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Bass Masters Elite UK would like to welcome you to our Bass fishing website.

This site was designed for all you Bass anglers out there who want to catch more Bass.

Although we will mainly be focusing on lure fishing for bass in the U.K, we will be discussing bait and boat fishing tactics and may even chuck in some fly fishing tips,  just for good measure.

So tight lines everyone it’s bass time.

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What Is So Good About The Tacklehouse Feed Shallow

Choosing The Best Bass Lures

We go through some of our favorite lures that have been nailing the bass for us throughout the year. From Megabass Zonks to Savage Gear Eels, we cover quite a few killer lures to get your teeth into.


Our blog has all our posts from day one. We share all sorts of tactics and go through what lures and gear we use on a daily basis.

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Top Ten Killer Bass Lures

These lures we mention in this section are  just some of our favourite killer lures. We update our ebook every year and you can dowload it when you subscribe. Failing that just message me and I will send it that way.

Lure Fishing For Bass

We going night fishing where for me is where it’s at when it comes to lure fishing for bass. We go through some of our tactics that some time can be a test of patients to get it right. What are they feeding on? 

Soft Plastic And Weedless Lures

Soft plastics and weedless lures have been smashing those bass for years. Some anglers only use these types of lures. We go through our favourites and explain the benefit of using these amazing lures

Best Bass Spinners And Metals

When I first started fishing I use to think that these metals and spinners were only used for the likes of salmon and trout. How wrong was I these can be lethal for bass

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Duo Lures A Bass Fishing Must

Probably one of the best lure companys in the world Duo lures A bass fishing must in my opinion. Along with all the other great lure brand like IMA, Tacklehouse, Magabass just to name a few, DUO is definitely up there with the big boys. They have such a great...

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Lure Fishing For Bass in Dirty Water

Lure Fishing For Bass in Dirty Water How we go about lure fishing in dirty water Lure Fishing For Bass in Dirty Water. First off, it really depends on how dirty the water is for lure fishing. Coming from Kent (probably some of the worst clarity in the country) we...

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What Are Sea Bass Feeding On?

Lures are one thing, but what are sea bass feeding on? Amazingly, when we take a look at some of the lures we use, I sometimes wonder why we may not be catching. Especially, on days when everything seems to be in our favour. Remember, that's a massive sea out there so...

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How Do Bass React To The Tide?

How Do Bass React To The Tide? Photo by Kool C on Unsplash So really, how do bass react in the tide? Right then, before we start to get into the answer to that question I think we should look at how the tide works. Ultimately, there is no rhyme or...

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Why we love the Daiwa Shoreline Shiner?

Why we love the Daiwa Shoreline Shiner? Daiwa Shoreline Shiner Why We Love the Daiwa shoreline shiner? to be honest, before we get into what makes this a mega lure, I'd only just purchased one last year. incidentally, the funny thing is I had a Shoreline Shiner in my...

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What is the Best Xorus Patchinko

What is the Best Xorus Patchinko One Of The Best Lure Out There The Xorus Patchinko has to be the top dog when it comes to surface lure fishing for bass. Built to perfection and is a number one lure for so many bass fisherman up and down our wonderful country. Surface...

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Best Braid For Bass Fishing

So What Is The Best Braid For Bass Fishing? Best Braid For Bass Fishing Below is a list of questions that you should take into consideration when deciding what is the best braid for bass fishing. After all, we want a reliable line to winch that 10lb monster bass in....

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The Occasional Angler

the occasional angler

Welcome to the occasional angler – lure fishing trips, reviews and how to’s.

  • I specialise in light and ultra-lite lure fishing for bass, pike, chub and perch.
  • Join me on my local waters showing you how to catch more fish in less time.
  • My recent fishing trips are uploaded once weekly.
  • My fishing videos are accompanied by gear reviews, which look at tackle used in my fishing.



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