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This is the latest lure guide TOP TWENTY KILLER SEA BASS LURES 2021 are some of the best bass lures of all time. I can honestly say that every lure in this guide has caught bass in the past few years. There will be four sections to this guide:

  • Surface lures
  • Sub-surface lures
  • Medium, deep and sinking lures
  • Soft plastics and weedless lures
best bass lures of all time

5 of our best Surface Lure

  • Xorus Asturie 110 Aji
  • Xorus Patchinko Cabot and 500G
  • Tackle House Vulture (white)
  • Autowalker (Mechanic lures)
  • Savage Gear Surf Walker (white)

The Xorus Asturie 110 AJI

The Xorus Asturie 110 Mullet Version

First up, and yes, this little beauty is my lure of the year. In my opinion, it is a bass slayer. I had always seen the name of this lure pop up occasionally on forums or social media but never bought one. But this year, I’m glad I did. It’s a killer. There is something about the action that must get that bass bursting into action.

Xorus Austurie AJI 110

The only problem, getting hold of this AJI version can be a nightmare for some reason. I had lost a few this year, so that’s why I put the picture of the Mullet version. I didn’t have the AJI when I photoed all the lures for this post.

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Xorus Patchinko 100 500G

bass lures uk

Right this little beauty is another killer lure when that bass seems to be a bit fussy. Yes, if you know those bass are around, but you can not seem to get a take. Well, stick one of these on, often it can be the answer.

There is still the Patchinko II and the 125, but there is also an even smaller version of the 100. The Patchinko 85. I have not got the 85 but do have the 125 in the AJI. Surprisingly, I haven’t caught on the 125 yet. But a definite thumbs up for the 100-500G.

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The Autowalker (Mechanic Lures)

The Autowalker

The Autowalker was another great lure for me in 2020. I was given two of the Autowalkers and also sent off for two others. However, I thought that this would be a pig to get hold of, but I was wrong. I found them on eBay, and as with all the other lures, there will be a list of resources to purchase some of these great lures at the bottom of this page.

As for the Autowalker, there is a clue in the name. This lure can have a ‘walk the dog’ action with just a straight retrieve. This is great. Just remember to keep things slow to get that movement of the lure correct. The best way to see this in action is on YouTube because unless the water is like a millpond, you probably won’t see the action.

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The Autowalker

The Tackle House Vulture

top ten killer bass lures 2021
Tackle House Vulture

Another absolute beauty of lure. To me, pure white has been the most productive. But with our lure fishing, what works one day may not work the next. These are great casting lures which is a bonus. They also have that little fin that’s on the belly of his great lure. Whether this makes a difference is another thing, but they wouldn’t put it on for anything. As for action, A slow walk, the dog should get this baby dancing across the water. If you’re serious about lure fishing, then I would get one now.

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Savage Gear Surf Walker

Savage Gear Surf Walker

The Savage Gear Surf Walker is another missile of a lure. I have had lures (sinking lures) that cast miles, but they are weighted, whereas the Surf Walker floats on the surface. It’s all down to the shape of this lure, as you can see from the picture. The bottom end of the lure is a lot thicker, so the aerodynamic shape makes it cut through the air with absolute ease. As mentioned before, this type of lure is great for covering as much ground as you can, trying to seek out that bass.

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Komomo II Joker (Flashing plate)

Komomo II The Joker (Flashing Plate)

It must be getting boring now to mention that the Joker is a proper pain to get hold of. In fact, I was lucky to get given the one I have now. Recently (Nov 2020), a batch arrived, but unfortunately, they were gobbled up in a flash.

As for the lure, it is still my favourite, even though it’s not always my go-to lure. But it had still saved me a blank when all else had failed. And further, still, I caught my PB on the ‘Joker’, and I also had a Sea Trout the same day, so you can understand why I love it. The Chameleon is also another great pattern for Komomo II. I popped an eye out, closing the boot of my car. Don’t I just pop the eye out of an old Cotten Candy and replace it with no problem?

