Shore Jigging For Bass Is This the New Way Forward?


WTF! Yes you read this right: Shore jigging for bass. But before we get into the killer tactics and why I know my theory is a winner, I am going to explain what gave me the idea. I didn’t invent this method of fishing by no means. 

I had been watching some videos of people shore jigging in the likes of Greece and Croatia. This gave me an idea to try this tactic over here in the UK.

What I’d noticed while watching the YouTube videos was the depth of water that these guys are fishing. Casting miles out to sea then letting the lure sink to the sea bed.

Because they seem to be fishing quite high on the rocks the lure would be off the bottom. This is apparent because these shore jiggers stop retrieving and let the lure sink down to the bottom.

It seems like ages before they start their retrieve again. The water must be deep. 

So why on earth would I want to employ this tactic in our fishing in the UK? Well I can tell you now that this is just another option and not a be and end all.

What I had notice in 2023 was that the larger numbers of fish caught were definitely in the daytime. Now this would go against everything I’d believed in the past.

Fishing the high & low tides at night time in total darkness has always been the best time for catching bass. Or so I thought. But 2023 proved me wrong.

The one great thing about daytime fishing is the water clarity doesn’t always have to be on the money. However, at night it does in my opinion. 

The other notable thing was the low tides ‘the neaps’ are in the daytime when again the fish were being caught. So that was another theory completely out the window.

The real problem though is that most of us are at work in the daytime so thats pretty much out of the window.

The thing is, when the was a daytime fishing opportunity we would go down and try our luck. I’ve already done a video and post on the fishing in the daytime. You can see them via these links”

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