5 Essential Lure Fishing Tactics For Beginners

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5 Tactics You Need To Know To Catch Bass

5 Essential Lure Fishing Tactics For Beginners

5 Essential Lure Fishing Tactics For Beginners

1. Location….Where to fish?

Knowing your location is a crucial step as regards to lure fishing for bass.

Bass love all kinds of places to hunt for their prey.

The rough rocky grounds are always going to be a regular haunt for bass.

They love areas that are covered in kelp and other types of seaweed.

These are all good places for food that bass eat. Crabs, baitfish and other creatures will find shelter in those places.

Crabs are a great food source for our bass around our Kent area.

So choosing a place where crabs are in abundance is a pretty good sign that this could be a great bass hunting ground.

Especially in April/May time when the crabs are ready to moult. This will bring the bass right to our doorstep.

But remember bass will also hunt in the surf over sandy areas too.

Sandeels are another favourite food for bass.

The sandy areas hold other types of food such as worms, shellfish and other small types of fish that love to search for their food source when the tides come roaring in.

As for depths of water, bass can love really shallow water which is great for lure fishing because you really do not have to cast very far.

2.How To Fish The Area You Are Fishing

Now that you have found your location to fish our next aim is to find the fish.

To me, there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to bass fishing, especially with lures.

You just have to keep plugging away until you get a take.

What I would recommend is having 15/20 casts then if you don’t get anything, move off to another area.

As far as casting goes try and cover as much as the area as you can.

Use a ship as a mark or anything that is out to sea as a point of reference. Cover as much ground as possible.

3. Make Sure There Is Tide Run

This is another important area to take into consideration.

Bass love to sit and wait around structure in the water especially while the tide is belting through.

Generally, you don’t seem to catch bass on the slack water but some anglers may disagree. But for me, the stronger the tide the better the fishing.

This is only my opinion and from my own experience when I have been lure fishing for bass.

Another point concerning tide run is that the strength of the tide increases as the tide are building.

You can check all of this about tides from your local High Water Chart.

tide table
Tide Table Example

You can either look up your location online by putting for example ‘high water margate or failing that go to your local tackle shop and they should have them there for you.

4. Try Changing Your Lure

Let’s say you have followed the previous steps and have the perfect scenario for catching bass but, you still don’t seem to be catching anything.

Here is what we can do: Use different types of lures to scale the depths.

Please note: When the fish are really on, you could throw any lure out there and catch them, but life is not always that straightforward.

Here are our lure options.


This is often, lure fisherman’s favourite ways to catch bass.

One lure we recommend is the Tackle House Vulture.

This is an absolute belter of a surface lure and casts a long way too.

As for the retrieve, you would use the ‘Walk The Dog’ style to get that lure dancing along the surface.

Sub Surface

: My favourite lure for subsurface is the Komomo II Joker (flashing plate). The only problem is getting hold of this lure they always seem out of stock.

But don’t stop looking for one though, they still come along they just sell out fast.

Retrieve: A very slow retrieve is needed to get this lure wobbling with joy. Especially if the tide is roaring through…..keep it slow!

Remember, it’s a humongous sea out there, those bass could be anywhere.

But we already know the bass will always come in close to feed. It’s about being in the right place a the right time. You have to find the fish..simple.

You may be lucky where you live, and find fishing marks fish are consistent.

Where we come from in Kent it is not consistent because of our unsettled conditions and the water clarity.

Medium divers

This is when things start getting a bit deeper. Now if your fishing in fairly shallow waters then I would not advise you to use the lure I’m going to talk about.

To be honest most of the fishing locally to us is not really suitable unless your fishing off of the prom at high tide.

The lure I’m talking about is the Megabass Zonk.

Now, this is the real deal as far as I’m concerned.

There are two types the Gaturide and the Sinking 120

The thing I love about the ‘Zonk’ is the fact that you can feel your rod tip quivering as you reel that bad boy in.

The action with the Zonk is just awesome, they just feel like your going to catch.

The only drawback with the Zonk is you have to make sure the water is deep enough.

