5 Reasons You May Not Be Catching Bass Lure Fishing

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Why Am I Not Catching Bass?
Green Weed At Low Tide

Why Am I Not Catching Bass? This is a great question that even the best lure anglers have asked themselves over the years. If you are getting those painful blanks, fear not. That PB is just around the corner. In fact, the more you blank, the more you learn, so let’s get into it.

Reason 1: Weather

Whether you like it or not: Everyone blanks bass fishing with lures at some time. However, before we get into the reason for your failures, I must say that what we will cover is from personal experience and just my opinion. Therefore, the scenario for your fishing location could be different from ours. However, our location is not blessed with the greatest conditions, but that’s how it goes.

I have been fishing for many years and have tried all sorts of fishing. Fly fishing, boat fishing, carp fishing, just to name a few. But lure fishing for bass has to be the hardest and most frustrating out of the lot. I have had 15 blanks on the trot, which is nothing to be proud of. It was a bad time of the year for fishing in general. Ultimately, no one was catching. It was just dead. The reason for this adverse beast from the east that froze our land. That will bring us to the first reason for our 5 Reasons You May Not Be Catching Bass Lure Fishing.

Weather conditions

Would you believe it? But at this present time 22-6-2020, we are being blessed with the best sustained water clarity iv seen for years. Well, the main reason for this is the hot weather we have been having and the wind direction. The wind direction currently is South Westerly so this means that along the North coast where we live the wind direction is blowing from the land out to sea. This is great, but if the wind was to blow up then this would probably colour the water up. Then, ruin any chances of us catching any bass. Incidentally, this DOESN’T MEAN YOUR’E NOT GOING TO CATCH it just decreases your chances.

Change of wind direction

On the flip side, South Westerly would be a North Easterly. But as long as there is next to zero wind, it should not change the water clarity.

Amazingly, places like The Isle Of Wight can boast great conditions to fish for bass. The reason is that being an island; you can always fish with the wind behind you. This is amazing news; if you live down there, I should put a visit on my bucket list.

North Westerly Wind

North Westerly wind would mean that the water further down the coast would be the better option. However, we have ventured down there on two separate occasions only to be disappointed by the water clarity. It just wasn’t clear. Nowadays, there is a live cam that shows the different areas in that vicinity. This is a great help now and can save us a wasted journey.

Does rain affect fishing?

Honestly, I’m really not sure, to be honest. If I know, it’s going to lash it down with rain, and I will stay at home. I don’t particularly appreciate getting soaking wet lol. At least I’m honest, eh. Theoretically, It should make fishing better because of the darker skies from the rain clouds. Daytime fishing always seems to be better when the weather is overcast anyway. As for thunder and lightning, I don’t think you should risk it with the carbon/graphite rods of today.

Torrential Rain

I generally can’t imagine any fish feeding when that rain is beating down on the water. Let’s face it; the noise must be horrendous. But they say after a torrential rain pour, the fish can be known to go on a feeding frenzy. Have you ever noticed bass fishing what the atmosphere feels like just as it’s going to rain? There is a definite fishiness about it for sure.

Clear Skies Sunshine

Amazing, we love a bit of sun, don’t we? But does the sun affect the fishing? Well, of course, it does. Does this mean you won’t catch anything? No, not at all, but it could be a great reason why we are not. Just ask any Carp fisherman.

From my own experience, it was always poor in the daytime compared to the night. As far as bait fishing goes, daytime fishing for bass (from the shore) can be pretty non-eventful. That by no means you will not catch anything, just that may narrow down your chances a bit.

Lure fishing in the daytime

IMO it’s pretty much the same thing with lure fishing in the daytime sunlight. Of course, those schoolies may want to play, but we are after the grown-ups, aren’t we? As for water clarity, we can be a bit more lenient in the daytime; as for night fishing with lures, we definitely need good water.


63cm Bass
Why Am I Not Catching Bass?

Reason 2: Water Clarity

Ultimately, this is probably one of the most important things to consider when lure fishing for bass. Does this mean you do not catch in dirty water? No, not at all. But your chances are reduced right down if the water clarity is poor. Fish can not see in dirty water. In fact, read this article about fishes visibility in the sea.

How The Water Clarity is Affected

Amazingly, the weather is probably the biggest factor as far as clarity goes. We have already covered that scenario, but other things can make our water seem murky.


Ultimately, seaweed has to be one of the biggest problems you’ll run into lure fishing for bass. Here’s why: It’s doesn’t matter if you have the greatest conditions in the world that weed is a proper pain in the butt and make your life hell—unfishable in some cases. Currently (June 2020), the seaweed, especially at high tide, is beyond the joke. We need a massive onshore wind to help shift it up the beaches.

Why Am I Not Catching Bass?
Weedy Old Margate


Algae, Mayweed? This is another passion killer for our lure fishing. The sun normally puts the algae at bay, though for some reason. But higher levels of nutrients in the water causes growth for the algae.

Reason 3: Tide Run

Ultimately, tide run is one of the most important aspects for you catching bass. Bass love to target their prey in that strong current. However, If there is no tide run, it doesn’t mean you will not catch. Therefore, we have found that fishing is more productive on the bigger tides when the tide is stronger.

The tides work either changes every day. They are either building tides or dropping tides. We usually call the lower tides the neap tides. These usually are not as good as the bigger tides.

Every set of tides are different from the amount of water that either covers or drops. The biggest sets of tides are called the spring tides: these are the best for our bass fishing, in my opinion.

Reason 4: Wrong Lure Selection

Amazingly, some anglers believe that as long as the bass are hungry, they will take any lure put in front of their nose. Realistically, this is true to the extent that the bass will be in a feeding frenzy on the odd occasion and will devour anything.

Personally, I have fished right next to someone using a completely different lure to what I have been using, and he had caught, and I hadn’t. In fact, he kept on catching to the point where it just wasn’t funny. So I change to the same lure as him, then bang! Fish on.

This is why there are so many lures out there on the market. Some of the variants are:

  • Surface
  • Shallow Divers
  • Medium divers
  • Deep divers
  • Sinking lures
  • Poppers
  • Soft plastics
  • Weedless

You see, all these types of lures (mentioned above) all serve a purpose. There would be no point chucking a deep diving lure in shallow water; you’re going to lose it. Or surface lure fishing when the water is deep, and the fish are feeding on the bottom. So how would you know they are feeding on the bottom? You would chuck a lure on that is going to patrol the bottom and hopefully get a take. It’s that simple.

Bass on a Senko
Why Am I Not Catching Bass?

Reason 5: There Aint No Fish!

Probably the most obvious one out there. But it’s not rocket science. If there ain’t no fish, you are not going to catch. You could be the greatest lure fisherman to grace this planet, but if there is no fish? I think you’ve got the message.


If you have not caught a bass lure fishing in the UK, DO NOT BE DISSAPOINTED. No, everyone blanks; if you keep going, you will learn from your mistakes, so keep trying new fishing marks and asking questions on the lure fishing pages on FB or even drop us a message on here. People spend a fair few quid on lure fishing gear; those lures are not cheap. So keep at it!!


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  1. I have been fishing at Penmon Point in north Wales and have been using lures. Bass are often caught there but I often can’t catch them on lures but rather live baits
    Do you know why?

  2. Hello Max, If you know the bass are definitely there try slowing your retrieve right down. Fish the big tides high and low and at night time and first light. Use white or chart lures at night but especially slow your retrieve down at night. Sorry for the late reply. Good luck but don’t take any risks fish with someone if you can. Stay safe Keith

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