Top 5 Best Bass Spinners To Get Your Teeth Into

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So What are the Best Metals and Bass Spinners Out There?

Top 5 Spinners

Top 5 Best Bass Spinners: Well, If you are probably like me and have been fishing for some time, you’ll know a bit about bass spinners already.

The word spinners seems a little ancient in the lure world, most people just call them ‘metals’ now.

So before we get into what are the best metals and bass spinners, and more importantly (when to use them) I want you to understand the purpose, obviously.

What your reading is only my opinion by the way. So if you think what I’m saying is BS then please let me know your thoughts by sending a message.

After all, I could be wrong and only trying to help anyone who has not yet experienced the joys of a screaming reel with a 70cm bass on the other end of it. It’s great fun.

Before I get into what metals/spinners to use I want you to read how I discovered spinners back in the day.

I can always remember as a kid looking through a catalogue that had all the Abu equipment in the outdoor section.

Top 5 Best Bass Spinners
Top 5 Best Bass Spinners

Abu Fishing Tackle

For sea fishing, Abu was the Rolls Royce in fishing equipment.

There were absolute classics like the Abu 7000 reel that had a level wind on it. 

I was always a bit envious when I saw someone fishing with one of those bad boys.

Abu gear was the ultimate back then in the eighties. 

The  Abu 7000 was just great, especially off the rocks where you had to reel in fast. 

 You needed to avoid those nasty snags from the rocks you would be fishing over. 

They were also a great reel for fishing out on a boat. 

This is just one example of Abu equipment.

I promise I’m not trying to promote or sell Abu gear.

This is just how I discovered spinners/ metals for the first time.

The absolute classic spinner of all time has to be ‘The Abu Toby.’

Now I could understand a fish mistaking a Toby for a sand eel or sprat or some fish like that.

But amazingly, I have often been left scratching my head as to what some of the lures nowadays are supposed to look like.

Especially the Pachinko Austrie: what fish is that meant to look like?

Bass Spinners Fishing In The USA

Bass fishing in the USA is absolutely massive and probably miles more popular than lure fishing for bass in the UK.

 But some of their spinners look more like some sort of flying machine rather than a fish fry, amazing!! 

Are the fish really that stupid or are they just attacking the wired-looking contraptions?

Having said that lure fishing is getting more popular over here in the UK.

The reason is there just seems to be an abundance of those bars of silver bass waiting to be plucked from our waters, especially this year.

Where and When To Use Metals and Bass Spinners

For you to gain the best experience using metals and spinners you need to understand the best scenarios for fishing with them.

Casting Distance For Bass Spinners

Being metal and the shape these metals can cast miles (not literally) but a long way.

Sometimes that clear water can be just out of casting range for your normal conventional lures, so metals can be a good alternative.

With that being said some lures do cast like missiles like the Savage Gear Sandeel this cast unbelievably well.

But these are a surface lure and the bass may not always be feeding on the surface.

Please remember though the shallower waters over rocks are not such a good idea for the metals. 

Ultimately, if you are casting at the same level as the sea you are going to get snagged.

You could reel in at the speed of light but really we want to slow that retrieve down to nail that bass.

Just always remember: Stop reeling and that metal is going to sink.

Don’t let this put you off though you could be fishing high up off a prom or jetty.

Top 5 best spinners

Water Clarity For Bass Spinners

This is a big one when you are lure fishing because if the fish can’t see your lure you’re scaling down your chances of hooking into a beast.

Not unless you land your lure on the fish’s nose you’re not going to get many takes.

The good news is that with a spinner or metal, you increase your odds slightly because maybe the flashing of that silvery shimmer gets the fish’s attention in the dirtier water.

The Best Bass Spinners That Work

ABU Toby

The Abu Toby has to be the most popular spinner since time began. I think almost every serious lure angler has or has had an Abu Toby Lure.

The Toby is the ultimate spinner as far as I’m concerned.

These metal spinners have been around for years.

The Toby is not just a great bass lure.

Fish like trout and salmon have fallen prey to the incredible Toby.

The Toby comes in a few different patterns but silver with the little red fins is the most popular.

You can also get them in gold copper and a black stripes thing ( not sure what that’s all about).

