Top Twenty Killer Bass Lures 2022 Our Definitive Guide

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.Top Twenty Killer Bass Lures: All the lures mentioned are lures that have worked for us throughout the years. Some of the lures mentioned are particularly hard to get hold of but we have done our best to find resources that may have them. The lures are a mixture of all different types from hard lures, soft plastics and metals.

1. Pirate Teaser

Top Ten Killer Bass Lures 2022
Pirate Teaser

Yes, the Pirate Teaser for me is at the top of this year. Throughout June the Teaser was the most productive lure, catching my mate Steve Wood his new PB of 65cm. There was also a 69cm bass taken that very evening also on a Teaser. The great thing for me about these lures is they rarely get snagged even in the stronger tide run. With or without a weighted hook these lures have been the most productive lure in 2021.
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Why The Teaser?

So what makes the Teaser your number one lure this year? For me, it’s great to fish weighted in the tide and run around shallow rocky ground. Yes, there are hordes of other lures that could do an equally as good a job. But this year the weed has been horrendous. So the Teaser (being weedless) gives you a bit more of a fish. Whether the teaser would be as effective in deeper waters I have yet to try it out in that scenario.

2. Xourus Frosty 500G

Xorus Frosty (500G)
Xorus Frosty (500G)

The Frosty has been my number one surface lure this year. Although, after changing my rod from the Major Craft Zalts to the Shimano Luminis I found it hard to get a good walk-the-dog action with this lure; it’s definitely not the lure. Whether it’s because the Luminis is slightly stiffer I really don’t know. However, the Frosty has still caught me fish consistently.

The 3 versions I have are the 500G, The Holo bait, and the Phophero. The Phophero glows in the dark but as of yet, I’m yet to hook into a fish with it. As for the other two they are winners in my opinion. As for conditions I still prefer the water to be fairly flat and calm.
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Top Twenty Killer Bass Lures 2022

3.DUO DC12 (Silver Mullet)

DUO DC12 Silver Mullet
DUO DC12 Silver Mullet

The DUO Terrif DC12 is one of those lures that is proving especially hard to get hold of. Well in the pattern I use anyway, which is the ‘Clear Mullet’. This year (2021) I have had the best success when the water has been crystal clear, casting over the relatively shallow ground. I’m not always a fan of the 3 treble hooks but like the Zonk it is a must-have lure.
Follow this link to view the DUO Terrif DC12

4.Komomo II (Asinago)

Komomo II (Asinago)
Komomo II (Asinago)

No Joker? Yes, I’m afraid the Joker just hasn’t cut it this year, but it is still a fantastic lure nevertheless. The real reason is we have just been trying out other Komomo IIs. To think that the Cotton Candy was the best catcher one year. The only downside to the Cotton Candy was the paint came off after catching a few fish. We would end up spraying them white in the end.

The Asinago has been the top performer this year out of the Komomo 2s. It was always a great lure before but I, unfortunately, lost two of them pretty back the day they’d turned up. But believe me, I’m glad I had one in my box this year.
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5.Komomo II (Chameleon)

Komomo II Chameleon (Flashing Plate)
Komomo II Chameleon (Flashing Plate)

Yes, another Komomo II, but only this time it is the Chameleon. Still to this day, this is the lure that has sometimes been the only lure that has worked and saved a blank. Funnily enough, I really should get a new one, mine has started to go black as you can see in the picture. Whether this Chameleon has just been in the right place at the right time is another story but on those days when you think you’re heading for a blank, the Chameleon does it again. Please don’t think we never blanked though, 2021 has been a hard year. But hard ‘as in finding’ the right conditions.
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6.Xorus Patchinko 125 (AJI)

Xorus Pachinko 125 (AJI)
Xorus Pachinko 125 (AJI)

This would not be a lure guide without at least one Pachinko in it. This year is no exception. However, the 125 AJI for me has been the real deal. Funnily enough, I had switched from the Frosty to the 125 on a day when everyone else was catching but not muggins over here. Frustrating? or annoying? Yes, all of those.

