The Amazing Xorus Asturie A Masterclass Bass Lure For Topwater Action

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The Amazing Xorus Asturie Bass Lure

xorus asturie
Xorus Asturie

So what is it about the amazing Xorus Asturie bass lure? Incidentally, the very first time I set my eyes on this incredible lure, I was sceptical. Perhaps it was due to that strange-looking shape the lure has. However, not as strange as some of those lures across the water you will often see. But the truth is I caught a bass on this lure the very first time I used It. Then lost the lure the same day. What happened was the line snapped because it had wrapped around the top of the rod, and I had never noticed. Shame on you, you must be thinking. Painfully, these things can happen when you’re not concentrating.

Best Bass Lure

Apparently, the Xorus Asturie was voted in the top 5 surface lures in the country. When you use this beast of a lure, it is quite easy to understand why. I had mistakenly overlooked this lure years ago, and now, I dare not look at all those great selections of lures.

What Type Of Lure Is the Xorus Asturie?

The Xorus Asturies is a surface lure and a good one at that. The version I had/lost was the 110 AJI. I had seen and heard the lure mentioned on quite a few occasions, so I was intrigued to see what the fuss was all about. This surface lure is a killer IMO I just fell in love with it and can not wait for another new edition to turn up.

What Type of retrieve should you use with the Asturie?

The Asturie can be fished in a couple of ways. However, the ‘walk the dog’ style of retrieve is the go-to method. However, the Asturie also has a sliding action which will get that bass’s attention for sure. A really subtle rod tap with the odd twitch should get that lure dancing irresistibly.

Slow Down

Sometimes, trying to get that amazing surface lure dancing across the water can take a little practice. Do not make the mistake of reeling in too fast when walking the dog. That doesn’t mean you can’t reel fast to vary things but be aware that to get that lure working, you must slow down that retrieve. Some anglers have just got this technique down to a fine art. The odd pop as if you are using a popper is also another good tactic.

The Amazing Xorus Asturie Bass Lures
The Amazing Xorus Asturie Bass Lures

Have You Caught On The Asturie?

As I mentioned earlier. The very first trip was a success with the Austerie, and the picture above is the result. The beauty of surface lure fishing is watching that bass follow that lure. Then sometimes, a bass will try to tail splash it to stun its prey.

Then an explosive take and bang…fish on! That fish, around four pounds, was no exception. I only wished I had had my head cam sorted out to film the epic battle. Amazing fishing, to say the least.

Weather Conditions

The conditions were not that great that day. We had fished the ebbing tide to the low but only for an hour. This is how you learn about bass behaviour and certain things that make a huge difference. Ultimately, we never had a sniff after that fish because the water coloured upon the flood. However, what we should have done was get there earlier while the water was clear. This is why It is important to grab the bull by its horns when you can. Especially fishing around our neck of the woods where the conditions are extremely inconsistent.

How many varieties are there of the Asturie?

Realistically, 5 different sizes are usually on sale. I’ll probably finish this post and realise there is another one. The 3 sizes are:

  • 90
  • 110
  • 130
  • 150
  • 170

The more popular Austerie is probably the 110. But don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having the larger ones. Do you know what they say? “The bigger the lure, the bigger the fish”. As for different patterns, there are quite a few.

Xorus Asturie Bass Lure

Here is a list of the different patterns.

  • 500G
  • Iwashi red neck
  • AJI
  • Mackerel
  • Atherine
  • Black Mullet
  • Anchois
  • Pearl Chart
  • White
  • Nacre
  • Ghost Lancon
  • Pink Black Illusion
  • Ayu
  • Holo Bait
  • White Cotton

You can safely say that there is a great selection of patterns to choose from. My favourite is the new pattern of the AJI but realistically, to have used all of them would be a fib, to say the least. Unless you are a total beginner, you would normally have a good idea of what lure pattern you would normally go for. Ultimately, some patterns are not on that list; they are the ones that seem available if you really hunt around.

Where can I get the Xorus Asturie?

Realistically, there are a lot of options for purchasing the Xorus Asturie. Amazon has quite a few different options, but I find some sellers are very pricey. However, you can purchase them through the link in this paragraph. Make sure you pick the right options to suit you.

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