How Do You Fish With Metals In The Surf?

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How Do You Fish With Metals In The Surf? alan martin
How Do You Fish With Metals In The Surf?
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How do you fish with metals in the surf? First off, this is one for the fair-weather fisherman. Honestly, that’s me all over, but looking into surf fishing with metals has got me thinking. The obvious problem for lure fishing can be the wind. However, if the wind is behind you, then that lure is going to fly. Realistically, any headwind down our neck of the woods normally kills the clarity of the water.

So what are the options for fishing in the surf?

First off, reading through some of their forums about this topic, I’m noticing people opinions are mixed when it comes to water clarity. Please, tell me more because that is our biggest dilemma fishing around Kent. Bass loves rough turbulent water anyway, and I’m sure they will still feed in the muddy, dirty water. We have a whole post about this topic.

So We are fishing in the wind, now what?

Right then, we have to be a little bit sensible about our approach to surf fishing with metals. Therefore, there are a few things we need to take into consideration before we cast out that metal lure.

How heavy is the metal you are using?

This is vitally important that you are careful with your choice of metal lures for surf fishing. However, we know that we may need some extra weight to punch that lure into the wind. Realistically, normal hard lures are pretty crap for casting into the wind, or even a crosswind, for that matter. So we need to go heavier. Therefore, we must make sure our lure rod is capable of casting out the correct weight.

Choosing The right rod for the job

Luckily for me, I have an old carp rod that I had originally used for lure fishing back in the eighties. Blimey, the rods have definitely come on leaps and bounds since then. That would suit my needs absolutely fine because I can cast a heavy metal without worrying whether or not my rod is going to snap or not. Please note: I’m not advising you to go out and buy a carp rod.

Lure Rod Class How Do You Fish With Metals In The Surf?
My Two Majorcraft Zaltz 10-30 & 15-42

Lure Rod Classes

Nowadays, the lure rod has a casting weight designed to advise you how much weight the rod is designed to cast. My lure rods (above) are both Majorcraft Zaltz, and they both have different weight classes. The lure weights of the two rods are 10 to 30Grams and 15 to 42. The 15 to 42Gram Zaltz is probably ok for some metals and on the heavy side but still great for our type of lure fishing. Whereas, the 10-30 gram is probably about the right weight, but definitely not for punching out metals that would be over 30 grams. It’s probably going to snap.

Best Rod Class Choice for surf fishing

Realistically, we don’t want to break our rods, do we? So I would recommend a lure rod between 20 to 120 grams MINIMUM for punching those heavy metals out into that surf. As to what make, I wouldn’t have a clue but will leave a couple of options you can look at. PLEASE NOTE: I HAVE NOT GOT ANY OF THEM. Furthermore, you ideally would want at least a rod around 9 to 10 feet in length, at least.

Here are a couple of surf rod options for you to choose from:

Penn Conflick XR Inshore 962


How Do You Fish With Metals In The Surf?

Two important factors you must take into consideration when surf fishing for Bass.

So now, we have the right rod. We have our weighty metals; now it’s time to go fishing. For surf fishing with metal, we want to make sure:

  • You are fishing over the sand where there are no rocks
  • Alternatively, The water is deep enough so you can avoid hitting the bottom

This is a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned. You could easily go and check your fishing location at low tide to make sure it is suitable for your heavy lures/metals. Remember, bass loves those sandy bays, too, as well as those rocky areas we normally fish. There is ample food in those sandy bays like small fish, worms and crabs, to name a few. In fact, I caught my two biggest fish over the sand.

How Do You Fish With Metals In The Surf?
How Do You Fish With Metals In The Surf?

Deeper Waters

As for deeper water, if you know there is a good depth of water, then you should be good to go. Fishing above the water level at high tide can also be the answer. By this, I mean you could be off a jetty of the promenade or even off the high rocks. But remember, you still have to land that fish, so make sure it’s a safe place to fish. Remember, we are fishing into the wind, so the chance is it’s going to be rough with waves crashing in. SAFETY FIRST, GUYS, I WOULD STICK TO THE BAYS FOR THIS TYPE OF FISHING.

Youtube videos

Recently, I have seen videos of people fishing from highly dangerous rocks for bass and pollock. This is great until you hook a big fish. Ultimately, you’re in trouble because you are surely not going to handline that bass up the rocks. Furthermore, with those powerful waves smashing against the rocks, you’re not going to climb down, are you? Even if you have all the safety gear, boots, life jacket etc. It’s just not worth the risk. Just use your brains and stay away from those rocks.

Choose Metal lures for the Surf

Ultimately, this is down to personal preference. There are so many metals to choose from nowadays, and the great news is they are cheaper to buy than the hard plugs we would normally use. Remember, you are thumping that lure into the wind, so you’re going to need a bit of weight. Please note: You Can use your normal lure rod; just don’t exceed your rod lure weight, common sense.

List of 5 metal lures for the Surf

That should be enough metals to get your teeth into.


Metals in the surf
Metals in the surf

There is nothing better than a screaming bass-striping line of your reels. Amazingly, the bass is supposed to fight harder in the surf than in the calmer waters. Whether this is because there in that turbulent water or not, answer on a postcard, please. Personally, through my own experience, I have found that it depends on how they are hooked. Therefore, when I have fished with a single hook-like soft plastics, the fight has been great. However, sometimes when using a hard lure with 3 treble hooks, the fight is sometimes inconsistent. It just depends on how they are hooked.

What retrieve should you use for Surf Fishing?

Well, if you are fishing over sand, you haven’t got to worry about getting snagged. As for retrieve, you should vary your retrieve wherever you are fishing. For me, a dead slow retrieve is always a winner when that tide is ripping through. I would sink and draw clearer waters, fast then slow until I found something that would prompt that bass into action. Remember, if they’re in the surf chasing around, they will probably nail what metal is on offer.

Bass go crazy in the Surf

Landing your bass in the Surf

For me, whether I had waders on or not, I’m still going to avoid entering the water. Those inconsistent waves can be powerful if you are concentrating on landing a fish. In other words, they could knock you over. Probably, the best practice would be to try and use the waves to beach the fish. Meaning, that when the waves recede, the fish is left on the sand. Ideally, you don’t want the wave dragging the fish back out, especially if there is an incline to deeper water. Realistically you could lose the fish like this. Ultimately, make sure your drag is set correctly.


So we hope that gave you a brief guide into fishing in the surf. One more thing is that you don’t have to change or take a truckload of lures with you.

Please remember about rod classes and the dangers of the sea, it’s much better to stay safe while you are fishing on that note, good luck!!

How Do You Fish With Metals In The Surf?

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