10 Incredible Secrets For Catching Bass At Night

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High Tide Fishing For Bass At Night

10 Incredible Secrets For Catching Bass At Night: To be brutally honest: when bass fishing is on, and I mean really on you could chuck a carrot out there and still catch a bass. If only those days were more consistent. Well, let’s face it. If you’ve been mackerel fishing it can get quite boring after catching them 6 at a time for hours on end it gets a bit boring. Those days of catching bass are usually few and far between. Not unless you’re retired that is and don’t have to go to work.

So here are our top ten tips for finding those feeding frenzy bass that we crave to catch.

Tip 1: You have to be prepared to fish into the darkness of night.

Work can be a proper pain in the arse, especially if you’re getting up at 5.30 in the morning. So rolling in from fishing at 2 am in the morning is going to be tough, to say the least. Let’s face it you’re gonna be knackered.

But in my opinion, this is one of the sacrifices you are going to have to take if you want to catch those bass in numbers at high water. You see, this is when the fishing for bass can go crazy. Yes of course it can be like that in the light of day but that’s normally around the low tides.

10 Incredible Secrets For Catching Bass At Night
10 Incredible Secrets For Catching Bass At Night

Tip 2: Check Out Your Location To Fish Over High Water.

There are two locations around our region that have produced large numbers of bass over the high water. Honestly, there are loads more you have to work it out and find the bass for yourself. Do you get bass all the time? Definitely not. We have fished and blanked 5 times on the trot recently (July 2023) but that is trying to make the most of the conditions while they are not right. Trust me, this is half the battle for being successful at lure fishing for bass. Sometimes, we still try and fish when the conditions are not right, then wonder why we blank.

Both the venues in question are sand then rocky ground that is close to the shoreline or the high tide mark. At one of these venues, you would normally stand in the water around high tide. But the other is fishing off the sea wall, so no need for waders and much safer. There must be countless other areas like these where bass will come and hunt. But it only seems to kick off at night for some strange reason. Please note this is my finding it could be different for you and you’re location.

Tip 3: Fishing The Late Bigger High Tides For Productive Fishing

Yes, that tide run is an important factor too if you want to have an epic night lure fishing for bass. There must be a great reason why bass love that tide run, especially at night time. Why do they come in so close? Well, that may have something to do with the food they are hunting at night. Perhaps, the prey they are hunting are more vulnerable close in at night. Especially in the strong tides.

The bigger building tides usually start every two weeks: big tides one week small tides the next. For example, today is Sunday 9/7/2023. The high tide is at 17.33 and is a 4.60m tide. By Thursday (13/7/2023) the high tide is at 22:42 and is a 4.26 meter tide. This means the high is in darkness and now they are building, you beauty, this is what we want. So as all the other conditions (weather, wind etc.) are on we are good to go! We can only prey.

Nice Bass Right There
10 Incredible Secrets For Catching Bass At Night

Tip 4: The Water Clarity Has To Be Good For Night Fishing High

To start with the water has to be pretty good for fishing into total darkness at high tide. Also, we are hoping for a calm night as far as the wind goes. Wind direction especially around our neck of the woods is crucial. Anything in a Northerly direction we are pretty stuffed, the water will go very murky. However, for some strange reason, this year that wasn’t the case at all. People had fish in the rough North Easterly winds and cleaned up unbelievably in the daytime. But this was over the low tide not over the high. The water just wasn’t the same at nighttime we never caught anything at all.

Tip 5: Keep Your Headtorch Off The Water At All Times If Possible

Yes, this is a no-brainer if you want to have a great night fishing for bass. especially if you are standing in the water. But on the other foot, some people have their lights on all night, especially when people are bait fishing. People will argue that it doesn’t make any difference whatsoever. Personally, I think It does.

Red Light at Night for Lure Fishing

Another option is to go for a headlight that has a red light along with the standard white light. The best light for this is the Nitecore NU 25 IMO. It has 3 standard light settings and 2 red so perfect for the job in hand. I think it is a better option if you decide to keep the red light on. Don’t get me wrong, it can be pretty spooky fishing in total darkness. The Nitecore is a great answer if you want you’re light on all the time.

If you decide you want to improve the odds of catching at night and keep your light off. When you do need to use it just turn your back to the water and then turn it on. Job.

Nitecore has a new version of the NU 25 Headlight so if you decide to go for that one I think it only has one red light setting.

Tip 6: Having A Varied Lure Selection For High Water At Night

I’m certainly not going into details about the lures we use at night. There are enough lure guides throughout this website for you to read about the lures. However, my two main choices of lues would be yellow and white. Or, a combination of the two like chart patterns. I will link to the resources to purchase the lures in the list if you feel the need to buy them. you may have your own ideas.

  • IMA Hound 100 Sonic ( Matt Yellow, Sexy Mackerel or Cotton Candy)
  • Tackle House Feed Shallow 105 (Chart)
  • Komomo II (Matt Yellow, White or The Joker)
  • Pirate Teaser (Lemon Back or White)
  • Tackle House Vulture (White)

10 Incredible Secrets For Catching Bass At Night

Tip 7: Slow That Retrieve Right Down

This is the make or break as far as fishing for bass in the pitch black of the night goes. Remember, this is what I have found and it’s my personal experience to what has worked for me. Although I have mentioned this in another post.

One night we had been fishing off a new mark. This mark is a promenade locally to us. To cut a long story short I had caught 9 fish virtually on the trot and my fishing buddy hadn’t had a thing. If that was me I would’ve been seething but not him. He just laughed and asked what was I doing differently from him. I kid you not I told him to slow his retrieve right down and bang! he was straight into a fish.

PLEASE NOTE: These amazing fishing days do not happen very often. Everything, I mean EVERTHING has to marry up. Water, weather, tide etc.

