What Waders Should I Buy For Bass Fishing

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Best Waders For Bass Fishing

So, before we get into ‘What waders should I buy for bass fishing’? There are a few important things to take into consideration. Yes, before you spend any money please take heed of what we discuss. Here is a list of questions you should consider.

  1. What terrain are you wading over?
  2. How far do you need to walk to get to your fishing venue?
  3. How much are you willing to spend on your wader?
  4. What type of waders suit you?

Types of Waders

Wader? Jeez, I’ve had a few pairs over the last 10 years. Some good, some bad and some not even worth mentioning. I suppose it’s a learning curve making the right choice.  However, I am currently happy with what I’ve got.

Best Pair of Waders

The pair I’m currently using are by Volare and they are the stocking foot chest waders. This means you buy a separate pair of wading boots that fit over the sock. You would have to take on board the fact the sock is usually a lot thicker than your normal fishing socks. Therefore, you would need to get a pair of boots a couple of sizes bigger. Also, they are waterproof for a good reason: we don’t wanna get our feet wet.

My Wading Boots

Neoprene and PVC Waders

The other types are the all in one Neoprene waders or the PVC type all in one. I’ve had all of these and apart with the ones I have now, I have had some issues.

Easily Fixed Problems

We fish over all sorts of terrain on our quest to catch bass. For you to cover all the different grounds then it would be wise to have the stocking foot waders. If you are only going to be fishing from the dry land then your conventional PVC or Neoprene would be great. But if you’re standing in the water, and it’s rocky, then I would definitely get the stocking proof. It would probably be easier if I just did the pros and cons for you to make your mind up.

But first I’ll tell you about some of the experiences I’ve had with all three

One of the worst things to happen lure fishing is to fall over when you’re up to your waist in water. It really isn’t funny if you’re the casualty. Bloody hilarious if it’s someone else, as long as they’re not hurt of course.

The Bassman has witnessed me take the plunge of doom about five times. Basically, we would wade out over the rocks, normally fishing the dropping tide. This is when the tide starts to rip through. The stronger the tide the better, it’s that simple.

Plunge 1

The first time I took the plunge was in Folkestone. The problem I found on the boots of the Neoprene wader was the soles is that they weren’t that thick. Meaning, I could feel the jagged rocks, flints and stones as I was wading through the water. I can’t blame the Bassman for this one but this is what happened.

The tide had changed and the water had gone a bit murky. This meant it was time to move off to a different location. I was up to my waist in water and basically my leg slipped down a gulley. Ultimately, I went over. The water was freezing as it overflowed over the top of my waders. Luckily, because the Neoprene waders were ridiculously tight it actually stopped me from getting a complete drenching. It still ruined my day fishing, but there you go, good days bad days.

Neoprene, Thick Material

The Neoprene waders are a bit like a wet suit so they are pretty thick. I love these waders for bait fishing

Another negative about the Neoprene waders is that if you have a long walk to your venue, you are going to inevitably sweat your tits off. So you’re going to get a bit damp anyway. All jokes aside, it’s not as bad as the PVC though, with them your gonna melt lol. Having said that in all fairness, you don’t really notice the wet till you take them off. Also, you could easily just carry the waders in another bag. Then when you arrive after your 2 miles walk just get changed into your waders. Job done.

Harder Wearing

The good thing about the PVC and Neoprene waders is they are much harder wearing. This means you’re less likely to get leaks, or ever worse splits. Remember though, if you haven’t got miles to walk (like nearly an hour’s walk down to our venue in Folkestone) they are great. You don’t have to always struggle over the rocks, I don’t like it. As long as you’re familiar with the ground your fishing over you should be fine.

Expensive Waders

The Bassman seems to have given up with the really expensive waders. The reason is that they inevitably seem to always leak as time goes on. He has been standing in the water when a fish has swum through his legs. Unfortunately, the treble hooks that were hanging out of the fish mouth punctured, and on another occasion, tore his £400 stocking foot waders. Personally, I don’t think that would have happened with the Neoprene or PVC waders.

You normally get a puncture repair kit with the stocking foot waders. Or you can buy the aqua glue that repairs wetsuits. But finding them holes is another headache. The Bassman shines a torch in a pitch-black room to find the holes in his waders.

