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Top 10 topwater bass lures: Surface lure fishing for bass has to be one of the most exciting ways to catch bass in the UK. In fact all over Europe and the USA. Remember they have bass fishing too. We go through our mouthwatering top 10 bass lures that have worked amazingly well over the last couple of years. We have had great success at night time too, even though you can’t see what is going on, you can still sometimes hear those explosive takes. This year has been especially productive for a variety of topwater lures.

Topwater Bass
Lovely Fat Bass Caught By Gary Allen Caught On A Lucky Craft Sammy

1. Xorus Pachinko 100 (500G)

Xorus Pachinko 100 (500G)
Xorus Pachinko 100 (500G)

This little beauty the Xorus Patchinko 100 (500G) is a must-have lure if you’re serious about lure fishing for bass. This incredible lure has saved me a blank on more than one occasion this season. No one likes to blank, do they? The 500G is the best of the bunch in my opinion. Maybe because it is probably the most natural colour in the 100 series. Also for a relatively small lure, it cast surprisingly well for its weight which is a mere 11 grams.

2. Tackle House Vulture (Blanc White)

Tackle House Vulture (White)
Tackle House Vulture (White)

The Tackle House Vulture is an absolute killer. This incredible lure has been extremely productive at night time. Even though you can not see the tail splashes or explosive takes you can still hear that lure being engulfed by that hungry bass. Yes, of course, you can still slay them in the daytime with this lure we have just found that white at night is the rule. It still doesn’t mean the other great patterns will not work.

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top 10 topwater bass lures

Normally, I’d be glad to see the back of this lure. All jokes aside this lure has been amazing for Steve Wood but not me. When the fishing had been slow this bad boy always seemed to pluck one out. I had never even heard of this lure before Steve Wood came along. It’s funny how every new season sees different results but this is one of the more consistent topwater lures for sure.

top 10 topwater bass lures

4. Xorus Asturie 110 (AJI)

Xorus Asturie 110 (AJI)
Xorus Asturie 110 (AJI)

Another brute of a lure. In 2020 this was bar far my most productive surface lure. Why? I don’t know, things seem to change every year. The Asturie has great action sometimes darting under the water randomly. This will entice that bass into action so hang on to that rod.

Click here to view the Xorus Asturie

5. Xorus Frosty (500g)

Xorus Frosty 500g
Xorus Frosty 500g

The Xorus Frosty is another winner, in fact, last year (2021) it was by far my best lure. The Pachinko 125 was a very close second but the Frosty was the winner. Also, I found a subtler ‘walk the dog’ that seems to get that lure dancing just how the bass like it. You can see the ‘Frosty’ in action just by watching this video.

Click here to view the Xorus Frosty

top 10 topwater bass lures

6. DUO Pencil Realis (prism Shad)

top 10 topwater bass lures
Duo Pencil Realis (Prism Shad)

Jeez! it has to be on the list. My mate Steve Wood would have kittens if his lure wasn’t down here. The funny thing is he got the lure off of me I just never seem to catch on it. Ironically, it has been Steve’s number-one lure for a few seasons. The thing with this lure is it has a great rattle. You can hear it if the water is still. Ultimately, it also goes a long way. Maybe he just has the right action for it I don’t know

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7. IMA Pugachev Cobra

Pugachev Cobra
Pugachev Cobra

I first read about the Pugachev Cobra in another post and just loved the look of them. I had mentioned this lure in one of our newsletters after I had lost the Sardine version to a wind knot believe it or not. With that being said I could have just had a nick in the braid, so ultimately cracking off when I had cast out. Not top-level lure fishing but there you go. No one likes losing lures. To cut a long story short some versions are very hard to find but there are still great versions out there. The action is incredible

Click here to view the Pugachev Cobra

8. Xorus Pachinko 125 AJI

top 10 topwater bass lures
Xorus Pachinko 125 (AJI)

The Patchinko 125 500g has to be one of the best surface lures on the market in my opinion. There are a few different options in colour so make sure you look into your choice correctly.
My favourites are the 500g and the AJI version, but there are plenty of other patterns to choose from. The largest version of the Patchinko has been a banker of mine too and that is the 140 Cabot which is not mentioned in this guide, I lost the last one I owned on a rope of a lobster pot. I lost a Xorus Asturie two in successive casts, that was an expensive outing, to say the least.

Click here to view the Xorus Patchinko 125

9. Lucky Craft Sammy

Well, blow me down. I have never really been a fan of the Lucky Craft Sammy, especially in the surface lure department. But one night while we were waist-deep in the water trying every possible lure under the sun, my opinion changed. We were at a new venue, so weren’t familiar with the ground and area we were fishing. So I stuck on the Lucky Craft Sammy and bang! I was into a fish almost instantaneously. Every lure has its day I suppose this was one for the Sammy.

Weed Was A Problem

There seemed to be large amounts of this grass weed that was growing from the seabed. This weed gets worse as the weather gets warmer, it grows. As I mentioned I’d been through a selection of lures when I thought to give this Sammy a go. Blimey, I can not tell you what model it is It was given to me by Steve Wood. To cut a long story short we had found a relatively clear area of weedless water, but still had to cast through weed that was directly in front of us, almost like a reef.

Never Say Die

Then just as we were about to throw the towel in, BANG! I was in fish on. The Sammy had saved the day at last. Just as the lure came to the edge of the weed bed (about 10 feet in front of us) the fish engulfed my lure. The take was brutal to say the least and took me by utter surprise, so savage I nearly let go of the rod.

The Bass was Hidding In The Weed

The bass was taking shelter under this great big blanket of weed, ultimately waiting for a tasty morsel to float by so they could nail it. Luckily for me, it was my lure. Funnily enough, the very next cast BANG! I was in again and in the same area as the last fish. This was great fishing, to say the least, but that 5min of madness ended after that. But I haven’t still caught on to the Lucky Craft Sammy since may be worth a look for sure.

10. Lucky Craft Gunfish

Lucky Craft Gunfish
Lucky Craft Gunfish

The Lucky Craft Gunfish was the lure I first witnessed a bass over 70cm. Yes my PB was 83cm but that was caught on bait, but still not complaining. I can remember that day seeing my friend casting out to a specific rock he thought there would be bass lurking around looking for food. Although I didn’t see the take I see that monster bass landed in all its glory laying on the shingle.

Click here to view the Lucky Craft Gunfish

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