But here’s the thing. I had had great success with the Frosty previously but (like I had mentioned earlier) I felt like it just wasn’t cutting it on this particular evening so I stuck on the 125. I found the Pachinko 125 easier to work than the Frosty then bang! Within a cast or two, I was in. Then ultimately ended up catching 5 so all is well that ends so they say.
Follow this link to view the Xorus Pachinko 125

So Why The 125 in AJI?

Great question and you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to realise that the previous number one lure “The Xorus Asturie AJI” is not in this year’s lure guide. The reason is simple; the Xorus Asturie only had a very brief go this year, let me explain. One of the first times we tried out a newish venue (because we were NOT catching elsewhere) we noticed that there were marker buoys and dans for lobster pots or even nets out in front of us but at a distance.

They seemed out of casting range so I thought no problem. However, I had blasted the Xorus Asturie into the distance and it got snagged. Strange? It couldn’t be that shallow. So I tugged and my line snapped relatively easily. (Always make sure you check your knots and leaders).

So after re-tying a fresh leader and lure clip, I went with a Pachinko II my trusty Cabot. To my utter amazement, I cast and got snagged again. Only this time the line was holding up and did not snap so easily. However, I could feel as if something was moving as I pulled on the line. Bugger, it was snagged on a rope and I ended up losing over 40 quids worth of lures in two casts. Shit!

Anyway, because the Asturie 110 AJI had been so good in previous years I purchased a Pachinko 125 AJI because I couldn’t replace the Asturie. They seemed to be sold out everywhere, hence why I have not been using it since that day.
Follow this link to view the Xorus Pachinko 125

7. Megabass Zonk

Mega Bass Zonk
Megabass Zonk

The Zonk is a lure that needs no introduction. Probably one of the most popular lures on the market. This can be apparent by the price and sometimes scarcity of finding the one you’re looking for. Anything over £25 and personally you’re being taken for a ride. Hunt around for this lure some tackle shops just do not have them.

The only downside to using this lure is it just doesn’t get as much of a go where we fish locally. But further, down the coast where we can find deeper waters, the Zonk comes into its own. Yes, we still use all the other lures but the Zonk is a definite favourite.
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8. DUO Realis Pencil 110

Duo Realis
The DUO Realis

The DUO Realis, well what can I say? This is a lure that I had neglected, to the point where I just didn’t think it was any good until I got rid of it. Yes, I had sold it along with some other surface lures to my fishing mate because he wanted to have a few more options for that topwater magic we look for lure fishing. Strange, fishing throughout the summer the DUO Realis has been his number one lure by a country mile.
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9. Savage Gear Sandeel

Savage Gear Sandeel (Old type)
Savage Gear Sandeel (Old type)
Savage Gear Sandeel (V2)
Savage Gear Sandeel (V2)

This amazing Savage Gear Sandeel lure has been in my tackle box since the off. Although, as for use, maybe I have had a misconception about the Savage Gear Sandeel. Fishing shallow water this lure has stayed in the box because of the risk of getting snagged. But I have discovered that other lure anglers had been crushing it fishing the same ground as me. They must be reeling in faster. Whereas I was used to a dead slow retrieve in the stronger tide runs. Going to try the faster retrieve in the future.

Savage Gear has them now. There are a few different variations and weedless options too. So be sure to check out the different patterns.
Follow this link to get theSavage Gear Sandeel (V2)

10. Maria Squash (Chart)

Top Twenty Killer Bass Lures 2022
Maria Squash 125 (Chart)

The Maria Squash is also a regular when we are fishing the deeper waters around our coast. Although not as a deep diver as the Zonk. This gives us another shallower depth to seek out that bass. We have found this lure to be quite hard to get hold of. If you do manage to get one just don’t lose it. Great nighttime lure
Follow this link to get theMaria Squash 125 (Chart)

11. Albie Snax (Pearl)

Albie Snax Pearl
Albie Snax Pearl

The Albie Snax is a killer weedless lure. This lure is popular all over the country as well as in our neck of the woods. I prefer to use these on the slack water with a very slow retrieve.

