My previous PB bass
Caught on the Komomo Joker (Flashing Plate)

Best IMA Lures On The Market: Since I first started lure fishing many moons ago, IMA lures have always been the front runner in my lure box. I should imagine that every serious lure angler out there has some version of an IMA lure in their arsenal. We go through some of our personal favourites along with some of the IMA lures we are going to experiment with in the future.

Here are just 5 great IMA lures to get your teeth into

  • IMA Komomo II
  • Salt Skimmer
  • SF125
  • Hound 125F Glide
  • Rocket Bait


This has to be my favourite IMA lure. It just plain catches, it’s that simple. Great for shallow waters and deeper waters, this subsurface lure is an all-rounder.

Komomo II Mullet
Komomo II Mullet


Right, let’s not get bogged down with every different type of Komomo II lure out there because there are loads. These are some of my favourites. In no particular order.

  • The Joker (Flashing Plate)
  • Cotton Candy
  • Mullet
  • Chameleon (Flashing Plate
  • Chart Pearl


Believe it or not, there are a couple of differences between some of the Komomo II lures. The most annoying is with the ‘Cotton Candy’ and ‘Mullet’ is when the finish starts to wear off, especially if you are consistently catching. I have actually stopped using the ‘Cotton Candy’ for this reason.

I really can’t for the life of me wonder why IMA don’t cover the paint with something much more hard-wearing, like an epoxy resin. In my opinion, that’s why I would stick to the flashing plate versions of the lure. Ultimately, you could just do this yourself but at the end of the day, you shouldn’t have to if you’re paying up to twenty quid for them. They’ll want you to put your own hooks on next.

Lol, now that I have completely put you off buying the ‘Cotton Candy’ and the ‘Mullet’ they are still a great lure to have. You could always spray them white if they get too chewed up. Pure white can be lethal in the right scenario and IMA does not do a pure white version.

ima chameleon flashing plate
IMA Komomo II Chameleon (Flashing Plate)


Now I have to be honest the Komomo is a good casting lure but not the greatest. When you compare it to the likes of a ‘Savage Gear Sandeel Surf Walker or the Rocket Bait the Komomo will fall short in the distance stakes. However, the Komomo II is only 15 grams so relatively light in comparison with the other lures. In fact, I personally wouldn’t go any lighter than 15g lure anyway.

The Tackle House Feed Shallow is another lure that falls short on the distance stake, but I will always take one anyway. Distance isn’t always that important anyway, it just helps when the water is a bit murky closer in so sometimes I would go for a missile lure to find that clearer water. As I have said so many times we are not always blessed with clear water.

The IMA Salt Skimmer

Great Surface Lure

The Salt Skimmer is an amazing topwater lure. I personally have the ‘Mullet’ and the ‘Cotton Candy although this version has a different tougher finish than the Cotton Candy Komomo II.

In the video above this is the “Salt Skimmer’ doing the business. That session was in the daytime and for our neck of the wood great conditions. The two fish tells me that this was probably a large shoal of schoolies chasing after baitfish. They were obviously attacking everything that moves that day. Personally, I have never caught two fish on one lure, that was the Bassman filming that video with his headcam.

What Are The Best IMA Lures On The Market?
IMA Salt Skimmer Cotton Candy


Again, not the heaviest of lures but still casts better than the Komomo II. Yes, I know they are two different types of lures I’m just saying. I think that most surface lures seem to cast better anyway. Some are pigs like the Duo Realis but generally, they cast well. As for weight, I have been using the 16-gram version although there is another 21g version.


A ‘Walk the Dog’ action is preferred for the ‘Salt Skimmer’. Just a slow retrieve with the rod tip high, gently tapping away should have that ‘Salt Skimmer’ dancing with joy. This is when it pays to have a quality lightweight lure rod. Generally, I have noticed the more you pay the lighter the rod seems to be. Don’t get me wrong, the cheaper rods will still get the same results. It’s just easier to keep tapping away for longer periods with a lighter rod.


Again, there are a few options here so here are just a few “Salt Skimmer” beauties to get your credit card into action.

  • Mullet
  • Cotton Candy
  • Joker
  • Sardine
  • Gold


There are two different types of ‘Salt Skimmer’ (that I wasn’t aware of) there is a silent version and the other one which rattles. I would only use the rattling one because that is one of the things that can attract the bass. Even more so for surface lure fishing. I can imagine using the silent version when the water is like a millpond.

