What is the best bass fishing lure bag?

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What is the best bass fishing lure bag? Realistically, choosing the best bass fishing bag for you is going to determine a few important factors. Personally, I have 5 different ways that I can carry my lure equipment around, but still really only use the one.

If you are serious about your lure fishing, there is probably only one or two types of bag that will fill your needs. I mean if you are fishing for long periods of time then you’re going to want something suitable. We will take a look at some of the options in a bit.

Different types of lure bag fishing scenarios

Here are some of the different scenarios you should take into consideration before you by a lure bag.

  1. If you are only going for a quick session and don’t plan on wading in the water then a simple shoulder bag should be adequate
  2. Now then, if you are planning on fishing where you will be climbing around big rocks and boulders then some sort of a rucksack should be ample.
  3. Ultimately, if you are planning to wade in the water then in my opinion there is only one option for you to choose: A lure vest.

Basically, there are 3 different types of bags that should cover all of the above scenarios. They are:

Different Lure Bags

  • Shoulder Lure Bag
  • The Rucksack
  • Lure vest

Shoulder Lure Bag

These are a great option if you are not planning to go on a long session. Not unless you can go without food or drink for long periods of time. I can’t. If that’s the case, the lure shoulder bag would be great. On a positive note, if you do want to fish longer, you could fill your pockets with protein bars and use a carabiner with an army water bottle.

These bags can fit (at a squeeze) two smaller lure boxes. By small, I mean the 12 compartment lure boxes. The only thing you need to be wary of is the seams don’t come unstitched. There are also other pockets for things like line, spare spool, lure clips and anything you feel you need to take that would go in the pockets. There is a holder for a pair of pliers that’s also very handy.

Wading in the water

These are a great option for going into the water because everything is easily accessible whilst you are fishing. Meaning, you wouldn’t need to get to dry land to get another lure or something. However, if you were planning going waist height the bag is going to get submerged. Unfortunately, the strap for the shoulder lure bag is just too long. There are a couple of rings you could put a carabiner through to make it shorter but it just doesn’t sit right and defeats the object.


So the shoulder lure bag is a great option for our type of fishing. You are just a tad limited to what you can take. Not great for the deeper water but great for the short fishing trip

The Rucksack Lure Bag

So now we come to the Rucksack. This is great for lure fishing and depending on how much gear you want to take the sky’s the limit. However, for the on the go lure angler, a fisherman that will fish anywhere, it’s not the most practical. Here why? If you are wading out in the water, and you decide you want to change lures or something you’re going to have to take it off. That’s fine, but it is just awkward because you’d be holding your fishing rod in one hand. I have tried this and dropped my rod in the water. This is not good for your fishing reel. if you do dunk your reel then make sure you give it a good wash off when you get home.

There is no reason why you just can’t get back to dry land. Personally, I would rather have all my stuff easily accessible. This is only my opinion if you fish off boulders or rocks on dry land then a rucksack is absolutely fine.

Spoilt for choice

As far as choosing a decent rucksack, your options are limitless. There are rucksacks on sale in tackle shops, sports shops and camping shops and a mountain of online options. I’m sure you don’t need any help finding a rucksack but here is a link to check some out CLICK HERE.

lure bag vestSakura Lure Vest

Sakura Lure Bag/Vest

This was my previous lure vest and used this for a couple of years. Now, this type of lure vest is great if you are wading in the water. The only problem with this particular vest is the main lure pockets on the front were slightly too small. Therefore, I had to cut the lure box clips off so it would fit a bit better. The last thing you want to be doing is wrestling with your lure vest if you’re standing in the water. However, there are two additional pockets on the front of the main vest that are ideal for soft plastics or weedless lures. I wouldn’t advise putting any lures with trebles in these pockets they will get caught on the vest nylon.

Soft Plastic PocketsSoft Plastic Pockets – What is the best bass fishing lure bag?

Rucksack on the back

Yes, another good thing about these lures is you can pretty much take all that you need for lure fishing in one go. No, unless you’re planning to stay out for a couple of days. That’s the beauty of lure fishing – we don’t need to bring half the house unlike some carp fisherman I know

Daiwa Lure VestFront of the Daiwa Lure Vest

What is the best bass fishing lure bag?Back of the Daiwa Lure Vest

Daiwa Lure Vest

Right then, it is important that you understand why we use lure vests like Daiwa and IMA for lure fishing. Where we fish we often find yourself sometimes up to our waists in water. This is why we use the lure vest because everything is normally at hand so we do not have to go back to dry land to get something out of the back of a bag. You could still use a shoulder bag by all means, but there is a chance it is going to be dangling in the water. If you want to wash your gear every time you go fishing then that’s fine.

Lure Bag For Fishing From Dry Land

However, if you are fishing from a pier or prom or even from the rocks a rucksack is absolutely fine. I have a rucksack and would rather take that. This brings me to a negative about the lure vest. Not that it’s a major problem, but find those front pockets are in the way especially if I’m surface lure fishing. Don’t let that put you off, that is just my opinion. For that one negative there are far more positives.

Floatation Lure Vests

Yes, both the IMA and the Daiwa lure we use have floatation built into the structure of the vest. Important: THIS IS BY NOT MEANS A LIFE JACKET! Yes, although it would be a floating aid it is not regarded as a life jacket. If you fish somewhere where you think you would need a life jacket, then please get one. Ultimately, people walk along slipways and groins which is fine until you slip off. If you fell into water that was out of your depth and you had waders on, you could be in big trouble. JUST DO NOT DO IT! STAY SAFE.

Rucksack style lure vest

Both the Daiwa and IMA lure vests had a back rucksack style pocket on the back. This is great if you’re a lure fisherman that wants to take a great selection of lures with you. Realistically, this makes perfect sense because you want to cover all avenues when hunting for bass. So taking that extra lure box can be beneficial, to say the least.

Front Pockets

Both the Daiwa and the IMA have two front pockets. Therefore, easily get your 12 compartment lure boxes in with a breeze. I say 12 compartments but really they are 10 with 2 smaller compartments. These could easily house the likes of an Albie Snax or a Savage Gear Sandeel. So don’t leave that space empty.

The main front pockets also have 2 convenient side pockets for this like fluorocarbon or lure clips etc..There are also plenty of strong plier holders or forceps holders on the front too. These amazing lure vests do come with a custom plier holder but mine seems to have gone absent without leave. PLEASE NOTE: If you are going to use the holder on the front of the pocket, make sure you use a lanyard or something. I lost a handy torch by not attaching it properly because I relied on the torch fitting in the holder. MAKE SURE THEY ARE SECURE!

Daiwa Lure Vest Accessories Pockets

In the image above is just a diagram of how to use the pockets and accessories holders on your lure vest. This way pretty much all you need fishing is conveniently close to hand.


So that’s the end of our lure bag guide. Remember, these are my personal options for lure fishing equipment. I mention the IMA lure vest that personally, I do not have but my colleague is a big fan and so am I. However, I am totally happy with the Daiwa lure vest as the main option.

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