September Newsletter!

Hey there all you bass lovers!

As we draw near to an end of our lure fishing exploits for the year, we can honestly look back at what can only be described as a great year for bass fishing.

There will still be the odd window to fish even though the water is starting to have that winter look about it.

To be totally honest it’s been a funny year as far as weather conditions go.

But this year has seen some big fish landed all around the UK.

In the picture above is ‘The Bassman’ holding a 12lb bass caught down our get out of jail venue ‘The Warren’ further south from us in Folkestone.

This is our go-to venue if the wind up our way is blowing northerly. Although we can still get clearer water around Ramsgate way.

bass mass 83cm
Basman with a whopping 83cm 12lb beauty!

That fish was an 83cm of fat lump! It’s Tony PB (Personal best) for the season and one that’s going to be hard to beat. But you never know what could be around the corner, especially with bass fishing. I personally have hooked into some lumps and lost them around the rocks. Sometimes there is no stopping a big bass, just hang on and hope.

On one of the other lure fishing forums, this guy filmed a massive tuna off of the Cornwall coast….jeez they’ll be Marlin next.

Featured Lure!

Tackle House Feed Shallow

Yes our featured lure this month is the Tackle House Feed Shallow.
This is a definite lure to have with you at all times it really is a great lure.
I especially like the white version that the underside of the belly glows at night time in the pitch black.
Slightly deeper diving than the Komomo II (another must have lure) but not the greatest casting lure. although there is a heavier version that has a dot on the side. these seem to cast that bit further. which is exactly what we want so we can cover all the more ground to nail that bass. Definitely one of my favs:)

The Tackle House Feed Shallow

Till next month happy fishing!!

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