How To Catch Bass On The Incredible Pirate Teaser

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Pirate Teaser: They Have Been Awesome This Year

Pirate Teaser: After a pretty dismal run as far as lure fishing goes, we finally hit a great run of weather. So this meant we would be fishing as many sessions as we could, big and small tides.

Vaselinf or weedless hooks
Vaseline or weedless hooks

As most anglers around our country are aware, typically, the conditions around our way Kent are not the best on the planet. Especially around the South East coast.

As for the norm, we had been trying all these fantastic new lures. Everything from IMA Hound Glides to DoLive Sticks. But to no avail. We weren’t catching anything.

However, to my utter disbelief, I stuck on a Teaser to give it another go. I had tried the Pirate Teaser a few times before but without success. But this time, it was different I was in; it worked. We had finally broken an ugly run of blanks…at last.

Fishing Shallow Ground

One of the main reasons why I decided to use the Teaser is simple. We were fishing on very shallow ground, and the water that day wasn’t that clear. The wind had blown onshore slightly, so ultimately, it had coloured up.

As I mentioned, we were fishing on very shallow ground; the Teaser being weedless, seemed to avoid the snags. But, ultimately, that is not always the case. It depends on how rough the ground is. If there are enormous great rocks or boulders, then you could run into problems. Especially if the tide is ripping through and you are using weighted hooks.

So Why Risk Losing the Pirate Teaser On The Rocks?

Here’s the thing – we haven’t yet. So I’m just saying you could.

The advantage of the Teaser (considering our current conditions) is that you pick up less weed.

The seaweed around our area is a real problem. Any standard hard lures wouldn’t stand a chance. However, we are still caught in those weedy conditions. But to actually catch, I reckon that lure must have hit the fish on the nose to get any result.

The minute you start to retrieve your lure, you will pick up that weed—end of the cast. I suppose it’s a bit like dragging a rake through a pile of leaves. For us lure anglers, this has to be one of the most frustrating problems we encounter, apart from the conditions. 

How Do You Handle The Tide With The Teaser?

At one of our venues where we have recently been fishing, the tide is extreme. So to coincide with the power, we cast our lures in the direction the tide is running. Meaning if the tide is on the flood, the direction would be from right to left. So we would cast about 2oclock. Then, the flowing tide takes the lure down tide round to about 9.30.

Same for the ebb: cast out at 10oclock, then by the time you retrieved your lure in the flowing tide, it would be around 2.30.

So, this would differ day by day as the tides get weaker. You would have to adjust to how strong the tide is flowing.

You would be able to cover a larger area of ground on the slacker tides.

Pirate Teaser
Just Some Of The Pirate Teasers

How Many Sizes Are There For The Pirate Teaser

The Pirate Teaser comes in two different sizes: 150mm and 120mm. The 150 weighs 15 grams, but bear in mind that it will be heavier if you use weighted hooks (like we do). The weighted hooks are a must for a strong tide run to get that lure near the bottom.

For A Selection Of Normal & Weighted Hooks Click Here: Jig heads & Weedless Hooks

As for the smaller 120mm, I would maybe use these when there is hardly any tide run. If I am honest, I have yet to catch on to the smaller of the two, but I’m sure on the day they will still catch for sure.

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