Shimano Lunamis simply incredible

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Seriously, no, I still have my Major Craft Zaltz, but my new rod is the Shimano Lunamis.

“New rod? I thought you loved that Zaltz?” And yes, I do, but it was high time I upgraded to something a bit special, and that’s exactly what I got. The quality of the Lunamis is outstanding I am more than pleased to spend that kind of money on this rod. To be fair, I would regard the Lunamis as a middle-of-the-road compared to other lure rods that can retail for well over £700.

Shimano Lumanis
Goodbye Zalts Hello Lunamis

First Impressions Of The Shimano Lumanis.

The first thing that struck me about the Shimano was the lightness of the rod. Generally, the more you pay for a lure rod, the lighter they are. But this masterpiece of a rod is no exception. I am generally over the moon with this investment. When surface lure fishing this is the ideal to have in your arsenal but we’ll get into that in a bit.

Test Curve

 Also, testing the curve on the ceiling (like you do), I felt the Shimano was a lot stiffer action than the Zaltz. All I needed to do now was try the thing out. The Shimano is slimmer overall than the Zaltz. But not so much the tip end; I mean the bottom half of the rod.

Waiting For The Right Conditions

As I mentioned earlier about the conditions, I struggled to find a day good enough to go fishing. So I said sod it and went anyway. 

The wind was blowing Easterly (as per usual), so not good for the water clarity. I clipped on a lightish lure and cast that rod for the first time.

Eh? It felt odd at first; I initially thought I had a mistake. Trust me; I hadn’t. Because I was so used to the heavier Zalts, the incredible lightness of the Shimano just felt alien. Also, trying to cast in that easterly wind was not a true reflection of the Shimano.

Wrong Choice Of Lure

The second thing I should have realised from the start was that I’d had stuck a brand new lure on that I’d never used before, which also seemed to have very little weight to it being only 14g. I know from experience what lures cast well; I should have stuck the Autowalker right of the bat; they fly.

So, I stuck on a 20g lure, and just as I thought, it just flew out there with ease.

Since that day, we have fished a brief South Westerly, with the wind behind us, and the Shimano is fantastic, punching that lure into the distance.

I’m a stubborn git and swore I would never spend that kind of money on a rod, but that Shimano rod, for me, is perfection. I am over the moon with it.


What Is The Reel Seat Like On The Shimano Lunamis?

The reel seat on the Shimano Lunamis is quick and easy. So when you decide to put on or take off your reel, there is no mucking about. Another great thing about the reel seat is it has not worked itself loose like previous rods I have had. It has been solid as a rock so far.

Surface Lure Fishing With The Shimano Lunamis

So, surface lure fishing is probably one of the most exciting aspects of fishing for bass. Seeing that swirl as that bass gets ready to strike on that dancing lure will get anyone’s adrenaline pumping for sure. Or that explosive splash on the water as that bass engulfs your lure from out of nowhere. It just doesn’t get much better than this.

What were the differences between surface lure Fishing in performance with the Shimano Lunamis and you’re old Zaltz?

Well, I am the first to say that the way I get that action of the lure to ‘Walk The Dog’ is not how most other people do it. Right or wrong, I still catch surface lure fishing and have done it when others have failed.

The common way to ‘walk the dog’ is to hold the rod at an angle and shake the rod up and down, then real in slowly but in sync with the movement of the rod. It does take a little practice to perfect this technique. I stand sideways on and have the rod at the same angle but wedged as if you were reeling in normally if that makes sense.

Shimano Lunamis
Normal Up & Down versus My Way: Left To Right

The beauty of the stiff action with the Shimano Lunamis is the fact that you have a bit more control over the tip which is great for surface lure fishing. This is because you’re more in touch with the lure. this is also the case with soft plastics in my opinion. But only a subtle difference that wasn’t the reason I got the rod. my old Zaltz still does an incredible job of both.

Fishing With The SHIMANO LUNAMIS (Catching bass)

Luckily: when the conditions have favoured us we have managed to throw a few lures out there. We have managed to find some fish. This is great news for us but even better for comparing the Lunamis to the old Zaltz.

Fishing at our number one spot for this year, I had five fish all pretty much in succession which was great when you think you were heading for another blank. The power of the Lunamis is awesome you feel like you have to strength to guide fish away from any obstruction that the fish may head for.

With that being said I’m one for giving the bass a fighting chance meaning I do not just bully the fish in. I have other friends that have stronger braids and 30lb leaders to bully that bass in, just in case they head for a bit of structure that may be sticking out of the water.


If you are looking to upgrade your current lure rod then I strongly recommend you give the Shimano Lunamis a fair trial. The feel of this rod is great it’s perfect for all types of lure fishing. I am well pleased with this great investment.

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