“Amazing Boat Fishing For Bass For First Class Action”

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Boat Fishing For BassFishing from a boat

Small Boat Fishing for Bass

Boat fishing for bass it is then!!

Right, first of all we are only talking about small dinghy-type vessels here for our fishing.
We are definitely not going to be using a thumping great charter boat or a boat the size of the QE2 (if it still exists).

Remember, bass especially get spooked really easily, so we don’t want a massive engine tearing up the water do we know? Or, something else is ruining our daytime fishing like Jets skis. (We will cover that in a bit.)

No, just a small dinghy that’s going to take us to places where we could not normally fish from the land.

Rocky Coastline.

These places could be small creeks around the cliffs that are only accessible at high water or just a reef where there seems to be a disturbance in the water.

These disturbances are normally where there is an undercurrent that is swirling around a rock shelf or some other underwater feature. Bass especially loves this kind of domain.

We sometimes look for this type of water when shore lure fishing.
Normally, because you can see at low tide where this disturbance is coming from by the rocks that have been uncovered.

Water Disturbance

There could be deep gullies, that at high tide makes the water seem rougher over that area.

If the water is rougher you may not find it so easy to stop this type of water.

I personally would rather stay away from a boat if I thought it was going to be rough.

To be honest I’m not the keenest of boat anglers anyway. With that being said I have personally worked on fishing boats, using static, trammel and drift nets.

The thought of working when the seas were rough do not really appeal to me, but I really didn’t have a choice, that was my job.

Jets Skis

Now, if we were going lure fishing to one of our prime locations, the Bassman would have aborted the trip if he thought there had been Jet skis tearing around all day.

Then, go bananas if we were already fishing and then they turned up….god help me! This would also be a good time to get in a boat.

The main problem is If the sun was going to be blazing around our area, the jet skis would be out in force, especially where we live, and where we go fishing

Bass at Night

This is not so much a problem for me personally, because the majority of my bass fishing would be at night. When it’s quiet.

But could still be a problem for the day fisherman. You could always fish somewhere else but sometimes
when you know your area that doesn’t always cut it.

Which is great fun I’m sure but not for us lure fishermen?
But at the end of the day, the jet skis are entitled to enjoy the sea as much as us crazy fishermen.

Luxury Fishing

For us lure fishing fanatics, fishing for bass from a boat can be classed as pure luxury. We can avoid all those jet skis.
Let’s face it, we can venture out further to those places where the bass must just dwell in their droves.

The advantages of fishing from a boat for Bass.

1. Cover more ground
2. Fish in deeper waters
3. Greater tide run (important for bass)
4. Fish anytime (weather permitting)
5. Use equipment to find the fish.
Where to fish from a boat?

Places like sandbanks, wrecks and even islands that are only accessible via a boat can be very inviting haunts for our beloved bass.

Let’s face it, there will be all sorts of other species out there on the open sea. Fish like Pollock, Wrasse, and Cod just to name a few.

So depending on the fishing tactics you’re going to be using, I think it’s safe to say, we are cutting down the odds of blanking fishing, or are we?

Shore Fishing

Fishing from the shore is, without a doubt, a lot less hassle, and sometimes the only option especially if we have not got a boat or the weather is blowing an absolute hooly.

Undeniably, fishing from the land for me is also about the hunt: Finding the fish, we don’t use any kind of electrical technology. Only a phone to take a picture of that monster bass.

Best equipment for lure fishing from a boat.

Lure Fishing

Well, there is some great news if you’re already a lure angler. We can pretty much use exactly what we use from the shore. This is fantastic news because we know how expressive rods and reels can be, don’t we?

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However, if you were going to be bait fishing for bass or any other fish then you may need to get some suitable boat fishing tackle anyway.

Boat Fishing Basic Tackle.

  • Boat Rod 6 to 8 feet.
  • Multiplier Reel
  • Braid or Monofilament line
  • Heavy Fishing Weights
  • Hooks
  • Feathers
  • Swivels
  • Scissors
  • Fish Disgorger
  • Bucket

So as far as tackle goes that’s entirely up to what you want to spend.

For example, a fairly decent Shimano reel for lure fishing should do you just fine.
But you could pay anything from £40 to up £600…..£600? Yes really that much, especially for a top-of-the-range reel like a Shimano Stella.

Too Expensive

I personally would never pay that much for a reel. The reason is because of work commitments and the amount of time available for me to go fishing. 

Having said that, there is probably a great reason why the Stella is so expensive. In fact, the Bass Man himself has a Stella, and the thing that struck me the most about it was how light it was. Not on the wallet though.

Price Options

However, you could easily get a decent multiplier for boat fishing for less than £50. Remember we are not fishing for Marlins out there. Remember though bait fishing you may have problems, especially if you’re targeting bass because of other species getting to our bait first.

Also, remember this page is for close-in boat fishing in smaller dingy-like vessels. We are not going out miles to sea, just close to the shore.


Here is a list of absolute watery essentials to have on your boat.

  • Life Jackets
  • Personal Floatation Device (PFD)
  • Flares
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Oars
  • Lights
  • Pump
  • First aid kit
  • Radio
  • Mobile phone
  • Sound Device (whistle, horn or bell)

There is a section in our Kayak fishing page all about safety. But anyone who feels they want to venture out should definitely take a course on boat safety and learn about the dangers of the sea first before venturing out.

Boat fishing for bass is amazing!
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