The Joker is extremely hard to come by nowadays but there are some great alternatives available: Click Here To See Other Great Komomo II Lures

Flashing Plates ARE Longer Lasting


The other thing to bear in mind with Komomo II is the actual finish. The Mullet and Cotten Candy’s paint comes off if you get into a run of fish. Whether that makes a difference or not is another question. But what you can do is spray them white with car paint. Just don’t put them in with your soft plastics.

Tackle House Feed Shallow
Tackle House Feed Shallow

This is another classic. The Tackle House Feed Shallow comes in 4 different weights. The largest is the’155′ and the smallest the 95. But the version we are going to talk about is the 128. The 128 has a black dot on the tail end of the lure. The difference (although they are the same size) is the weight. The 128 casts are better than the standard.

Tackle House Feed Shallow 128
Tackle House Feed Shallow128

Ultimately, the Tackle House Feed Shallow is a great catcher too. At the end of the day, that is the most important thing to bear in mind. The Feed Shallow swims slightly deeper than the Komomo II, so you are on the right road with both of them. Shallow

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Daiwa Shoreline Shiner R50+sSR

Daiwa Shoreline Shiner

Well, this is the lure responsible for my best session bass fishing with lures. On this particular night, the bass fishing was bang on the money. It wasn’t plain sailing though lack of light was a problem. The thing is, there was another big group of people only a few hundred yards away from us, so we didn’t want to give away the location. This made things a little difficult, to say the least.

The reason was that the fish were taking the lure right in and seemed hooked on all 3 trebles. Incidentally, even though I use lures with 3 trebles, I’m not really a fan. Now I had caught 20 bass that night but thinking about the time I had wasted trying to unhook the fish, that tally could have been more.

The DUO DC12


This may be the last year I include this great lure in my lure guides. The simple reason being I couldn’t find it on the same version as mine on the web. And to be totally honest, I have not even seen It mentioned on any of the Facebook pages or forums for years. Still, IMO an incredible lure.

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DUO Tide Minnow


There are a lot of variants when it comes to the Tide Minnow. I have 3 different types but only use two of them. They are the Slim, and the ‘Flyer’ DUO is one of the top Japanese lure companies, along with IMA, Daiwa, Tackle House and Megabass.

Duo Lures? A Bass Fishing Must
The ‘Flyer’ (top) and the ‘Slim’ (bottom).

Both the Flyer and the Slim are good casting lures. Which is important for covering the area when the fishing is tough. YOU NEED TO FIND THOSE FISH. The only negative for me is the 3 treble hook affair. With some of the longer-casting soft plastic, it seems like a no-brainer. But your hook-up rates are going to be higher with 3 trebles, its swings and roundabouts, especially with lure choice. Sometimes so many things can make a difference.


Medium/Deep/Sinking Lures

IMA rocket bait

IMA Rocket Bait
IMA Rocket Bait Cotton Candy

Although this is a sinking lure is swims relatively close to the surface. This Rocket Bait is another amazing lure for casting, and they go a long way. But beware not to let this lure sink. It will drop straight to the bottom. You have to connect with the lure just as it hits the water.

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Beware of The wind

On one occasion this year (2020), I had lost two lures pretty much in succession. The reason was thinking about it even though I was well aware of reeling in as soon as the lure touched the water. The problem was a crosswind, so I got quite a bow in my line, which proved to be a disaster. I lost a DUO Beachwalker and a Savage Gear Seeker in two casts, one after the other.

top ten killer bass lures
Top Ten Killer Bass Lures 2021

Samson Lures

If ‘proof is in the pudding’, then I don’t know what is. Just get on YouTube and search for Samson lures. There is a bloke on there who uses these lures all the time. To cut a long story short, he smashes it.

Sinking Lures

To be honest, I wouldn’t know what class they come under because they blatantly sink. Before I had purchased one, I thought they were a surface lure. Whatever they are, they are a definite catcher for sure. They even look a little odd compared to some of the other lures, but who cares. That bloke in Portugal certainly doesn’t.