The Toby also comes in a couple of different weights too.

So check out the right weight for your type of fishing. 

You may not be fishing for bass but the weight I use is 23g

I can remember a long time ago this bloke fishing in the surf of our Margate coast.

This bloke had 10 bass lying on the beach.

All of them taken on the Toby.

You could take bass home back then but the laws are a lot stricter now.

In fact, you can only take one home in 2019.

 Whereas, in 2018 it was absolutely none.

So if you would like a special spinner then you should look out for the Toby.

Just stay away from the shallow rocky ground and you’re good to go.

The Dexter Wedge

The Dexter Wedge is another classic spinner that can ultimately produce the fish. The world-famous Dexter Wedge is another lure you just must have for your lure bag.

This lump of a lure is another killer spinner that has stood the test of time.

Also, you would find this spinner very popular with boat fishermen or kayakers.

Some people have been known to take the treble hook off to test the depth of water.

To do this you would cast the Dexter out and count till you feel it bump the sea bed.

This is a great tactic to scale the depths and cover as much ground to seek out the fish.

So with the treble back on, you could count say 8 seconds, then 6, then 4 until you have covered all the depths.

Obviously, you would keep your retrieve at a consistent pace.

This has got to be the most effective way for you to find the fish with a Dexter.

With hard plugs, you would just use a different lure to scale the depths.

Also, another great tactic as with all spinners is the sink and draw retrieve.

This can be a very productive way to fish with spinners.

Some people class the Dexter a Wedge as a perk like boat fishermen use on the wrecks.

Again there are various weights for the Dexter Wedge, I prefer the 1/2 once variant.

Savage Gear Psycho Sprat

Right, ‘The Savage Gear Psycho Sprat’ is a more modern type of spinner/metal. The Psycho Sprat is a very streamlined and weighty lure.

Whilst fishing on a fairly dismal night as far as bass appearances go, a random 12-pounder was taken on the Psycho Sprat.

Maybe, the fish were just out of our normal casting range but these metals are proper flyers.

If you are fishing the surf over the sandy ground then you have found a winner for this scenario.

There are a few patterns for this lure too so be sure to check out the different weight options and colours.

I’m a big fan of the white as I am with most of the lures I use at night time when it’s night and pitch black.

You may have also heard that black lures are also good at night but I personally have not used them, white has been absolutely fine for me.

Yes, of course, other lures work too but I just prefer white at night. simple!

Savage Gear Seeker

This beauty ‘The Savage Gear Seeker’ is very much like its brother the ‘Psycho Sprat’. They have 20g and 3 single hooks which is awesome. 

They have 20g and 3 single hooks which is awesome. 

So that’s it, try those some metals and watch out for those rocks….stick to the sand.

Just one last thought I caught both my biggest two bass over just pure sand so they definitely like that sand as much as the rocks.

As long as there is some decent tide run you’ll be good to go.

Tronix Wave Perk

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Key Features:

  1. Advanced Design: The Tronix Wave Fishing Pirk is meticulously crafted with precision engineering, featuring a sleek and hydrodynamic design that effortlessly cuts through the water. Its unique shape allows for long casts and ensures it dives quickly to reach those elusive fish lurking in the depths.
  2. Versatile Lure: Whether you’re targeting cod, halibut, or any other saltwater species, this versatile lure is up to the task. The Tronix Wave Fishing Pirk works exceptionally well in a variety of fishing conditions, from calm waters to rough seas.
  3. Realistic Action: Thanks to its lifelike swimming action, the Tronix Wave Fishing Pirk mimics the movements of injured baitfish, making it irresistible to predatory fish. The wobbling and fluttering action will have fish striking with ferocity.
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  5. Available in Multiple Sizes: Whether you prefer a smaller lure for finesse fishing or a larger one to target trophy-sized catches, the Tronix Wave Fishing Pirk comes in a range of sizes to suit your needs.
  6. Easy to Use: Designed with both novice and experienced anglers in mind, this fishing pirk is easy to cast, retrieve, and control. Its versatility makes it a great choice for anglers of all skill levels.
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Metal for bass in the Surf

Good luck!!

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