Best Braid For Bass Fishing

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So What Is The Best Braid For Bass Fishing?

best braid for bass fishing
Best Braid For Bass Fishing

Below is a list of questions that you should consider when deciding what is the best braid for bass fishing. After all, we want a reliable line that will winch that 10lb monster bass in. So let’s face it, we don’t want our line to snap. Sometimes it’s inevitable that you’re going to get a break. This could occur if that bass wraps your line around a rock, post or groin. Believe me, I have had all freak in 3, but that is fishing.

So answer let’s some of those questions.

  • Why Use Braided Fishing Line?
  • Do I need braided fishing line?
  • Do you need a leader when fishing with braid?
  • How do I tie braid to mono fishing line?
  • How do they make braided fishing line?
  • What is the best way to cut braided fishing line?
  • How do you spool braided fishing line?
  • How long does fishing braid last?
  • Best braided fishing line?

Why use braided fishing line?

The answer is quite simple you don’t. But if you are serious about lure fishing, you only have to go on any forum or Facebook page to find someone that isn’t using it. EVERYONE DOES!

Our type of fishing can be quite hardcore in the way of the terrains we fish over. Hazards like rocks, kelp and structure that that bass could be hiding around.

No Stretch

There is no stretch with braid, so you’re more direct with the lure. I have also found that braid while bait fishing off the rocks is way better. The reason being you can have a heavier braid line, say 40 to 50lb, on a fixed spool and get out of those snags that the tide can drag you into. Ultimately, you end up losing less tackle.

Thin Diameter

Braid is also a lot thinner than mono so that we can get more line on our spool. This is also better for casting because it is thinner; it comes off the reel much better.

Do I Need Braided Fishing Line?

Well, as far as I’m concerned, we answered that in the last question. It is just better for our type of lure fishing; it’s that simple.

Do you need a leader when fishing with braid?

One of the bad things about braid is the knot strength. So you have to make sure your knot-tying skills are up to par. There are loads of videos on Youtube if you are not sure. For likes of a normal blood knot, with braid would just slip until the knot came undone. So you would need to make about 10 to 12 turns so the knot wouldn’t slip.

Why we use a leeder or point

This is a no brainer as far as I’m concerned. You don’t want to spend time tying knots every time you want to change your lure. By using a leader, we can tie a lure clip on and change lures in a flash.

Why Don’t You Just Tie the Lure Clip To The Braid

Good point, and you can. But using a fluorocarbon leader is virtually invisible in the water, whereas braid definitely is not. I have caught fish just tying the braid straight to the lure. But we want the best odds for catching bass as possible and don’t want to muck about especially tying knots.

How do I tie braid to mono fishing line?

Click here to watch video.

Well, as far as tying braid to nylon, there are a couple of great knots that you could use that are quick and very reliable. The Yukaton knot is a great knot and relatively quick to tie. Another is the GT knot. Apparently, this is the strongest braid to nylon knot out there.

How do they make braided fishing lines?

What is the best way to cut braided fishing line?

Cutting braids is very different from the likes of cutting monofilament or fluorocarbon lines. With normal scissors, they don’t seem to cut right through. This is because (as explained in the video) braids are made up of microfibres that slip through the scissors blades. With braid cutters, sometimes the edge of cutting edge of the blades are serrated. Some are just like pliers with other functions, a bit like a multi-tool.

Best Braid For Bass Fishing
Braid Cutter and Pliers

Ridge Monkey Braid Cutters

The braid cutters in the picture are my Ridge Monkey braid cutters. The others are the plier type, but they only have a small area to cut the braid. I also found that this type of braid cutter seems to go blunt quicker. Having said that, these are fairly cheap and may not be of the best quality, But they were great when they were new. I still use them and have another pair because they are good for changing treble hooks; those little rings can be a nightmare to change without these pliers.

Best Braid For Bass Fishing

The RidgeMonkey are great braid cutters. You can just about make out that serrated edge on the blades. These are also luminous, so great if you drop them in the dark and don’t realise, I have lost a few things like this night fishing.

How do you spool braided fishing line?

Well, this can depend on how much line is on the spool. If the spool is only 100 meters, you’re probably going to need some backing line. The reason being is that you want to make sure the line fills the spool on your reel, but not too much otherwise, you could get wind knot problems. Here is an article about wind knots:

As for winding the line on, I just put the spool on a screwdriver or something like that. Then thread the line through a fishing rod, then reel in as if you are fishing. Simple eh. However, if you want a flash way or are not scared of buying a proper device, go on Amazon; there are loads. Click this link.

How long does braid last?

Braids are very hard-wearing compared to mono. I have had the same braid for the last two seasons. Having said that, I’m not fishing every day. Unlike the Bassman, he will go fishing twice a day, weather and conditions permitting. As long as you check, the braid doesn’t start to fray. This can happen when a fish takes you around a rock, but they normally snap you off. So basically, keep your eye on your line.

Best Braid For Bass Fishing

My 3 Favourite Braids

J Braid

Out of all those braid companies out there, this has to be my number 1. With that being said, there are still 2 others I would quite happily use if I couldn’t get this amazing line. J Braid has never let me down. I don’t think I’ve ever had a wind knot either. I have been using the 20lb multicolour 300meter spool, the one in the picture at the top of the page. This is also the top bass fishermen’s number choice when it comes to the line, so it must be good. Click here to check availability.


This has to be one of the most popular braids on the market. People will argue between Sufix and J Braid, but in my opinion, they are both fantastic. There are various types of Sufix braid, and to be totally honest, I haven’t used them all, so if I had to pick, it would have to be the 832 version. Please make sure you get the right breaking strain line for the type of lure fishing you’re doing. I mention this because some of the spools the breaking strains are in KG, and some are in lbs?? No, I don’t know why. Click here to check availability.

Power Pro

Yes, another great braid and also up there with the best. I used this line for years and have to say it has never let me down. However, I have had some horrendous wind knots but can not put that down to the braid. This was down to poor line lay on my reel. You can read about wind knots on our page ‘How To Stop Wind Knots’. Click here to check availability.

For All these Braid Please make sure you get the correct breaking strain

Best Braid For Bass Fishing

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