The Best Waist Lure Bag For Bass Fishing

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So what is the best waist lure bag for bass fishing? You have to laugh, but I had only just done a post on all of the lure vests and other lure-carrying equipment. So why change to a waist bag instead of the lure vest? Well, the answers to that question are quite simple. It just felt awkward for me when I was standing wading in the water.

The Pockets Got In The Way

The first problem for me personally was the pockets on the front of the vest. Realistically, they just got in the way, not just casting but reeling in the lure too. It just felt awkward. Please note, this is only my opinion; my other fishing colleagues swear by them and can’t understand why I have changed. If I were on dry land (the rocks), I would inevitably pull the lure vest off.

The New Waist Came From eBay

So my next mission to overcome the lure vest problem was to get an alternative to replace it. I had noticed on a couple of Facebook groups what people were generally using. To my utter surprise, many of them had rucksacks or waist lure bags like the one I am going to be going over. So I strongly recommend anyone joining the lure fishing groups on Facebook, especially if you are thinking about buying something. The chances are someone will advise you exactly on what you need to get or vice versa warn you not what to get.

Savage Gear Lure Bags

So as I scanned the internet for something suitable for my needs, I came across a popular choice of lure bag, and that was the HPA Chest pack. Unfortunately, like with so many decent lures, no one seems to stock them, or they are just plain out of stock. So I started checking out some of the Savage Gear sling bags on eBay. Now, these all looked pretty fancy but weren’t exactly bowled over for the money. But don’t get me wrong, they still look like a great alternative for what I was looking for.

My Amazon Special

Ultimately, this was when I discovered the lure bag I have now. Unfortunately, it hasn’t got a name. All I can do is leave you a link at the bottom of this page. But by far the winner IMO. The only downside to buying this bag is that the delivery times are not exactly lightning, but they tell you that when you order the lure bag.

The Pockets Are A Good Size On This Amazing Lure Bag

Like I mentioned earlier, sometimes, the pockets on the old lure vest could be awkward. By this, I mean sometimes I would have to muck about to get the lure box back in. Also, I sometimes got my braid stuck in the zip. Please note: This was when I was standing in the water. If I had been on the dry rocks, I would have taken it off. The great thing about my new lure bag is you can fling it around your back completely out of the way of a clumsy git like me, lol.

The Right Size Lure Boxes For Lure Bag

Main Pocket

The main pocket has enough room for two of the lure boxes easily. And another bonus they are easy to get in and out whilst you are fishing. This is a plus, in my opinion; you don’t want to be mucking about when you’re trying to seek out the bass.

Right Size For Two Lure Boxes

The main pocket also has two other compartments(See below). The first is actually in the zip-up lid and the other is inside at the back of the compartment. Both of these are great for packets of hooks or even packets of spare lure clips. You could even fit spools of fluorocarbon or whatever type of leader you choose.

Main Compartment Pockets

Even Has A Water Bottle Holder

Another handy feature is that you have a holder for a water bottle in easy reach. I would have to keep it in the rucksack compartment on my back with my old lure vest. Therefore, and obviously, I would have to take the lure vest off to get a drink. Who cares? But when you are wading in the water, you may not want to go to shore to have a drink. Of course, you could always have a metal army water bottle that hangs on a carabiner. I used to do that with my old lure vest which is always another option.

Accessories and Drinks Holder

As for the other bits and bobs, there is a pliers holder and 3 or 4 rings to hang things on (metal water bottle). You can see my fish grips in the picture above. I’m not sure what that clips for? Maybe a landing net, or would that get in the way?

There is also a handy side pocket that you can see in the picture above. This is great for things such as your headlight or maybe a spare spool. Spare spool? Blimey, you do not seem to get them with new reels these days which is my opinion is a real (get it) liberty.

Front Pocket Is Great For Weedless Soft Plastics

The front pocket is a perfect size for the likes of soft plastics in a (see tips and tricks) pencil case. This fits absolutely perfectly and really easy to get them out. If you are like me, you like to take a wide variety of lures even though you don’t seem to use half of them. You never know what’s going to work on the day.

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