I have lost these lures and have to be honest, it’s just best to play safe.

That’s why sometimes (as I mentioned earlier) that it pays to know your location and how deep the water is going to be.

If your fishing from a prom or high rocks your probably going to be fine because you’re higher than the water level.

But if you’re wading out its a pretty sure bet the water is going to be too shallow.

So unless your stinking rich and don’t care if you lose 20 odd quid every cast then feel free to use them.

Soft Plastics- Weedless Lures

I love to use a soft plastic or weedless lure to seek out that hungry bass.

These lures can be deadly for catching bass and usually when the fish are feeding hard on the bottom on small crabs or any other sea life that lurks on the bottom of our shores.

Some of these soft plastics are remarkable because they don’t seem to resemble a fish in any way.

I’m not far from thinking that some of them are supposed to be worms.

Whatever they are they can certainly do the trick when all else is failing.

Savage Gear Eels

Savage Gear Eels

One of my firm favourites is the Savage Gear Eel the Lemon Back version: this is a must-have lure for the bassman.

For him, it is like playing the joker if anyone can remember ‘It’s a Knockout’ a television program from years back.

I have seen the bassman string the bass out with this lure.

I,m sure its only practice but when you copy him and you think you have mastered the technique and still don’t get a take it can be rather frustrating to say the least.

Normally the problem would be the speed of the retrieve.

Slow that retrieve down to next to nothing and give a little twitch and see what that produces for you.

5 Essential Lure Fishing Tactics For Beginners

Soft Plastics/Weedless Lures

So start experiment with all the lures you can to see what’s working.

Remember: Do not be despondent if nothing is working the fish just might not be there.

On another occasion, the bass will take anything you chuck at them and you will just not be able to keep up with them.

Metals – Spinners

I can remember way back in the eighties people would use ABU Toby lures when spinning for bass.

This is a firm favourite today with some lure anglers. In fact, I would say that people still swear by them.

Another classic spinner is the famous Dexter Wedge.

This is a popular lure is even jig out on the boats for cod and pollock and of course our beloved bass.

Things have come a long way since those days of the spinners in my opinion.

There is a whole new world of glittery little numbers to get you dancing on the promenade.

5. Don’t Give Up

This is the last of our essential tips for beginners. 

Our tip is simple: just don’t give up!

If you’re not getting much luck lure fishing for bass then just remember even the top anglers in the country ‘blank’ from time to time.

In 2018 I blanked 15 times before I caught a bass ‘just the one’ on the 16th trip. 

Even more painful that night my mate had 14.

That year we had the ‘Beast from the East’ at the beginning of the year.

In my opinion, that ruined the whole start of the season as far as I was concerned, I reckon it had wiped a lot of the food source that the bass eat because of the temperature of the water. There were crabs washed up everywhere. 

Whereas in 2017 we had caught bass in March, but further down the coast from Thanet where we live.

2019 has been epic for me even though my visit has been sparse compared to previous years.

Beat My PB

I smashed my PB with a fish of a lifetime 11 pound on the nose.

The very following week I had a 9lb 4.

So you never know sometimes they just bugged off.

Another thing is people in the lure fishing game are more than helpful in giving you information about catching bass.

You can virtually get all your questions answered on the Facebook pages.

Unfortunately, you will be pushing it to find out people’s fishing locations so don’t even ask, you will work it out for yourself.

Last but not least always be safe.

Where the right gear that’s suitable for our type of fishing.

It can be really dangerous fishing from the rocks Personally I always like to go with someone, especially if your wading in the water.

I have stacked it and fallen over 4 times when that water was absolutely freezing it really isn’t much fun.

Furthermore, I had a brand new £600 iPhone (with no insurance)  ruined after I took the plunge of doom.

Ultimately, I also tore a brand new pair of waders falling on the jagged rocks and ended up submerged in the drink.

My lovely misses was mortified seeing me run from my car after my disastrous lure fishing trip in my pants. 

It’s best to just stay on dry land if you can, people still catch bass without wading out in the water, it just opens up the floodgates when your hunting the fish.

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