“THE V2 Savage Gear Sandeels: Your Ultimate Secret Weapon”

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Savage Gear Sandeels

Savage Gear Sandeels – a name that resonates with anglers in the know. When it comes to chasing trophy fish or enticing the wariest of species, having the right bait can make all the difference. Among the vast array of lures and baits, the V2 Sandeel and Standard SG Sandeels stand out as remarkable choices for those who seek a formidable advantage in their angling endeavours.

Savage Gear Sandeels
Nice Bass Caught On A Classic V2 Savage Gear Sandeel

Picture this: You’re at the water’s edge, waves gently lapping at your feet, the sun casting a warm glow on the horizon. The anticipation of your next catch courses through your veins, and that’s where these extraordinary lures come into play.

If you’ve ever dreamt of mimicking the aquatic world’s delicate and darting sandeels, the Savage Gear Sandeels are your answer. With their realistic design, these lures exude a lifelike quality that is sure to seize the attention of even the most discerning of predators beneath the water’s surface.

But what makes these lures truly special is their incredible adaptability. Whether you’re targeting bass or any other saltwater predators, the Savage Gear Sandeels come in sizes and colours tailored to your specific needs, making them the go-to choice for a wide range of anglers.

The desire to elevate your angling experience is a journey we all embark upon, and the Savage Gear Sandeels promise to be a compelling part of that journey. In this blog, we’ll delve deep into the intricacies of these lures, unlocking the secrets that make them a game-changer for all lure fishermen. So, stay tuned and discover how you can transform your fishing escapades with these remarkable lures.

V2 Savage Gear Sandeels
Cracking bass caught by Sam Rolfe

Different Types Of Savage Gear Sandeels.

When it comes to Savage Gear Sandeels, anglers are spoiled for choice with an array of options, and the V2 Savage Gear Sandeel series stands out among them. These lifelike lures have revolutionized the art of imitating baitfish, making them a must-have for any serious angler.

The Savage Gear Sandeel lures are meticulously crafted to mimic the natural movement and appearance of sandeels. They come in various sizes and colour patterns to match the preferences of different fish species. Whether you’re targeting bass, pollack, or mackerel, there’s a Savage Gear Sandeel that’s designed to entice them.

The V2 Savage Gear Sandeels take it a step further with enhanced features, such as increased durability with a more realistic swimming action. These lures are the choice of many seasoned anglers for their versatility and effectiveness in a range of fishing scenarios.

Savage Gear V2 Option

The Savage Gear Sandeel V2 is a game-changing fishing lure that stands out in the world of angling. With its dynamic kicking action, this sandeel imitation doesn’t just look the part; it moves with an unmatched authenticity that leaves even the most discerning of predator fish completely fooled.

Fish Catching Machine

What truly distinguishes the Savage Gear Sandeel V2 is its innovative jig head, carefully engineered to ensure a flawless rolling and darting motion. This unique design not only adds to its lifelike appearance but also increases its effectiveness as a fish-catching machine. The result is a lure that simulates the natural movements of prey, making it irresistibly attractive to the target species.

Cocktail Stick Design

But there’s more to this fishing marvel. The Pro Peg body holder feature provides a practical solution for connecting the lure’s body to the head. Using a simple toothpick, you can secure the two components with ease, ensuring a stable and reliable connection. This feature saves you time and hassle on the water, so you can focus on what matters most – catching fish.

pre-rigged with an internal glass rattle

Additionally, the Savage Gear Sandeel V2 comes with a soft PVC body, pre-rigged with an internal glass rattle. This built-in sound device emits an alluring noise that beckons nearby hunting fish, arousing their curiosity and drawing them closer to your bait. It’s like an irresistible dinner bell for your aquatic targets.

In summary, the Savage Gear Sandeel V2 is a fishing lure designed to elevate your angling experience. Its attention to detail, from lifelike movements to practical features, ensures that you’ll have a powerful and effective tool in your tackle box. If you’re serious about catching fish and enjoy the thrill of the hunt, this is a must-have addition to your gear collection.

The Weedless V2 is a game changer for fishing shallower waters. But be warned even the weedless version can still get the occasional snag.

The Old Standard SG Sandeel

Now let’s have it right, the old Savage Gear Sandeels are not to be sniffed at. In fact, the old SG (Lemon Back) has saved me a blank on more than one occasion over my lure fishing lifetime.

Another Bass on the SG V2
Another Bass on the SG V2

One important thing to bear in mind when using the old SG Sandeel is the depth of water you are fishing. The SG will sink straight to the bottom – so if you retrieve that lure ‘slowly’ through rocky ground and shallow water you’re going to get snagged.

You could speed up your retrieve slightly

You could try speeding up your retrieve but in my personal experience, I feel a slower retrieve is more successful. Especially in the dark of the night. However, we have a weedless option to cope with that problem.

Old savage gear sandeels: Rough Ground Deeper Waters

So if you are fishing over rocky but deep water then the old SG is a fantastic choice of lure. And your chances of not losing it are greatly increased. Remember fishing in sandy bays is the perfect setting for using this great lure. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Lures are expensive.

Savage Gear Sandeels FULL ‘FAQ’

Question: What is the length of the Savage Gear Sandeels?

  • 12cm – 22gm: This would be a perfect choice for lure fishing from the shores. Rocks, bays and estuary.
  • 14cm – 33gm: Obviously heavier but could still be used from the sure just make sure your rod rateing can handle the weight. Any rod with a rating under 35 grams is probably not suitable. You could risk your rod breaking so better to be safe than sorry
  • 15.5cm – 46 gm This along with the 17.5 – 60 grams would be suitable for deeper waters with a strong current. Hence the weight to get that lure down to the bottom as soon as possible. Drifting in the tide and bouncing the lure over structures or sand bars – this can be a fantastic way to catch bass.
  • 17.5cm – 60gm Pretty much as above for boat fishing

Question: Are the SG Sandeels available in different colours, and which colour is most effective in the local waters?

  1. Blue Pearl Silver – Clear to slightly murky water
  2. Green Silver – Clear to slightly murky water
  3. Khaki – Clear to slightly murky water
  4. Lemon Back – Clear, murky and nighttime (clear water)
  5. White Pearl Silver – Clear, murky and nighttime (clear water)
  6. Pink Pearl Silver – Murky water

All of the above will probably work in all the scenarios mentioned. The different conditions mentioned are probably best suited to that particular colour. There are still other colours to choose from depending on where you shop.

Question: What kind of fish species are typically attracted to Savage Gear Sandeels?

Question: How should I rig these sandeels for the best results?

Question: Are there specific retrieval techniques that work well with Savage Gear Sandeels?

‘Twitching Verses Sink and Draw’
‘Sink and Draw Method’

Question: Can I use them in both freshwater and saltwater environments?

Question: What’s the best way to store and maintain Savage Gear Sandeels to maximize their effectiveness and lifespan?

savage gear sandeels
Savage Gear Sandeels for Murky Water

Question: What savage gear sandeels options are good for murky water?

As listed earlier there are a few options you can choose for murky water. Pink and White are probably the go-to choices but the Lemon back is still another good choice. Remember though, this is for daytime fishing. You are probably going to struggle if the water is dirty at nighttime. Other bigger lures with a loud rattle would be a better choice of lure at nighttime if you decide to try anyway. You never know.

Where Can I But savage gear sandeels

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