Tip 8: Always Make Sure Your Knots & Braid Are Up To Parr

Oh, the pain! Yes, I have to admit I have neglected this (especially the knot-tying) it has cost me dearly. In fact 3 times this year (2023)I have lost fish for failing to check the strength of the knot. In my defence, this has never happened to me before my knots have always held.

So what went wrong then? On two of those occasions, I was bait fishing in the most awful North Easterly winds. The problem we faced was that we didn’t have anywhere to land the fish. The fishing had been pretty slow because normally we’d be getting plagued with dogfish along with the occasional bass. But this night no dogfish. Happy days. Then I had the most explosives bite on my rod, in fact, the rod butt was a way off the floor but I was close at hand to strike. Bang! Fish on. And I could tell it was a good one too. I could feel the violent headshakes as I reeled that fish close to the sea wall. Then as I looked towards the only slope where I could land this fish, I noticed It was impossible to get to it because of the parked cars along the prom. So I had to try and winch the fish up the wall. Nooooo……

On the first attempt, I managed to get the fish just out of the water. But my drag was slipping and I didn’t have a very good leverage with the rod being nearly 16 feet long. So without further ado, I tightened the drag right up reeled down and winched again. Only this time as the fish left the water a massive great wave smashed into it and my line snapped right at the knot. Argh!!!!!

Tip 9: When Fishing The Sea Wall Have A Drop Net At Hand

Jeez! The pain get worse. Following our epic 2022 months of May & June it was time to see what joys 2023 can bring. Especially fishing the late high tides into darkness. The problem was the conditions hadn’t served us well for our killer venue. This would result in us fishing late into June to see if we could set off where we left it last year.

We started to fish and would you believe it? First cast and bang! I was in straight away. This was awesome, to say the least. As the fish came close to the sea wall I had to call for the drop net. There was no way I was winching that fish up the wall. The killer Hound 100 Sonic had done it again. This was a fish of about 55cm. What a great start.

Fish Number 2: Then, my second cast and again straight into what felt like an even better fish than the first. Again, I called my mate to get the drop net again. Boom another fish well into the 50 mark.

Fish Number 3: Third cast? Sure enough bang! I was in yet again. But as I was reeling yet another solid fish but only this time my conscience got the better of me. My poor mate hadn’t had a look in so I decided to put my gloves on and started to winch it up the side of the wall. Typical, it was another cracker. So as I got the fish out the water and hauled it up the wall the bloody line snapped. Not only did I lose the fish I lost my killer Sonic 100 the Matt Yellow version. I still haven’t been able to replace it you can’t find them anywhere.

Title: Safety Tips for Night Fishing from the Shore

Fishing can be an enjoyable and rewarding activity, and for those who prefer a more serene and peaceful experience, night fishing from the shore can be particularly appealing there just seems to be better fishing. However, fishing after sundown brings its own set of challenges and safety considerations. By following some essential safety tips, you can ensure a secure and enjoyable night fishing experience.

Plan and Prepare:

Before embarking on a night fishing trip, it is crucial to plan and prepare adequately. Familiarize yourself with the fishing location during the daytime, noting any potential hazards or obstacles that may be present at night. Pack all the necessary fishing gear, including extra lighting, appropriate clothing, a first aid kit.

Use Sufficient Lighting:

One of the most critical aspects of night fishing safety is ensuring proper lighting. Illuminate your surroundings and fishing area to prevent accidents and to be aware of your surroundings. Carry a bright, waterproof flashlight with fresh batteries, as well as backup lighting options. Headlamps can be particularly useful as they allow you to keep your hands free for fishing tasks.

Share Your Plans:

Inform a friend or family member about your night fishing expedition, providing details such as the location, expected duration, and contact information. In the event of an emergency or if you fail to return on time, someone will be aware of your whereabouts and can notify the relevant authorities if necessary.

Fish With Someone At Night If You Can

Yes especially at nighttime you never know what could be around the corner. Although it’s not advisable if you do decide to wade into the water, be very mindful of the area. your fishing and always fish with someone else. Or stick to dry land. Nothing is worth the risk when you’re dealing with the sea.

Dress Appropriately:

Wear suitable clothing for the weather conditions and ensure that you are visible to others, including passing boats or fellow anglers. Consider wearing reflective clothing or accessories and carry a whistle to signal for help if needed. Additionally, insect repellent can help protect against mosquitoes and other pests that are more active at night.

Be Mindful of Water Conditions:

Pay attention to the water conditions and tide patterns at the fishing location. Avoid fishing in areas with strong currents, rough surf, or dangerous undertows. Be cautious of slippery rocks, seaweed, or other slippery surfaces that can lead to falls or injuries. Stay vigilant and maintain a safe distance from the water’s edge.

Practice Fishing Etiquette:

Respect other anglers who may also be fishing at the same location. Keep a reasonable distance from fellow anglers and avoid casting lines in their vicinity to prevent entanglement. Maintain a calm and courteous demeanour, especially during nighttime hours when noise can travel farther and disturb others and the fish

Stay Alert and Be Prepared:

Nighttime fishing can be serene, but it is important to remain vigilant. Stay alert for any changes in weather conditions, including sudden gusts of wind or approaching storms. Familiarize yourself with basic first aid procedures and carry a first aid kit to handle any minor injuries that may occur.


Night fishing from the shore can provide a unique and tranquil fishing experience. By following these safety tips, you can minimize risks and maximize your enjoyment. Remember to plan ahead, use sufficient lighting, dress appropriately, be mindful of water conditions, practice fishing etiquette, stay alert, and always prioritize your safety. By doing so, you can have a safe and memorable night fishing adventure.


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