9 Great Reasons Why We Use Weedless Bass Lures

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Weedless Bass Lures are a Must!

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In this section, you will learn the following:

  • What Make Weedless Lures So Good?
  • Why are Weedless Lures Less Likely To Get Snagged
  • What is a weedless lure? 
  • Variety of Weedless Lures
  • What type of weedless hooks are there?
  • Why should you use weedless lures?
  • What type of weedless hooks are there?
  • Do weedless lures come in different weights?
  • Why would you use weighted hooks?

What Make Weedless Lures So Good?

Weedless bass lures: So you’re out fishing at your favourite venue. The lights are fading. The wind is non-existent. You have gone through all your hard lures, and still, you don’t get a take. I have been in this scenario a few times in the past for sure. It’s time to scale down to the sea bed to comprehend if that bass hangs around down there.

The weedless lure is a great lure to have in your assortment of bass slaying tools. Any great lure angler wouldn’t fish without having some weedless lures in their box.

So what makes these weedless lures so good?  Well, for me, these fantastic lures always seem to be the answer when nothing else is working. I have fished for the whole session, then chucked a weedless lure on and BANG! Fish on!

Where Can I Buy These Weedless Bass Lures?

Here are 4 of the weedless lures we recommend and the most trusted retailers to buy from.

The 4 weedless lures we mention below are the best of the best IMO. I could go on and on, but if you are like me, you don’t want to waste money and end up with a load of lures you WON’T USE. At the end of the day, some people like to have every lure under the sun, and you may be one of those people; that’s absolutely fine. But learning from my own experience only buy what works; it’s that simple.

Pirate Seducer White

Pirate Seducer

Well, I am a firm favourite of the white version, although I love the others too. For me, It’s white at night normally that’s what colour I have had the most success with, and that’s when I do most of my fishing. I’m not talking about first light or dusk; I’m talking about pitch black of night. I had caught on my very first cast with the Pirate Seducer.

It was my only fish of the night, but at least it worked when everything else failed; incidentally, I have never used a new lure and caught with the first cast ever. Also, that night the fish were jumping out of the water right in front of us but still wouldn’t take anything, only the Seducer. On another day, It could have been another lure but that’s fishing all over. Weedless lures, in general, are not my number one go-to lure, but I will always have them in my box.

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Albie Snax Pearl
Albie Snax Pearl

Albie Snax

Another killer weedless lure. The only difference is it has no eyes, but don’t let that put you off. Nearly all these weedless types like the Albie Snax don’t have eyes. If you are a fan of the Pirate Seducer, you could always stick your own eyes on it…Bingo!

To veiw the Ablie Snax CLICK HERE

OSP DoLive Stick

These are arguably one of the best weedless soft plastics out there. Henry Gilbey is a big fan of this magnificent lure. Ultimately, this lure can be fished in a few different ways, like drifting around the structure in the tide run. Or, just a dead slow retrieve in shallow clear water can be a deadly way to fish with this lure—a must-have.

To view the Do Live Stick on Amazon CLICK HERE

The Black Fiiish Minnow

No need to put these bad boys together; they’re ready to go. The Black Fiiish Minnow is definitely up there with the best. Surprisingly, it looks like a fish, too lol. The Fiiish Minnow comes in all sorts of weights, from 6 to 120 grams. They may even go bigger than that. We generally use the 20g and the 25g.

I don’t know and correct me if I’m wrong, but there seems to be a shortage of the 20/25g. I can only seem to find a few in colours that I have never fished with. I will have another good look but am baffled at the lack of them, to be honest. I’m sure there are loads on eBay so maybe look on there.

To view the Fiiish Black Minnow CLICK HERE!

Why are Weedless Lures Less Likely To Get Snagged

Another great reason for using a weedless lure is they are less likely to get snagged. There is nothing worse than losing a £20 lure because you risked the depths. So because the hook nestles nicely into that rubbery plastic body, we can save ourselves some money. And even if you do lose a weedless lure, you’re not going to break the bank.

What is a weedless lure? 

The weedless lure consists of two parts, the hook and the body. For some weedless lures, you can buy a pack of five and buy the hooks separately. This is great because you are getting five lures for less than the price of a quality hard lure, which would cost around the £20 mark.

