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Bass Masters Elite UK would like to welcome you to our bass fishing website. This site was designed for all you Bass anglers out there who want to catch more Bass in the UK.  

Although we will mainly be focusing on lure fishing for bass in the U.K, we will be discussing bait and boat fishing tactics and may even chuck in some fly fishing tips,  just for good measure.     So tight lines everyone it’s bass time.  

Bass Masters Elite

Our Team.

  My name is Keith and with my bass fishing, buddy Tony ‘The Bass Man’ is going to be sharing some of the knowledge we have gained over the years.   Fishing throughout the years our pursuits for that awesome spiny creature we call Bass has been an exciting time in my fishing life. You can read more about it on my ABOUT page.

I’ve got to be honest, I owe the best part of my knowledge to the bassman himself who is probably one of the top bass fishermen in the country.   He is very conscientious in his approach to bass fishing, he never takes a fish home chucking everything back.  

Iv known Tony to catch in excess of 50 Bass in one session, which to me is truly remarkable, I think my arms would be hanging off by about 20 let alone 50.  

But we all know those days of nailing the Bass like that are not always going to happen. The weather conditions can play a major role for us Bass fisherman. Like Fly Fishing for Trout, every day can be a different ball game.  

Bass Caught By Remi Naftel

Love lure fishing for Bass

To me, lure fishing for bass can be a very exciting, addictive and exhilarating way of fishing to say the least. Just being at the water’s edge or even in the water looking for any sign of life that will get them bass into a feeding frenzy.

Finding that shoal of fish, or just hunting for that monster that’s going to smash your PB, to me cannot be a more pleasurable fishing experience.

Trying out new locations and new venues, exploring all types of terrain that we can fish over. To me, this is what it’s all about. Even buying lures can be a wallet-popping experience, I just want to have them all.

There is a multitude of fantastic lures to choose from.   Sometimes I am not convinced what some lures are supposed to look like but nevertheless, they all seem to serve their purpose one way or another. Be sure to check out our lure guide.      

Best Bass to Date

Tonys biggest bass to date is over 17lb although a long while ago is still a monster of a Bass. Check out the picture of him holding that monster bass.

Providing the conditions are good Tony will be out waist-deep in water two tides a day barring the weather of course.   The other trouble with our Kent coast is that we are governed by the water’s clarity. However, we do get some good water from the end of March up until October/ early November.  


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Bass Masters Elite UK


We will be adding instructional videos as the site grows to give you extra information on catching more fish. On our videos will be showing actual footage of us catching them bass yehaa!!  

Also, we go through some of our favourite lures that have been nailing the bass for us throughout the year. From Megabass Zonks to Savage Gear Eels. We cover quite a few of our killer lures that you can get your teeth into. So check it out.

There are some great tips and techniques to get your teeth into in this post. And I don’t mean we are catching squid even though that’s what the picture says. Night fishing for bass is the way forward my friends.

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