a schoolie first before landing the pig.

We started getting the action just as the tide turned and was moving back in the other direction.

Massive Takes

I had already missed a few screaming takes in succession then my rod just bent round.

I struck into the fish and to be honest I thought it was a lump of weed to start with, the weight seemed colossal.

Then the violent head shakes had started, this caught the baseman attention, he insisted that this was a big bass.

For some strange reason even though it was a lump of a fish, it never stripped any line of the real.

Iv had 3lb fish that have taken loads of line after hooking them.

I even thought it could have been a smaller fish that was foul hooked.

So why didn’t it fight that much?

The reason for this (as bassman explained) was because we were fishing in fairly shallow water.

 The fish must have taken a massive gulp full of air.

He said he had experienced exactly the same scenario with even bigger fish than mine.


Disappointed? I was actually pleased because my hooks were bent so another couple of head shakes and it would have been off.

Now realistically I was lucky to get the fish in. I never dreamed I was going to catch a fish like that, especially like that big.

That was an epic fish for me and only my second fish this year so no complaints.

Featured Lure

The Tackle House VultureThe Bassman’s Favourite


Tackle House Vulture

Tackle House Vulture


This amazing lure has to be the bassman favourite by a mile.

if you could only have one lure then this would be the bassman’s.

The Tackle House Vulture is a surface lure that casts really well and dances across that water like a dream.

So perfect your walk the dog retrieve and don’t reel to fast and watch this bad boy do the biz

May Newsletter



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