How To Catch Monster Bass With Peeler Crab?

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How To Catch Monster Bass With Peeler Crab?

Yes, this is going to be about bait fishing for bass. But before we get into it, let us examine why I think it’s important to bait fishing still when lure fishing is just not happening.

How To Catch Monster Bass With Peeler Crab?
My PB Bass

As I mentioned about lure fishing in another post sitting around for weeks on end waiting for the right conditions will not catch fish. Another problem is I feel you lose the bug, and for me, that is important. Once I have got out there bait fishing again, I really get back into it.

However, when the conditions are good for lure fishing, then you should take advantage of getting out there and sharpening your skills.

Bass 9lb 4 superb
How To Catch Monster Bass With Peeler Crab?

Whether you blank or not doesn’t matter; learning watercraft is important too. Understanding tides and conditions is a step in the right direction.

For now, though let’s catch some bass on bait.

High Or Low? Where Are We Going To Fish?

Remember, this is totally from my point of view. If you asked me this question back in the eighties, I would have definitely answered: Low tide off the rocks.

However, for us, there seems to be a nagging problem: Dogfish…thousands of them.

Yes, when fishing off the rocks, those Doggies will be a huge problem most of the time. It seems amazing how things have changed over the years. We never used to get dogfish all those years ago. The doggies are everywhere around our South-East coastline.

Losing Tackle Every Other Cast

Another downside to fishing those gnarly rocks can be losing tackle. Some rocks are not so bad, but others enormous great boulders are a real problem. Even more so if that tide is dragging your weight around. Personally, I always use a grapnel regardless of the tide, but that’s just me.

5oz Impact lead
The 5oz Impact lead

How (Maybe) To Avoid The Doggies

Now I don’t want people telling me that I am talking out of my backside. But here’s the thing: You are better off fishing on the sand between the rocks or in front of the rocks. No, not the gullies. Fish at high tide. Look for channels between the rocks that are sandy or less snaggy. This is how I caught my two monsters. Not a snag anywhere, just sand and, more importantly…less dogfish. But still where the rocks are.

How To Catch Monster Bass With Peeler Crab?
This Is A Perfect Place To Target Bass Plus: Avoid Those Doggies. Maybe?

My Perfect Set Up For Bait Fishing With Peeler Crab

The Prefurd Rods I Use For Bait Fishing For Bass

My Two Bass Rods
Old Zziplex13ft 2500 and a Sonic 13ft

When it comes to bass fishing with bait, many people choose to use shorter rods than your average beach caster. Flattie rods around the 11ft mark are sometimes a prevalent choice. Remember, we are not going for a distance, so these type of rod are perfect.

The two rods I use at the moment are a Zziplex 2500 and a Sonic SKS. These rods are both 13ft (bigger than I recommend), and the reason is simple. That old Zziplex, in my opinion, is a one-off. The tip on that rod is very soft and has excellent bite detection. However, the Sonic is as stiff as a board but very light.

The reason I pick the Sonic was solely to match the length of the Zziplex. I also have a Penn Rampage that is 15ft 8. Ultimately, this was odd trying to watch two rods that varied in length so much.

Useally, I will cast the Zziplex (depending on the area) close into the shore and the Sonic slightly further out to see where those fish ate feeding.

Cast As Far As You Can Verses Casting Close In

On one trip, my fishing buddy was casting both his rods as far as he could. In contrast, I was casting literally 30 to 40 yards. He’d had 5 dogfish before I had even a single bite. But no bass. Then, I had one cracking bite and had hooked into a bass around the 6lb mark, only for it to slip the hook right at our feet.

The reason for losing that fish was simple when you think about it. First, I was using a shock leader, and because there was quite a lot of weed around: THE LEADER GOT STUCK IN THE TOP ROD EYE. Because we were fishing off the promenade railings, I had to walk the fish to the slope. The minute I ducked to get under my other rod, the bass slipped the hook.

How To Solve Those Two Problems Easily.

1. Do not use a shock leader. Quite frankly, there is no point if you’re only casting 30 to 40 yards. I have changed my mainline to 25lb Varivas SuperSport. Problem solved.
2. Not being able to get under the other rod. Yes, with all the confusion of getting to the slope with the line stuck, I had to duck to get under the other rod. Goodbye, bass!! That gave the fish some slack, and unfortunately, it got off. I would have chucked it back anyway, but I still would have loved the picture. Answer: Have your rod rest placed so you can get under the other rod if need be. Problem solved

My two favourite reels: Penn 525 and the ABU 6500c

How To Catch Monster Bass With Peeler Crab?
My two favourite reels: Penn 525 Mag 2 and the ABU 6500CS Sports Mag

These are both amazing reals that have been very popular throughout the years. I did have a spell with a fixed spool but found it a bit cumber sum. Still, I bought the fixed spool to go with the Penn Rampage using a fine braid for distance. Remember? We do not need any real distance here.

My Two Favourite Rigs
How To Catch Monster Bass With Peeler Crab?

Now the two go rigs that we are going to be talking about are the “Pulley Pennell’ and the ‘flowing trace’.

The Beauty Of The Pulley Pennell

Manta 2/0 Hooks Amazing For Crab Baits

This has to be one of the most common rigs out there in this day and age. In fact, this rig was popular back in the eighties. This was when Keith first showed me this amazing rig.

The beauty of this rig is that you can cast your bait out and keep it intact. This is achieved with either a bait clip or an impact lead that has a bait clip already on it.

Special Beads For The Pulley Rig

As time has moved on since the early pulley rigs, so have some of the terminal tackle. Now you can get a bead with a swivel attached to it. You would tie a swivel to the lead line in the old way rather than the beaded swivel. Is there any difference? In my opinion, there is, but I am old school.

I feel (especially for bass fishing) that there is less resistance with the two swivels because the hole is bigger. This allows less resistance on the line. Ultimately allowing the line to run slightly freer.

The Flowing Trace Method For Close Casting.

With fishing for bass, you do not always need to cast into oblivion to catch them. For this reason, we do not always need to clip down our bait, especially if we are only casting 30 to 40 yards. This is where a flowing trace-type rig can excel.

So what is the difference between the two rigs? First, they both work great. However, the flowing trace of the weight flows along with the mainline meaning the hook is direct to the mainline. So there is less resistance. Whether I am being a bit finicky or not I just think my hook-up rate is better this way.


So whether you like bait fishing or not, It has given me back my enthusiasm for fishing. Those long waits for the right conditions to come along really can be a drag. Sol If you’re struggling with clear water because of crap conditions then get your bait gear out. When the bass come in for those crabs it’s time to get the rod out and a bucket of peelers.

How To Catch Monster Bass With Peeler Crab?

Catching Bass in the Eighties

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