Savage Gear Seekers – 16 Great Questions Answered

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savage gear seekers
Savage Gear Surf Seeker

In the realm of fishing finesse, the Savage Gear Seekers stand tall as your go-to companions for a day on the waters. These aren’t your average lures; they ‘can be’ the superheroes of your tackle box, ready to conquer underwater worlds with their charm. Imagine a fishing experience where every cast isn’t just a toss but a thrilling chapter in your angling saga, and that’s precisely what the Savage Gear Seekers bring to the table.

Curious about what sets these lures apart? Well, get ready for a ride with the Savage Gear Surf Seekers as they ride the waves of angling excellence. These lures aren’t just eye candy; they’re the secret weapons that make your fishing escapades truly shine. Picture the play of light on the water as your metal lure creates a captivating aquatic dance, irresistibly drawing in the attention of every nearby bass.

Now, the excitement builds. The Savage Gear Surf Seekers aren’t just tools; they’re the key to unlocking underwater adventures. With these in your tackle arsenal, every fishing trip becomes a journey into the extraordinary. 

Ready for action? The journey begins with that satisfying cast, your line cutting through the air with anticipation. The Savage Gear Seekers aren’t just lures; they’re your companions in the quest for piscatorial success. So, gear up, cast away, and let the adventure unfold with the irresistible pull of the Savage Gear Seekers.

Savage Gear Seekers (FAQ)

How many varieties of the Seeker Are There?

The three types of Seekers that are familiar with are as follows:

  • Savage Gear ISP Seeker
  • Savage Gear Surf Seeker
  • Savage Gear 3D Line-Thru Seeker

Savage Gear offers various Seeker models designed for different fishing scenarios. However, specific product lines and models may change over time as companies introduce new products or discontinue existing ones. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on the current varieties of the Savage Gear Seeker, I recommend checking the official Savage Gear website, contacting authorized dealers, or referring to recent product catalogues. They will provide the latest details on the available Seeker models, including any new releases or changes in the product lineup.

The Savage Gear ISP SEeker

The Savage Gear ISP Seeker is meticulously crafted for exceptional casting range particularly excelling amid gusty winds. These lures are a lethal choice for shore fishing enthusiasts targeting Bass, Pollack, and Mackerel. Their blade design ensures a vibrant, erratic swimming pattern, showcasing an astonishing 360-degree rotation upon the slightest pause, creating a dazzling flash underwater.

Each lure is furnished with two essential components: an ultra-sharp Y-treble hook and a wide-gape beak point lure single hook. What sets these lures apart is the incorporation of the Savage ISP (Intense Strike Point) technology. By filling predrilled body holes with a robust combination of night Glow and UV epoxy pasta, these lures boast the most striking point on their bodies—an intensity unlike any other, promising an unparalleled fishing experience.

The Savage Gear Surf Seeker

The Surf Seeker metal lure (like the ISP Seeker) is designed for casting extreme distances. This lure is exceptionally good in windy conditions. This lure will catch Bass, Pollack, and mackerel. The unique blade design allows them to swim very lively and erratic, with the most incredible 360-degree rotation on the slightest spin stop. They also create an incredible flash in the water.

The treble hook is super sharp and you have the option of a single wide gap hook to. Featuring the Savage ISP, Intense Strike Point, by filling predrilled holes on the body, with the strong night Glow and UV epoxy pasta, they have been able to create the most intense strike point on the body you have ever seen!

What is the weights of the Savage Gear Seekers?

Savage Gear Seekers have different weight options so make sure your lure rod has the right rating to handle the Seeker you choose. You do not want your snap your rod. The weights are as follows:

  • Savage Gear Surf Seeker: 30gm – 35gm – 40gm
  • Savage Gear ISP Seeker: 23gm – 28gm

What are the colours available for the Savage Gear Seekers?

There are a few colour options with the Savage Gear Seekers. Here are the patterns for the Surf Seeker.

  • Pearl White
  • Black Pearl
  • Blue Chrome
  • Green Silver

All of those colours are very effective but the most popular has to be the Pearl White. So popular it can be extremely hard to get hold of. The last time I purchased the Pearl White version it came from Germany. I’d ordered twice from the Germans. How often the lure tackle shop re-stock so that they are available is another story. The other patterns can be hard to get hold of too, you will just have to shop around.

