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Choosing the best bass lures

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choosing the best bass lures

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New Pb For Steve Wood 68cm

Love Lure Fishing

Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the UK and other parts of the world. Some people fish for sport, others for fun while others fish to make a living. Whatever the case, understanding the type of fish you’re trying to catch and having the right equipment can make the difference between success and failure. Many types of fishing rods, hooks, and baits exist in the industry. Knowing how to choose the right combination when going fishing is crucial. If you are targeting bass, you must buy a bass fishing rod before trying to lure fish.

Lure vs Live Bait

Bass fishing has been increasing in popularity in the UK in recent years. This is because fishing enthusiasts are always looking for a challenge, and bass is one of the most challenging fishes to capture. With the right bait, however, you can easily capture bass every time you go fishing. Once you have a suitable fishing rod, you will need to get the right bait. Some people like using live bait, but they are expensive and not always effective. Fortunately, there is an alternative, lures.

Lures Are Imitation Fish And Other Creatures

A lure is an artificial bait. It is a synthetic object designed to look like fish bait. Just like live bait, lures are attached to the hook at the end of a fishing line. Common types of lures include; fly lures, spoons, spinners, jigs, plugs, and crankbaits. Some lure models come with LED lights. The light from the LEDs illuminates the lure and attracts bass as well as other types of fish. Most lures are made of rubber, but others are made of plastic and metal. They are weighted, and colourful and produce shiny reflections, which attract fish.

bass masters elite UK
New Pb For Steve Wood 68cm

Different Lures Different Baits

Common types of live baits include; worms, insects, leeches, minnows, and shrimp among other types of small living organisms that fish normally eat. Many people consider live baits messy and smelly. They also need proper storage to ensure they do not die or get spoiled. Live baits are also not discriminatory, so they can attract all kinds of fish, not just bass. These are the shortcomings that have forced many people to abandon live baits in favour of artificial baits when fishing for bass.

The Advantages of Lure Fishing

Lure fishing is not just popular in the UK, but also all over the world. This is because using lures has many advantages over using live bait. They include:


Lures are a one-time investment since they are reusable. After catching fish, you can reuse the lure to catch other fish over and over again. With live bait, you have to attach another bait after catching one fish. The use of lures, therefore, helps fishing enthusiasts to save money.

Selective Fishing

Anyone who loves fishing knows that if you want to catch a particular type of fish, you have to use a certain type of bait. With lure fishing, you can catch exactly what you are targeting. If you want to catch bass, be sure to use the right lure. The use of lures can significantly improve your chances of catching the type of fish you’re targeting.

Fun to Collect

Fishing enthusiasts are also collectors. After catching the biggest bass using a given lure, a fisherman would want to preserve the lure as a form of souvenir or memento. This is not possible with live baits as they are living organisms that age, die, and decompose.

Clean and Easy to Use

Lures are made of synthetic materials, such as metal, rubber, and plastic, so they do not rot. This means they are not smelly or messy to use. In addition to that, they are easy to use. If you don’t like touching wet, slimy, or smelly worms or insects when going fishing, you will love lure fishing.

Easy to Store

Artificial baits or lures do not require any special conditions for storage, so they are easy to store. Live baits require a cool moist environment to survive. This means that the weight of your tackle box will be less when using lures. The extra space can be used for storing other items that can make your fishing experience more enjoyable.

How to Succeed in Bass Fishing

Some fishermen claim that choosing the right fishing spot on the shore is the key to catching bass. Others claim that the choice of lure and how you present it matters a lot. Well, there are three important requirements for success in bass fishing. These are; lure presentation, choice of a fishing spot, and timing. Mastering the three key requirements can make anyone a master in the art of catching bass.

Before going fishing, however, you need to understand that the minimum bass size in the UK is 42 centimetres. 

If you catch anything less than this, you’ll have to release the bass back into the water. Secondly, the law restricts the maximum number of seabass any fisherman can take from the water to two. Please note that you need to have the right gear to catch the biggest bass, whether it’s freshwater bass or seabass. This includes; a collection of lures and a light spinning rod and reel. A landing net is also an important requirement.

The Importance of Knowing What Bass Feed On

Depending on where you’re fishing, you must take note of what the bass in the area feeds on. This will help you choose the right lure for your fishing expedition. With the right lures, you can easily catch bass. In the UK trout fishermen would call this ‘matching the hatch.

The best bass lures can mimic the behaviour of fish perfectly. During a steady retrieve, the lure should mimic fish movement. It will take some time for you to perfect the art of moving the lure to mimic fish movements in the water.

Experienced fishermen know that bait usually moves with the current. If you use a lure that moves against the current, you will not be successful. For this reason, you must always be aware of how water is moving. Be sure to adjust the speed of your retrieve to take into consideration the movement of water as this will mimic fish movement more effectively.

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