The Amazing Longin Lures A Japanese Masterclass

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Longin Lures Are They The New IMA?

Have you ever wondered why nearly all the top branded lures come from Japan? For me, it’s a no-brainer: They seem to make the best lures. 

longin lures
Two Amazing Longin Lures

Whether it’s Mega Bass, Daiwa, DUO, IMA or Tackle House, you know you are not far off the money with these brands of lures. But for me, I have looked into another classic Japanese lure company. Longin.

How Did You Come Across Longin Lures?

Amazingly, I was looking to replace a couple of lures that had started to have seen better days, unfortunately. However, the IMA Komomo II Cotton Candy has always been a productive lure for me. Fishing at first light, the Cotton Candy, on numerous occasions, outfished everything else.

However, there is a floor with this great lure. The paint starts to come off when you have been getting into the fish and not just that version. The IMA Sasuke is the same.

Ultimately, I needed a new Cotton Candy to fill the empty slot in my lure box. So I searched and found Longin lures.

So I came across the LONGIN HI-STANDARD 120F COTTON CANDY 19G and just loved the look of it. If I have to be honest, it’s a bit deeper diving than the Komomo II, but that’s fine.

Also, the weight is 19 grams. So it will cast further than the Komomo II. Ultimately, this means we can cover more ground when seeking out those fish.

The Longin Lures also has a loud rattle. A loud rattle can be an advantage when the water is not so clear. These are all positives when we are hunting those fish.

longin lures
Another Bass taken on the Longin Hi Standard 120F Cotton Candy

Longin Lures Have Some Heavier Options

The second lure I purchased was a much heavier weight than the 120 Hi-Standard version. The Cotton Candy is 19 grams. However, the  LONGIN HI-STANDARD 150F weight is a heavy 34G.

Isn’t 34grams A Little Heavy For A Lure

Yes, this is a heavy lure in comparison to all my other lures for sure, but the rod I use is a Major Craft Zaltz, which has a weight class of 15 to 42 grams. So it can handle casting a lure of 34g without risking the rod breaking.

But before buying the 34-gram version, you must check that your lure rod is suitable to cast that weight. Some lure rod classes are under 30 grams. 30 GRAMS WOULD NOT BE SUITABLE!

So Why such a heavy Lure?

Great question and the answer is simple: Just purely because I have not got a lure that is that heavy. Realistically, you never know what is going to work sometimes. It’s just another tool in the box.

Murky Water Around The Low Tide

Sometimes, when fishing the low watermarks, that clear water can be a tad out of reach with your average lure. So going heavier, you are going to be able to reach that clear water line much better.

Are there Any Other Heavier Type Longin Lures

Yes, believe it or not, maybe they are shark fishing lures. I’m joking. To check the whole range follow this link: https:lurefishingforbass

The Longin Franky is a staggering 37 grams. The Franky reminds me of a Tackle House Feed Shallow. So big lure, big bass? What do you think? But Longin also has a 120 version of the Franky (pictured below) and is also in my lure box.

But it does not end there. There is another even heavier lure, the WakeyBoo. Blimey, you wouldn’t want too many of them in your lure box. You’re going to need a trolley for your lure bag.

At the other end of the spectrum, Longin has a lighter version in their lure range. It’s called the IGK 96. It weighs in at a lightweight of just 10 grams.

Amazingly, the Longin IGK 96 has a fin on its back. How this affects the way this lure swims is a mystery. The IGK is not the only lure that has a fin on its body. The Blue Blue Sneckon 90S also has a fin. So does the Tackle House Vulture.

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