Savage Gear Seekers
Savage Gear Seekers and a Westin Salty

The ISP Seeker

  • Flou Green Yellow
  • White Pearl
  • Black Pearl
  • Green Silver

What is the Savage Gear Seekers diving depth?

The Savage Gear Seekers, without being sarcastic are metal. Therefore, metal sinks in water fast – the Seeker is no exception. With that said on a steady retrieve the Seeker will swim quite shallow. But if you retrieve too slowly it’s going to sink. So really it is best just to use common sense. Any sandy bays are going to be the perfect hunting ground for the Surf Seeker. Deepers waters? Fantastic. Shallow rocky ground? Just be aware that when you cast out, start reeling in as soon as the seeker hits the water. If you can feel the lure snagging the bottom, then it’s time to change your lure.

What type of fish is the Savage Gear Seekers designed for?

In the UK the common types of fish would have to be bass, pollock, mackerel and even cod that’s if they ever turn up.

What kind of hooks do the Savage Gear Seekers come equipped with?

The Savage Gear Seekers are fitted with a treble hook. However, there is also a single hook which gives you two options. So why the single hook? The main reason why people opt for the single hook as opposed to the treble is it’s better for the fish. Meaning it is less likely to do any damage. Your hook-up rates may take a hit. At the end of the day, It’s entirely up to who is using the lure and how you feel about it.

savage gear seekers
Savage Gear Seekers

What retrieval speed is recommended for optimal performance With Savage Gear Seekers?

As we mentioned earlier, this all depends on the ground you are fishing over. If you are fishing over shallow rocky ground then you need to use some common sense. It’s that simple. If you feel that lure getting caught on the bottom then you are at risk of losing the lure. The best practice is just to stick to the deeper waters probably anything over a metre. Please remember this lure is metal and sinks fast. The Seeker casts a long way to so when it hits the water you are going to start retrieving instantaneously.

Are there any specific techniques or tips for using the Savage Gear Seekers?

Just keep the retrieve steady to be safe. If the water is deeper you can pause for a second or two. This will cause the lure to flutter down towards the sea bed, bass especially love this enough to make them strike into action. Bang! Fish on.

Just keep the retrieve steady to be safe. If the water is deeper you can pause for a second or two. This will cause the lure to flutter down towards the sea bed, bass especially love this enough to make them strike into action. Bang! Fish on.

What is the material of the Savage Gear Seekers?

The longevity of the Savage Gear Seeker’s paint and finish is exceptional, enduring extended usage without compromising its aesthetic appeal or functionality. Employing advanced painting techniques and UV-resistant coatings, the lure maintains its vibrant colour schemes and glossiness.

This durability is crucial, especially in saltwater environments where corrosive elements abound. The Seeker’s resilient paint and finish withstand abrasions from rocks, encounters with sharp-toothed predators, and prolonged exposure to sunlight, ensuring its allure remains intact over time.

How well do Savage Gear Surf Seekers handle different water conditions?

Exploring the Material Composition of the Savage Gear Seeker Lure

Savage Gear Seekers, renowned for its impeccable design and effectiveness, boasts a composition primarily comprised of metal alloy. This material choice ensures durability and resilience against wear and tear, elevating its performance amidst various angling conditions.

Crafted with precision, the lure’s core is fortified with a sturdy wire frame that enhances its structural integrity, allowing it to endure the rigours of intense fishing endeavours. The integration of this material combination embodies a balance between flexibility and strength, essential for enticing catches in both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Are replacement parts or accessories available for the Savage Gear Seekers?

Enthusiastic anglers seeking to enhance or replace components of their Savage Gear Seekers will find solace in the readily available replacement parts and accessories. The brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends to ensuring a comprehensive inventory of spare parts and supplementary add-ons.

Whether it’s replacing a damaged hook or customizing the lure to cater to specific preferences, the availability of replacement parts and accessories enriches the overall angling experience, fostering convenience and ease for avid fishermen.

Has the Savage Gear Seekers been field-tested, and are there any notable success stories?

The Savage Gear Seeker has undergone rigorous field testing, earning acclaim for its exceptional performance and consistent success stories among anglers worldwide. Its ability to allure and capture a diverse range of fish species stands as a testament to its efficacy.

Noteworthy anecdotes from seasoned anglers underline the Seeker’s prowess in enticing even the most elusive catches. From trophy-sized bass in freshwater lakes to predatory game fish prowling in coastal waters, the Seeker has etched its name in angling triumphs.