But that’s just me there is no reason why you couldn’t use them in the stronger tide. You could even use a weighted hook to get them down deeper. Generally, it is a very slow retrieve with the Albie Snax.
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12. Autowalker (Emil)

Autowalker (Emil)
Autowalker (Emil)

The Autowalker by Mechanic Lures is a deadly surface lure. Early on in the year around June, this lure was doing the business for me. There are a few patterns to choose from but my personal favourite is the Emil. Not only do they cast a mile you also don’t have to work the lure just a steady slow retrieve.

Please note in all fairness this lure works better on flat calm waters that’s when I’ve had the best results. That does not mean the Autowalker will not work otherwise. Also please remember this lure sinks so don’t stop to light a fag once you’ve cast this baby out you will lose it over rough ground.

13. IMA Hound Glide Cotton Candy

IMA Hound Glide (Cotton Candy)
IMA Hound Glide (Cotton Candy)

The IMA Hound Glide Cotton Candy is in here for two great reasons. First off, it is a great lure that will cast a fair distance compared to some of the other sub-surface lures on the market. The other reason is that a local fella Neil Creed caught a staggering 13-pounder on this very lure. All the time I have been lure fishing that fish has to be the biggest lure-caught bass I ever heard of or seen. The previous biggest was a 12-pound fish caught on a Savage Gear Seeker, another cracking fish, ironically the Seeker is next on the list.
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Top Twenty Killer Bass Lures 2022


Savage Gear ISP Seeker
Savage Gear ISP Seeker

The Savage Gear Seekers are as popular as ever in terms of rankings. I have known lure anglers to just use these killer metals and nothing else. Also, the most important thing is that they work very efficiently around our coasts. Initially, I always thought they would get snagged too easily and would be effective on sandy bays fishing in the surf.

But I was wrong. Because the Seeker casts an absolute mile you should be finding deeper water anyway. I would still be careful though regardless: If you do risk casting over shallow ground DO NOT STOP REELING! And start your retrieve as soon as the Seeker hits the water.
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15. Blue Blue

Top Twenty Killer Bass Lures 2022 Blue Blue
Blue Blue

Honestly, I don’t even know that much about this Blue Blue, someone found it foraging for crabs and gave it to me. I think it’s called the ‘Blue Blue Bloowin 140s, I think? Anyway, it had worked for me to catch a Pollock and a Bass on a relatively quiet night. There have been a few of those quiet nights this year for sure. If you are like me you’re going to have to go that extra mile sometimes. Meaning: taking full advantage of the better conditions when they come around.
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16. Heddon Supa Spook (bone)

Top Twenty Killer Bass Lures 2022 Heddon Super Spook (Bone)
Heddon Super Spook (Bone)

This Heddon Super Spook is a cracker of a lure for catching bass. The Super Spook seems to have an action of its own being a topwater lure. You can vary your style of retrieve to get that lure dancing across the water enticing those bass to strike. There are other versions of the Spook. The next size down only has two treble hooks and then there is the junior version. The Spook casts well although not quite the missile compared to some of the other popular surface lures.
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17. Pirate Seducer (White)

Top Twenty Killer Bass Lures 2022 Pirate Seducer
Pirate Seducer

The Pirate Seducer is yet another classic from the Pirate Lure team. In the right scenario, these can be a very productive lure, to say the least. In a strong tide run you may opt to use a weighted hook, depending on the depth of water. This would get that lure down to the bottom before the tide has taken the lure to far in the tide.

18. Longin HI-Standard 120F

Longin Hi-Standard 120F Cotton Candy 19g
Longin Hi-Standard 120F Cotton Candy 19g

These lures are another example of Japanese craftsmanship. The Hi-Standand is a must-have lure it has been a great catcher around our coastline. In the crystal clear water and darkness of the night, this lure was our most productive.

Top Twenty Killer Bass Lures 2022

19. Xorus Pachinko 100 (500g)

Xorus Pachinko 100 (500G) Top Twenty Killer Bass Lures 2022
Xorus Pachinko 100 (500G)

20. Savage Gear Pencil


The Savage Gear Pencil has been slaying the bass on those early May/June low tides. I had heard through the grapevine that one morning a local bloke had 40 bass on this very lure. So I just had to get one and am pleased with the results so far. Not quite 40 but just need to get up earlier it’s that simple.
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Bass in the tide

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