I am not the greatest surface lure fisherman, so maybe the rattle doesn’t really make that much difference, however, when the water is choppy it must be harder for the bass to spot the lure. This is when a good rattle would come into play.


This great lure is like the Komomo II big brother. The Komomo SF125 is slimmer looking and has 3 treble hooks to hook that beast of a bass. I would prefer just the two hooks but can’t complain I will still use continue. It’s just less hassle with just the two hooks like the Komomo II. This slim lure comes in a number of classic pattern such as:

  • Bora Mullet
  • Joker
  • Cotton Candy
  • Clear Crown
  • Sardine


Yes, this lure is a bit of a missile. It casts way better than the Komomo II even though it’s only a tad heavier at 16-Grams. And still, a subsurface lure which is great for the shallow areas where we fish around the Kent coast.

sea bass lures


This amazing lure is a very popular choice in places like Cornwall and Pembrokeshire. It was a guy from one of those regions that had written about the lure on one of the popular forums, and for me, it just looked a winner straight out of the box, a must-have lure in my opinion.

Ima Hound 125F Glide

The question at the beginning of this post is: ‘What are the best IMA lures on the market? The answer is quite simple: Generally, all of them. That doesn’t mean to say you need to go out and buy every single IMA lure out there. This guide is for anyone that has not discovered some of these amazing lures.

Sure, you may have already come across these lures already and probably got them anyway. There are countless other makes of lures out there that are equally effective, sometimes picking the right ones out can be challenging if you don’t know what you are really looking for. So for those people, IMA is a great place to start.

Now the Hound 125F Glide is a beast of a lure. Reading other reviews about this lure should be enough info for you to buy this cracker of a lure. Incidentally, I have just seen the ‘Black Notch’ and straight away my bank card is sweating. It just looks amazing for those pitch-black nights of total darkness when nothing else seems to be working.


It isn’t any wonder why this lure is so popular, It casts like a missile. Weighing in at 20-grams and that dynamic shape it’s plain to see why it’s an absolute flyer. I mentioned the Savage Gear Sandeel Surf Walker earlier on and if you look at the shape of this lure you can see why it is probably my best lust for distance. The Hound is the same sort of shape but not as long (I can not get the Surf Walker in the lure box).

Deeper Diving

One of my favourite deeper diving lures is the Zonk. The Hound is on parr with the Zonk for it too can scale around the 70 cm to the meter mark which is great. You may laugh because I mention fishing shallower waters around our Kent area. We still occasionally get to use the Hound and the Zonk on the spring tides, but still, have to be careful, these lures are proving tough to get hold off.

IMA Rocket Bait

With the IMA Rocket Bait, you really must have your wits about you. This is the smallest out of the 4 we mention but definitely. not the lightest. In fact, its sinks light a lead weight, to be honest. Rule of thumb: DO NOT STOP REELING WHEN YOU CAST OUT. If you do it’s going to work out expensive unless you’re fishing over-sand. Yes, mugging here has made this expensive mistake on a few occasions.

Nightmare Scenario

On one fishing trip, the wind was blowing a hooly. This makes things even more annoying because I hate fishing in the wind. I had cast out my braid and had somehow wrapped it around the rod tip. Because we were up to our nuts in the water I tried to wave the line free. But forgot about my sinking

Oh well, 20quid down the drain. Even more annoying was the fact that this Rocket Bait was the Sardine. I had 4 different types of this Rocket Bait and the Sardine had been the only version I had caught on. However, the Bassman had been crushing it on the Mullet, sickeningly crushing it. When I had tried to replace the Sardine I just couldn’t one. Gutted.

best ima lures on the market
Best IMA Lures On The Market


Well, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out what I’m going to tell you. Yes, it casts like a bullet. Like I said earlier it’s almost like a weight. You can see from the picture that it just flies. I almost forgot I lost two Rocket Baits on the trot that night so cast with caution. Yes, there are other lures that sink like the DUO Bay Ruff and the Zonk 120 but not like the rate as the Rocket Bait.


That our 5 IMA lures to get teeth into. If you do decide to buy any of them try to buy patterns that are similar to what you have already caught on. I have lures that never see the light of day and wondered why I ever bought them in the first place. But these lures are winners so hopefully, you can get hold of them. Good luck.

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