Megabass Zonk: What Makes This Lure So Good?

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The Megabass Zonk

The Megabass Zonk is possibly my favourite lure of all time. Ironically, and unfortunately, there are some high and lows with using this piece of immense lure technology. Below, are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Zonk. Later we take a look at some great alternative to this amazing lure.

  • Is the Zonk one of the best lures out there?
  • What makes the Zonk Such a good Lures?
  • How many Varieties of the Zonk are There?
  • Are they a floating or sinking lure?
  • Is the zonk worth the money?
  • When are the best scenarios to use the zonk?
  • If you couldn’t get the zonk what would you use instead? 

Is the Megabass Zonk one of the best lures out there?

For me, the very first time I cast this amazing lure into that shimmering sea, I had this strange instantaneous feeling that I was going to get a take straight away.

Yes, the Zonk is a killer of a lure and with very limited opportunity to use them it’s still always in my lure box. So the answer is yes, in my opinion, it is the best lure out there (in the right conditions).

The first time I caught with the Zonk was off the East side of Ramsgate, fishing the tide down from high off an old slipway. That’s the one and only time I’d fished that venue but caught two bass that day so a good day.

Water was deep and clear enough that day so it was a perfect opportunity to use the Zonk. We generally favour the Northside of off Margate but the conditions were not good and 90% of the time the Zonk wouldn’t get a look in, simply because of the depth of water.

What makes the Megabass Zonk Such a good Lure?

Megabass Zonk Sardine Gataride
Mega Bass Zonk Sardine Gataride

Rod Tremor

What is so impressive about the Zonk is the rod tremor when you are retrieving it back in. You can really feel that juddering feeling right through the rod. It’s almost like you know you’re going to get a take I have not noticed this as much with any other lure.

Great Casting Lure

Yes, there are no two ways about it. The Zonk is great for casting. Which is great when we need that deeper water. If you are fishing shallow rough ground then even a Savage Gear Eel (another amazing lure) will stay in the box.

Downside: Impossible To Get Hold Off

The difference between the Savage Gear and the Zonk is about another £20 these days. That’s if you can get the model of Zonk you’re looking for. The Shenghitsu Iwashi Zonk (My Favourite Zonk) seems impossible to get hold of, this seems like madness if you ask me.

Megabass Zonk Red Head SW120 (Sinking)
Megabass Zonk Red Head SW120 (Sinking)

How many Varieties of the Megabass Zonk are There?

Apart from the numerous colours available, there are basically 3 different types of Megabass Zonk. They are:

  • Zonk Yoro-Yoro: These lures have a hinged lip, and also dive slightly deeper than it’s sinking brother the SW version. Apparently, the Japanese have stopped manufacturing this and the High Pitch version. This may explain the shortage in the UK.
  • Zonk High Pitch: This also has a hinged lip and is the deepest diver out of the 3 versions of the Zonk, it also has the best action. Better stay away from that shallow ground..the rarer they are, the more they’re going to cost. Hang on to them. But, you can’t stop a mammoth bass from swimming around a rock and snapping you off, can you? That’s when you pay for a reel with an unbelievable drag. Read More
  • Zonk SW: Last but not least the SW version. This is the most common in the UK but still can be a pain to get hold of. You may be thinking why is he writing about a lure that is so hard to get hold off. Well, they are that good and you can still get them you just have to shop around.
Bass Masters Elite

Are they a floating or sinking lure?

Out of the 3 different versions, the High Pitch and the Yoro-Yoro are floating lures. But the SW is the sinking version so DON’T STOP REELING WHEN YOU CAST OUT IT WILL SINK…Goodbye Zonk. Well if you’re fishing over rough ground that is.

Please note. Another good reason not to try and risk shallower ground is the bid can snap off. Yes, that hinge lip can break very easily then the lure is absolutely useless. Lure fisherman has been known to snap off the bibs when unhooking the fish so be careful.

This is always going to be a problem if all three hooks are set in. I’m definitely going barbless and bending the barbs on the trebles down. I have snapped the hooks in this situation before. We want that fish back in the water as fast as possible and not performing surgery trying to get those hooks out.

Is the zonk worth the money?

Ultimately, we have left links for the Zonk on at the bottom of this page. However, If I was you I would have a good look around because even on Amazon the prices can be a bit outrageous. For me, I wouldn’t pay some of those prices but there are cheaper alternatives on there. I think this is down to a lack of Zonks on the market, in fact, I had heard (maybe a rumour) they had stopped making them…WHAT! If you are prepared to wait then eBay is probably your best bet.

When Is It Best To Use The Megabass Zonk

This is a no-brainer: When the water is deep enough.
Personally, I haven’t lost the precious Zonk getting snagged up. I’ve been lucky enough to fish with someone who knows the areas we fish well. Basically, locally, we never get to use the Zonk, well not consistently anyway.

Even further down the South Coast, there are only certain times over the high water can we get away with using them. You may think well just don’t use them, and generally, we don’t but you must have a Zonk or two in your arsenal of lures. Besides, you may be lucky to have deeper waters where you live.

If you couldn’t get the Megabass Zonk what would you use instead? 

Hooray! Right, there are some amazing lures out there to replace our Zonk. One is the Flatpacker that is also made by Megabass and looks very similar to the Zonk.

Mega Bass Flatpacker
Mega Bass Flatpacker

Megabass Flatpacker

What I really love about this beauty is it only has two hooks. This for me is a little less hassle unhooking (as far as I’m concerned). Also, another great bonus is they cast really well too.

Maria Squash versus Megabass Zonk

Maria Squash verses megabass zonk
Maria Squash

The Maria Squash is in my lure box and ready to get the once over this year. As I mentioned in another post, I got a hammering 14 bass to 1 just for not having it. I was using the Zonk that night and never got a take. But that’s the way it goes. On another night the Zonk has out fished everything.

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Lee Smith Bass
Bass Caught By Lee Smith

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