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Bass Masters Elite UK would like to welcome you to our Bass fishing website.

This site was designed for all you Bass anglers out there who want to catch more Bass.

Although we will mainly be focusing on lure fishing for bass in the U.K, we will be discussing bait and boat fishing tactics and may even chuck in some fly fishing tips,  just for good measure.

So tight lines everyone it’s bass time.

bass masters elite uk

My name is Keith and with my bass fishing, buddy Tony ‘The Bass Man’ are going to be sharing some of the knowledge we have gained over the years fishing for bass.

I have absolutely loved fishing throughout the years for that awesome spiny creature we call Bass.

It’s has been an exhilarating and exciting time in my fishing life.

You can read more about it on my ABOUT page.

I’ve got to be honest, I owe the best part of my knowledge about lure fishing for bass to the bassman himself, who is probably one of the top bass lure fishermen in the country.

The Bassman is going to giving away some of his best-kept secrets so make sure you read through thoroughly.

The Bassman has caught just over 1300 bass in 2019 and will be sharing some amazing tactics for anyone visiting our website.

Iv known Tony to catch in excess of 50 Bass in one session, which to me is truly remarkable, I think my arms would be hanging off by about 20 let alone 50.

But we all know those days of nailing the Bass like that are not always going to happen.

The weather conditions can play a major role for us Bass fisherman. Like Fly Fishing for Trout every day can be a different ball game.


Love lure fishing for Bass

To me, lure fishing for bass can be very exciting, addictive and exhilarating way of fishing to say the least.

Just being at the water’s edge or even in the water looking for any sign of life that will get them bass into a feeding frenzy.

Finding that shoal of fish, or just hunting for that monster that’s going to smash your PB, to me cannot be a more pleasurable fishing experience.

Trying out new locations and new venues, exploring all types of terrain that we can fish over. To me, this is what it’s all about. Even buying lures can be a wallet-popping experience, I just want to have them all. There is a multitude of fantastic lures to choose from.

Sometimes I am not convinced what some lures are supposed to look like but nevertheless, they all seem to serve their purpose one way or another.

Be sure to check out our lure guide.

Best Bass to Date

Tonys biggest bass to date is over 17lb although a long while ago is still a monster of a Bass.

Providing the conditions are good Tony will be out waist-deep in water two tides a day barring the weather of course.

The other trouble with our Kent coast is that we are governed by the water’s clarity. However, we do get some good water from the end of March up until October/ early November.


Be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter as this is to keep you all updated on anything news regarding any fishing equipment and tactics regarding lure fishing. We will be reviewing any new lures, braid, rods, reels and even waders so make sure you’re kept updated.


We will be adding instructional videos as the site grows to give you extra information on catching more fish. We will be showing actual footage of us catching them bass yehaa!!



Choosing The Best Bass Lures

We go through some of our favorite lures that have been nailing the bass for us throughout the year. From Megabass Zonks to Savage Gear Eels, we cover quite a few killer lures to get your teeth into.


Our blog has all our posts from day one. We share all sorts of tactics and go through what lures and gear we use on a daily basis.

Top Ten Killer Bass Lures

These lures we mention in this section are  just some of our favourite killer lures. We update our ebook every year and you can dowload it when you subscribe. Failing that just message me and I will send it that way.

Lure Fishing For Bass

We going night fishing where for me is where it’s at when it comes to lure fishing for bass. We go through some of our tactics that some time can be a test of patients to get it right. What are they feeding on? 

Soft Plastic And Weedless Lures

Soft plastics and weedless lures have been smashing those bass for years. Some anglers only use these types of lures. We go through our favourites and explain the benefit of using these amazing lures

Best Bass Spinners And Metals

When I first started fishing I use to think that these metals and spinners were only used for the likes of salmon and trout. How wrong was I these can be lethal for bass


Why Am I Not Catching Bass?

5 Reasons You May Not Be Catching Bass Lure Fishing Green Weed At Low Tide Why Am I Not Catching Bass? This is a great question that even the best lure anglers have asked themselves over the years. If you are getting those painful blanks, fear not. That PB is just...

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2020 Top 10 Killer Bass Lures

Our Latest Lure Guide. 2020 Top 10 Killer Bass Lures: Lures and lure fishing can be such an addictive pastime. However, it can also be hard work, to say the least. Sometimes, there just seems no rhyme or reason to what makes them bass tick into action. Let's face it...

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The Amazing Xorus Asturie Bass Lure

Xorus Asturie Bass Lure The Amazing Xorus Asturie Bass Lure So what is it about the amazing Xorus Asturie bass lure? Incidentally, the very first time I set my eyes on this incredible lure I was sceptical. The reason why I don't know. Perhaps it was due to that...

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What is the best bass fishing lure bag?

Lure Fishing What is the best bass fishing lure bag? Realistically, choosing the best bass fishing bag for you is going to determine a few important factors. Personally, I have 5 different ways that I can carry my lure equipment around, but still really only use the...

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Duo Lures A Bass Fishing Must

Probably one of the best lure companys in the world Duo lures A bass fishing must in my opinion. Along with all the other great lure brand like IMA, Tacklehouse, Magabass just to name a few, DUO is definitely up there with the big boys. They have such a great...

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Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel Tutorials

We are pleased to announce that we have started video tutorials to help anyone that needs a little guidance lure fishing for bass.

Here is a list of some of the videos.

  • Best Lure Clips For Bass Lure Fishing
  • Easy Braid to Nylon Knot for Lure Fishing For Bass
  • Ridge Monkey Luminous Braid Cutters For Bass Fishing
  • Which Braid Cutters Should I Use Bass Fishing?
  • The Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tying Tool
  • 5 Killer Soft Plastics Lures For Bass
  • Top 5 Best Bass Spinners
  • Top 10 Killer Bass Lures That Work!

The Occasional Angler

the occasional angler

Welcome to the occasional angler – lure fishing trips, reviews and how to’s.

  • I specialise in light and ultra-lite lure fishing for bass, pike, chub and perch.
  • Join me on my local waters showing you how to catch more fish in less time.
  • My recent fishing trips are uploaded once weekly.
  • My fishing videos are accompanied by gear reviews, which look at tackle used in my fishing.



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