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top ten killer bass lures

Best Lure Rods

In this post, we take a look at some of the most popular high & low-end rods on the market. READ MORE

top ten killer bass lures

TOP twenty killer bass lures 2021

This is our latest lure guide for 2021. See our tried and tested favourite lures that will get any bass screaming line off your reel. You may already have some of the winning lures we mention. If that’s the case then we’d love to hear from you…read more!

Night Bass


Our blog has all our posts from day one. We share all sorts of tactics and go through what lures and gear we use on a daily basis. SEE ALL POSTS

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Our eBook is completely FREE. If you already have good knowledge for lure fishing then this ebook is probably not for you. However, if you are looking or struggling to catch bass then this guide may help just CLICK HERE to get your copy.

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Top Ten Killer Bass Lures

These lures we mention in this section are just some of our favourite killer lures. We update our ebook every year and you can download it when you subscribe. Failing that just message me and I will send it that way.

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Bass Fishing in east and north devon

Dave Gooding takes us around the Devon coast where he fishes for bass. This is a great post from a highly experienced lure angler.

Soft Plastic And Weedless Lures

Soft plastics and weedless lures have been smashing those bass for years. Some anglers only use these types of lures. We go through our favourites and explain the benefit of using these amazing lures

Best Bass Spinners And Metals

When I first started fishing I used to think that these metals and spinners were only used for the likes of salmon and trout. How wrong was I these can be lethal for bass

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Location And Finding The Fish

Location And Finding The Fish

Location and Finding the Fish. In this section we are going to be looking at finding our beloved bass, seeking out those silver bars of power, after all, that's the whole point of why we spend our money on fishing stuff. Remember though, that's a big sea out there...

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FREE eBook: How To Catch Bass On Lures 2021!

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