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The Megabass Zonk

Megabass Zonk Gataride
The Megabass Zonk Gataride

This lure needs no introduction whatsoever. It’s been in our lure guides right from the off. However, there is a problem. Getting hold of the damn things. I have seen the Zonk on Amazon for £40 plus over the last few years. This is a little unreasonable, in my opinion. eBay is probably the best way forward; there is a link at the bottom of the page if you feel that you want this beast in your arsenal of lures.

The Shenghitsu Iwashi-Zonk
The Shenghitsu Iwashi-Zonk

Please note that the Zonk is a deeper diver. So in shallow waters, it’s probably better to leave them Zonks at home. Not unless you’re rich, of course, and not worried about losing one. The problem is getting them in the first place, so be warned.

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Megabass Flatbacker

This is the new kid on the block for me. This is another deeper diver and also looks like that Zonk. What I like about this lure is it only has two treble hooks. This, for me, can be less hassle because there is nothing worse than catching bass, and all three treble hooks are wedged down its throat—another great lure.

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duo beachwalker Axcion

DUO Beach Walker Axion
The DUO Beachwalker Axcion

This is another belter of a lure. Just like the IMA Rocket Bait it casts a mile. Be careful though, this lure really does sink like a brick. The very first time I used this lure I was blown away by the distance you can achieve casting. But what goes up must come down and before I knew it I was looking at another twenty quid down the drain. Luckily, I was fortunate to get out of the snag. The funny thing is I was pretty sure we were casting over sand.

Beware of the cross-wind

Always remember that if you have a crosswind, then I strongly suggest leaving the fast-sinking lures like the Axcion and the Rocket bait in your lure box. You will get a bow in your line, which is fatal because it will take longer to get in touch with the lure.

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Soft Plastics/Weedless Lures

Pirate Seducer

Pirate Seducer White
The Pirate Seducer

This little demon of a lure is a must-have in your personal array of lures. Why I love soft plastics, and weedless lures are because of the same reason as ‘The Flatbacker’ to the ‘Zonk’. Weedless lures are a lot less hassle. Just that one hook is a lot less hassle than the 3 or 2 hooks on our hard lures. In my opinion, I have found that sometimes I think the fish fight better on a single hook.

Fewer snags with the weedless lures

This concerns the weedless lures as opposed to the soft plastics. Yes, weedless lures are great over shallow rocky ground where there is some tide run. Drifting those lures can be deadly if the fish are around. The Pirate Seducer is one of my favourite weedless out there.

Albie Snax

Albie Snax
The Albie Snax

The Albie Snax is yet another killer weedless lure. There are a couple of ways you can fish these lures that can all have a great effect on your lure fishing. One is to just let the lure drift in the tide. We found this especially effective when we were plagued with all that weed back through the summer. Another method is just a mega-slow retrieve with the odd twitch to entice that bass into action.

Evobass Lures

Evobass Lance 160
Evobass Lance 160

Another great weedless lure, the Evobass, has been a consistent catcher in 2020. The great thing about this lure, in particular, is the fact that they are longer than the likes of the Albie Snax and the Pirate Seducer. This makes them greater casters which is great for when we are trying to seek out their bass. Covering as much ground as possible is important for fishing for bass. The Lance 160 is the heavier of the two versions of this lure, which I go with.

Megabass Dark Sleeper

Megabass Dark Sleeper
The Megabass Dark Sleepers

Simply irresistible! Well, to an unaware bass, that is. The great thing about these lures is that they resemble the real thing. In this case, a goby. Yes, around our coastline (especially around our way Kent), you can find these wonderful creatures in and around our rocks. You often find them sheltering under rocks, keeping them out of sight and away from danger. But as far as lures go, these are a tremendous lure to have in your arsenal. There are so many patterns to choose from I went for the ones above in the picture.

The Dark Sleeper
The Dark Sleeper

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Savage Gear Sandeel

top ten killer bass lures
The Savage Gear Sandeel

Probably one of the most consistent lures out there. My favourite is the lemon back (below), especially when it gets dark. They seem to come into their own. However, not for the rocky shallower waters though you’re going to get snagged up. Especially if there is a tide run, you could easily reel in much faster, but I haven’t tried that method—one of my favourite lures.

Savage Gear Sandeel
Savage Gear Sandeel
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