What is the recommended rod and reel setup for the Savage Gear Surf Seeker?

Achieving optimal performance with the Savage Gear Surf Seekers necessitates a well-matched rod and reel setup. Anglers seeking to harness the full potential of this lure typically opt for a medium to medium-heavy spinning rod paired with a robust spinning reel.

The synergy between the rod’s action and the reel’s retrieval capabilities is crucial for achieving precision in casting and manoeuvring the lure. This balanced setup enhances the angler’s control over the Seeker, maximizing its effectiveness in enticing strikes.

Is the Savage Gear Seeker designed for specific seasons or weather conditions?

While the Savage Gear Seeker isn’t confined to specific seasons or weather conditions, its design and functionality render it particularly effective during various times of the year. Its versatility allows anglers to capitalize on different seasons, adapting its presentation to suit prevailing conditions.

During colder months, slower retrieves mimic lethargic prey, enticing bites from cold-water species. Conversely, in warmer weather, faster presentations imitate the lively movements of baitfish, appealing to predatory instincts, and thereby accommodating diverse weather conditions throughout the year.

How durable is the paint and finish on the Savage Gear Seeker?

The longevity of the Savage Gear Seeker’s paint and finish is exceptional, enduring extended usage without compromising its aesthetic appeal or functionality. Employing advanced painting techniques and UV-resistant coatings, the lure maintains its vibrant colour schemes and glossiness.

This durability is crucial, especially in saltwater environments where corrosive elements abound. The Seeker’s resilient paint and finish withstanding abrasions from rocks, encounters with sharp-toothed predators, and prolonged exposure to sunlight, ensures its allure remains intact over time.

In conclusion, Savage Gear Seekers emerge as a stalwart companion for anglers, excelling in diverse water conditions, showcasing durability, and embodying adaptability across seasons. Its meticulous design, robust material composition, and proven field performance underscore its status as a coveted tool in the arsenal of fishing enthusiasts worldwide.

Savage gear seekers
Lovely Bass Mate

Catching Bass On The Savage Gear Seekers

Reflecting on the bass season in 2023 it’s safe to say as far as conditions go it has been horrendous. Northerly winds battering our South East shoreline meant the conditions for lure fishing hadn’t been that great. Along with working all day taxi driving for that window to fish was proving to be a bit of a pain. Yes, we did go bait fishing but this was meant to be our spring/summer time – prime bass fishing time. But all was not lost.

One weekend we had a tip-off that on the neap tides, the water had looked pretty clear at one of our most productive venues. So armed with lures that are going to punch out there regardless of that northerly head-on wind we made our way down to our spot.

Great conditions for the savage gear seekers

This would be the type of scenario where Savage Gear Seekers would come into their own. With that said, I’d had a productive session with the Savage Gear Pencil. You see normal lures like Megabass Zonks, and IMA Komomo II are just not going to get any distance, a bit like weeing in the wind. But the Pencil is another long-casting lure just like Savage Gear Seekers’ idea for this weather.

Low Neap Tides Was The Order of the day

We got on to our mark relatively early as far as tides go so we started to fish. The wind was howling but the Seeker didn’t have any problem punching through that wind. The only problem was the wind taking the line around to the left. This was because the wind on this occasion was not directly in your face. I thought that this would be a problem with snags but carried on and wasn’t experiencing any problems.

Third time lucky

So after a few nervous casts, I managed to hook into a fish. Right in the shallows to my right as I was facing out in a southerly direction. Then my mate Steve Wood was into a bass as well. I failed to mention that the previous day (while I was at work) Steve had 12 fish in a relatively short period. The difference on this day was there were loads of other people down there fishing. Word must have got out. This is not great news at all. But luckily the day I was there it was just Steve and I, great! more fish for us.

Madness for a good half an hour

Bizzare! The very next cast my lure drifted round in the wind and tide and bang! I was in yet again. This was great fishing and great for the time of day too. Trust me, I had my misconception about fishing in the daytime, how wrong was I? The other negative belief I had was that bass love the strong tide run and that the neap tides were crap. I now understand that these theories were utter rubbish. I mean where was I getting my information? I will take full advantage of this next season when it kicks off again.

The fish kept coming!

As the afternoon carried on we kept catching fish but what was even more interesting, I was caught in the same place. Then as the tide dropped the fish just vanished. We never caught a thing after that but what a great afternoon fishing. The Savage Gear Seekers had done it again.

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