What Are The Best IMA Lures On The Market?

Caught on the Komomo Joker (Flashing Plate) Best IMA Lures On The Market: Since I first started lure fishing many moons ago, IMA lures have always been the front runner in my lure box. I should imagine that every serious lure angler out there has some version of an...

Why We Use Weedless Bass Lures

Weedless Bass Lures are a Must! In this section, you will learn the following: What Make Weedless Lures So Good?Why are Weedless Lures Less Likely To Get SnaggedWhat is a weedless lure? Variety of Weedless LuresWhat type of weedless hooks are there?Why should you...

Megabass Zonk: What Makes This Lure So Good?

Caught on a Pearl Rainbow Megabass Zonk The Megabass Zonk The Megabass Zonk is possibly my favourite lure of all time. Ironically, and unfortunately, there are some high and lows with using this piece of immense lure technology. Below, are some of the most frequent...
How To Catch Bass 2020


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