Do not leave your stocking foot waders unattended

What the hell is he going on about? Your problem thinking. Well here goes. After my first mild dunking down Folkestone, I decided I was going to invest in a pair of stocking foot waders. After all, I was lure fishing very regularly and had some good results. In fact, I had caught my 68cm PB Bass and I had caught a Sea Trout the same day. This was like a real bonus to me because the Bassman had never caught a Sea Trout. I was loving life. However, this was short-lived.

Broke from shutting in a car door

Back Home

I went home that night, hung my waders in my missed garden and washed them and the boots off. The saltwater can muck them up, especially the boots. So what’s so wrong with that? Well, the next time I waded out up to my nuts in the water I had sprung a leak….not 1 about 10. So clever funny clown had punctured my waders, the leaks were ridiculous. To make matters worse normally that would be an 8-hour fishing trip with all the walking and travelling. But this was game over.

What Waders Should I Buy For Bass Fishing

Wise Words

Some words of wisdom: if you have pissed your wife off, cos your fishing all the time – do not leave your drying waders unattended. It could work out expensive. In all fairness to my lovely other half, she was adamant it wasn’t her, as she rolled around the floor laughing. So it could have been one of the other tenants in her block of flats. Incidentally, I never hired a private eye to find out.

Bad experience no 3

Now this time I had my PVC waders made by Vass. Now, these are extremely good waders, extremely hard-wearing.

We had fished one mark that normally would be a banker barring conditions. There aren’t so many rocks, in fact, some of the ground is sand, lovely. But we had blanked, so we moved off and decided to try another spot where it was pretty gnarly. The other thing is the seaweed that covers the rocks can be another hazard. With some of these rock platforms, one-step and you’re up to your waist, the next the waters up to your knees it’s all over the place. The worst is yet to come.

The Bassman insists, not to put your light on otherwise we’ll spook the fish. This makes that trek of doom ten times more treacherous because it’s pitch black. Only the little ships in the distance glowing away is our only light source.

£700 Down

The next problem is the Bassman takes off into the darkness, always about 20 yards in front of me. The problem with this is, I can’t really cast until I catch him up. Anyway, I went over AGAIN. Yes, I slipped on the seaweed only this time the water was way above my waist. The other problem is you have your rod in one hand and you can’t steady yourself with the other because the floor is water lol. You really want to avoid soaking your reel in the saltwater. My Daiwa seemed to instantly sound buggered up, a bit like a great big bag of nails in a washing machine. I also dunked my brand new iPhone (worth about £600) and a Led Lenser Headlight(not that I was allowed to use it) so total=£700 Down. Guys, It’s better to stay dry, trust me

That water was freezing and again, it was game over. Luckily though, we were local so only a short trip home. My missus was astonished when she saw me run across the road in my pants shivering like a pile of jelly.

Tips to avoid falling over whilst wading

  • Just don’t wade out in the water unless you can see where you’re going, especially at night
  • Put studs in the soles of your waders( you normally get them when you buy the waders)
  • Use a wading stick
  • Take your time
  • Or just don’t wade in the water unless you have too
  • Don’t wade over massive gulleys that could be deeper than your waders(no brainer)

Vass Waders PVC

To be totally honest, IMO you can’t beat the Vass Waders for value for money. They are great all-round waders for me and stood me well for a long time. The only thing that was an issue was I didn’t feel that safe on my feet wading over the rocks with gullies. Having said that you could always put the studs in the sole.

Also, if you have to walk a long way you are going to sweat. But like I said earlier, you could put them in a bag and put them on when you get to your fishing spot.

Rating: 8/10

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Bison Waders (Neoprene)

Bison Neoprene Waders

I can’t argue, these are amazing waders for all-round fishing you can’t beat them for the price. Very hard-wearing and never leaked all the time I had them. They will definitely keep you warm in the winter. But not for the hot summer, especially if you have a long walk, you’re going to lose weight.

Rating: 7/10

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Kylebooker Stocking Foot Waders

My Stocking Foot Waders

Right these are the way to go if you are a serious bass hunter. These are very lightweight compared to the other two mentioned. Also, you would be wearing proper wading boots, so these are better for the more treacherous rocks. they are just more comfortable. Only negative is they may start to leak over time. But you normally get a repair kit so happy days.

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Rating: 9/10


What Waders Should I Buy For Bass Fishing?

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