The Best Tips And Tricks For Lure Fishing For Bass

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Line Tension? We Don’t Want A Crack Off

The Best Tips And Tricks For Lure Fishing For Bass: Jeez! There is nothing worse than spending £20 PLUS on a lure than watching it sail into the distance with no braid attached to it. Personally, I had a spell of going through this trauma, but this was due to having a poor spool of braid. This resulted in the braid snapping when I was casting. This worked out expensive, and I lost lures that had been a pig to get hold of. In fact, some of those lures are still unavailable.

Tips and Tricks
This loop around the rod can happen in windy conditions changing lures. Keep tension on your line and check.

This loop around the rod can happen in windy conditions changing lures. Keep tension on your line and check.

The Wind Can Be A Reason For A Crack Off

This problem the wind can be worse at night time especially if you’re keeping your light off. I had lost a couple of lures in daylight when it was windy. This occurred when I decided to change lure (quite frequent when there is no action). What I was doing was having too much line hanging from the rod to the lure clip. Now what had happened was the wind blew the line around the rod tip. Ultimately, I never noticed and would cast out, and the line would snap. So if it’s windy, always try and keep some tension when changing your lure.

The Best Tips And Tricks For Lure Fishing For Bass

Two Great Uses For Vaseline Lure Fishing

So there are two great uses for vaseline lure fishing each with different bonuses. First off, you don’t need a great big plastic tub of it, just one of those little round tins. These are well handy as they do not take up any room in our lure bag. We want to keep our gear light if we keep moving around.

Wind Knots

Hopefully, you’re not getting wind knots and if you are there is usually a good reason why. But let’s just say we are fishing away and hear that strange rattling noise when we cast out. Boom! we have a wind knot. This method is not always guaranteed, but it can be a session saver depending on how tight the wind knot is already. Simply rub the vaseline into the wind knot and put the knot together. It should slip out. If the wind knot is of a larger size than usual you get to undo some of the knot first. DO NOT PULL THE KNOT TIGHT IF THE KNOT IS BIG. Yes, pull the knot apart if possible.

Soft Plastic and Weedless Lures

Yes, that right vaseline can help increase your hook-up rates when lure fishing for bass. How? You may be asking. Well, it’s quite simple, and most lure fishermen will probably know this already. With lures like the Albie Snax, Senkos and the likes of the Pirate Seducer we have to manually attach our hook through the soft plastic.

Twist Lock Hooks

So our hooks are the Twist Lock hooks. You screw the spring into the head of the soft plastic, then align the hook. There are videos on YouTube that explain this better than I can write it. Then as for the Vaseline, just put some around the bend off the hook and work it through the soft plastic.

The Best Tips And Tricks For Lure Fishing For Bass

Waders? Which Types?

Basically, I have two pairs of waders that I use for all fishing. The stocking foot waders are great (although mine leak) but the Vass pair are more hard-wearing.

Stocking Foot Waders

Well, it has to be said that the stocking foot waders are great until you get a leak lol. Incidentally, I have had a fair few pairs of these waders and a few leaks along the way.

Quick story: One of the venues we fish at Folkestone, Kent, can be a great haunt for that bass. But one of the marks we fish is a long way from any form of parking. Now for me, the last thing you want is a great big heavy pair of waders. Not unless you’re trying to lose weight, you’re going to sweat your nuts or tits off. So in these scenarios, the stocking foot waders are a great choice.

Bad Experience

One day, I had been down the south coast lure fishing and had some great results. I had my PB that week and caught a sea trout in the bargain. Anyway, I got back home to my girlfriend’s flat and hung my waders in her garden. What’s so strange about that? You may ask yourselves.

Well, the next night, I travelled all the way back to our productive mark, walked miles and started to fish. The minute I entered the water, I had this awful cold sensation around my legs. My waders had sprung a leak! There were no normal leaks; the water seemed to be flooding in. To cut a long story short, some clown had decided to do a Jack the Ripper on my fairly new waders…they were only heading in one direction….the bin. There was no way a puncture repair kit was going to fix them.

How To Find A Leak In Your Stocking Foot Waders

Right, these are just a couple of simple methods to locate those annoying leaks in your waders.

As far as the stocking foot part of your waders (where mine are currently leaking), finding the leak is a simple method.

  1. Make sure your waders are dry then turn your inside out.
  2. Get some talcum powder and cover the stocking foot part of your waders.
  3. Now fill the leg of the leg with a couple of jugs of water.
  4. If you can not see the leak through the talc then give them a slight squeeze.

Another Method For Finding Leaks

Now here is a simpler and quicker method. Now, if your leak is around your knee or anywhere else above the foot part, then try this. Go into a pitch-black room and shine a torch around the inside of your waders where you suspect the leaks are. It would be best to have a rough idea because you would have a wet patch when you take your waders off. These leaks can happen from kneeling on the rocks or even falling over. It’s even been known for bass to puncture waders when standing in the water. Those fins are super sharp.

Pencil Cases? Going Back To School?

Yes, pencil cases are a great way to save space when you are lure fishing. This way, you can stay organised with your lures, keeping the hard lures in those lure boxes. With some lure vest, they have special pockets for lure boxes, and these pencil cases can fit in with them a treat.

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Pencil Cases: Best Tips And Tricks For Lure Fishing For Bass

Treble Hooks: Don’t Buy Cheap

Now a few years back, I learnt a valuable lesson when buying treble hooks. Yes, unless you wash your lures off after each session, those treble hooks can rust, some worse than others.

Personally, I made the big mistake of buying cheap hooks from abroad that could handle a decent bass. Ultimately, this resulted in me losing some excellent fish. The other annoying thing was having to change all the hooks again for some decent ones. So always make sure you get a good quality hook that other lure anglers highly recommend.

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