Variety of Weedless Lures

Oh dear, I’m afraid, as with the hard lures, there are so many choices when it comes to weedless bass lures. All the larger companies have different options when it comes to style, colour etc. When casting out weedless lures, some types act differently. Meaning bass will sometimes take them on the drop before you’ve even turned your reel handle, so be on guard.

There are even prawn and squid-like weedless lures; whether or not these were designed with bass in mind is another story.

Anglers use soft plastics for all fish species like cod, pollock and wrasse, to name a few.

Here is a list of some of the more popular choices; I will go a little more into detail later on.

  • Gary Yamomoto
  • Fiiish Minnow
  • Megabass
  • Pirate Seducer
  • Albie Snax
  • DoLive Stick
  • Sidewinder
  • Nitro Sprat Slim
John Reckless Awsome Bass
Picture from John Reckless with a lovely 63cm caught on the Albie Snax

What type of weedless hooks are there?

There are a few different options here; some of them are supposed to represent a worm. The other is the fish types like the Pirate Seducer. I only figure it’s a fish because of the eyes.

Why should you use weedless bass lures?

For me, the weedless bass lure is a hassle-free lure. The fact that it only has one hook is a great time saver, especially if you are into a shoal of bass. There is nothing worse than trying to unhook a fish that has devoured all three treble hooks. So just having the one hook is a lot quicker. Trust me; if let’s say I’m using a Zonk, and it’s working well, I will stay on the Zonk, simple. Everything depends on what’s working. I would only use the weedless if they were doing the business; using one just for easiness is ridiculous.

What’s the difference between weedless and soft plastics?

The difference is that the hook in the weedless lure is buried in the plastic body. The hook is exposed for the soft plastic, so it can still get snagged up fairly easily. You really want to make sure you are fishing deeper water and preferably above the water line so the lure can stay off the bottom.

Standing in the Water

If you’re standing in the water with waders on, the chance is you are going to get snagged. If you are fishing in the surf over sand, then that’s fine. Lures like the Savage Gear Eel and the Skerries Eels are two classic examples of soft plastic. I love them.

Weedless bass lures
Bass Taken By Remi Naftel

How do you rig a weedless lure? 

With the weedless bass lure hooks, there are basically two types. The likes of the Fiiish Minnow is much harder than the Albie Snax to rig up. However, the Fiiish Minnow already comes ready to go, so if you do have to change the body, it normally means it’s been hopefully chewed by a great big bass.

For me, I had to watch a YouTube video to get this right. I had tried once before a buggered the new body up. Ultimately the body was out of line with the head. I would make a video myself but my Fiiish Minnows are in good shape…I’d rather it stayed that way.

How To Rig An Albie Snax

So in this video (not mine), the bloke explains how to rig Albie Snax, but please remember not to let this put you off the Fiiish Minnow comes ready to go.

How To Rig An Albie Snax

Do weedless lures come in different weights?

Yes, they all come in different weights and sizes and colours. The decision is down to you. With the Fiiish Minnow, the weight is determined by the head then the body is made to fit the head. There are tiny Fiiish Minnows like down to 5-gram heads, right up to 120-grams (that must be for a shark) so make sure you buy the right size for our type of fishing. Stick within your rod class which realistically be from 15 to 30 grams. I definitely would not exceed these specs either way. So to be safe, go for around the 20-gram size.

weedless hooks options

Are There Different Types of Hooks?

Yes, if you look at the diagram above, you can see two different types of hooks. The hook on the left is my preferred choice because the spring on the hook eye comes already attached. With the hooks on the right, the spring is bought separately, so you hook this on around the point of the hook up to the eye, hence why it’s angled to stay in place.

Why would you use weighted hooks?

These are again a different affair to the Fiiish Minnow, being that they may have different lengths than weights. With this type of weedless bass lure, you would use a weighted hook if you wanted that lure to sink quickly. This scenario might occur when the tide is ripping through, so obviously, the heavier the weight, the quicker your lure will sink. Note: Some lure fishermen use an Albie Snax as a surface lure because they are not that heavy. Ultimately, a faster retrieve is going to result in the lure coming to the surface.

Can You Glue The Head to the Bodies with a Weedless Bass Lure?


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