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Subsurface lures: Well as the temperatures at the moment seem to lower, this obviously means that our lovely bass will be buggering off, well for some of us anyway. Oh well, can’t complain it’s been a pretty good year all around for catching bass.

Some of the lures that we have been catching on this year have been different from previous years. Here are some of the lures that have been doing ‘the business’ for us on a consistent basis in 2022. 

The IMA Sonic 100

3 Sub Surface Lures
IMA Sonic 100 – Sub-surface lures

The Sonic 100 has probably been my most consistent lure, especially over the high water. The yellow pattern with the lime head is probably the most productive. With that being said, we have found that the mackerel pattern has also done well. Let’s not forget its big brother either the 125 Hound Glide. Whichever one you decide they both cast pretty well. But this year we seem to have better luck with the smaller lures. The only downside for me was that over the low water around our neck of the woods, it sometimes got snagged. So I would inevitably change it for something shallower like the Tackle House 105 or the IMA Komomo 2 both great lures.

DUO DC12 terriff.

3 Sub Surface lures
DUO DC12-Subsurface lures

This lure has been dusted off again this year and for a good reason too. The DC12 has produced one of the biggest fish of the season falling to my mate Steve Wood. That fish is a 61cm beauty. Personally, for some reason I hadn’t caught any fish over 60cm this year, I suppose it is just the way it goes. This surprises me (gutted) because of the amount of fish we’d caught over a very short time frame in June you would think there’d be one lump in there lol. However, I’d lost a monster trying to steer it into our drop net… Oh, the agony. That haunted me for weeks. 

Tackle House Feed Shallow 105

3 sub surface lures
Tackle House Feed Shallow 105 – Sub-surface lures

Probably had most of the upper 50cm fish on this lure. In fact, two fish of 58cm were caught on this lure. Strangely, this was when the fishing had gone very slow. Even when we knew there were loads of fish around we could hear them jumping out of the water. Frustrating to say the least especially when in previous weeks we’d been nailing them. Same place, exact times, same tides and same venue. They’re feeding patterns must have changed but It seemed like we needed to crack the code again. Things weren’t so easy. Apart from those two 58cm fish, it had changed. That’s fishing. 

Soft Plastics Have Not Produced For Us This Year 2022

When the fishing was on for us, we also found that we weren’t catching on soft plastics so much. I love the single-hook scenario and love soft plastics. Buy for some strange reason they just weren’t working as well as in previous years, and definitely not as much as the hard lures that we’d mentioned. That to me had been baffling because the year before we had our best sessions on the Pirate Teasers. Don’t worry we will definitely be getting back into them. Maybe a change of tactics. Personally, I think that’s down to how strong the tide is. At some venues, the tide seems to rip through more so than others. I think that the strong tides favour some of those paddle tails. We could have just been using the wrong colours but I know what has worked in the past. Strange one.

I know for a fact that further down the coast lure anglers had been catching on soft plastics. In fact, some fish measured well into the mid-70s. The problem for us is simple. Most of these fish are caught well into the night at first light. So the problem is getting home and then back to go to work without getting any sleep. Excuses eh, we really should make more of an effort next year and may find a way to retire early.

Back up the coast we also had our fair share of fish off the top.  But still not the numbers we had the year before. But when the fishing was on and conditions were good we tried out new venues. That was

There is no doubt about it that when the fishing is on I think you could chuck anything at them bass and you’d hook. One of those frantic nights I must have changed my lure 10 tens to see what would work. Ironically all of them but mostly the chart patterns seemed more productive.

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